Let’s look at some conflicting stuff.

Added as I’m checking it out before posting, I didn’t stay with the theme, just put in the word”conflict” wherever it seem apt. 

First, I’m all in on this. Afghans aren’t really into that whole ‘diversity’ thing.

ISIS is trying to establish a caliphate inside Afghanistan, the country’s top U.S. commander said.

The push is “principally a non-Afghan movement,” Nicholson said.

Let’s throw a few more scorpions in that bucket and then get the hell out of Dodge.


Plane crashes and bursts into flames upon take-off.

The plane — a twin-prop Fairchild Metroliner carrying three defense officials and two private contractors — was heading for Misrata in Libya and was taking part in a customs operation to track illicit human and drug trafficking routes,…

The operation that the aircraft was taking part in has been taking place for the past five months…

It was set to return to Malta within hours without landing in any other countries, officials said.

Hmmm, I wonder what happened to cause a plane to crash as it was surveilling Libyan smuggling routes. Probably just sucked a falcon into the engines.

In Austria, they’re just noting that different cultures have different rules and since boy-rape is a cultural thing, you can’t blame the poor immigrants.

In a truly shocking twist the Suptreme Court decided the grown Iraqi man may not have realised the 10-year-old did not want to be sexually abused by him.

So “nein” doesn’t mean “nein” when it’s a furriner raping a 10 year old boy? Since you usually get some funny with any endy, this makes it horrifically hilarious.

as part of a trip to encourage integration.

Methinks the integration is going the wrong direction.

It’s a good thing Austria doesn’t have a history of murderous xenophobes who want to mass-murder the ‘other’ or this might not end well!


I didn’t realize the Wash Post was going the “you have X free articles and then you have to pay us” deal route. I’ve used up my free articles (oh noes!!!!!!) so I’ll link the Kyev post that has the first couple of paragraphs with this howler at the end.

But the United States says Russia is quietly violating the treaty with a new ground-launched cruise missile, and recent reports suggest Russia may be making more of them. Russia has denied being in violation. The Obama administration has now asked for a rare meeting of a special commission established to hash out compliance issues. A violation of this magnitude, if true, cannot be overlooked; a failure to settle the issue could weaken the treaty.

Oooohhhhh, Obama WILL NOT OVERLOOK THIS!!!!!!!!!

Another red line, another murderous dictator laughing his ass off. I see that we’re going backwards in time, we were in the 90s for a long time, now we’re in the 60s.

We have Russia nukularly rattling their sabers,.talking about militarizing Cuba and Vietnam and the rise in STDs as a result of free love.

So the 60s without the awesome cars and good music.

Eh, at least we don’t have hippies not shaving……


This one has me confused,

The Pentagon’s Joint Staff recently warned against using equipment made by China’s Lenovo computer manufacturer amid concerns about cyber spying against Pentagon networks…

…cyber security officials are concerned that Lenovo computers and handheld devices could introduce compromised hardware into the Defense Department supply chain

Can’t China just buy the info from Obama and Hillary!? I mean, China has quite the investment in the whole Dem party, this doesn’t make sense.

Unless….they’re expecting a Trump win!  That’s the only thing that makes sense.


Hillary! is obviously a better candidate than Trump, she can stay on-script!

Video: Hillary Clinton reads from script during interview! WikiLeaks bombshell email MSNBC Chris Hayes Tax

As you might have figured out from the quoted text, there’s vid at the link that shows it.


As the Dept. of “Justice” is busily ignoring all the revelations of Dem felonies and vote fraud, they have their priorities straight.

While thousands of criminal aliens are being released onto the streets of Arizona, Sheriff Arpaio is the one who is facing the prospect of jail time.

Can’t have a sheriff enforcing laws! That way lies madness!!!!


Eh, we have one thing going for us on that whole, ‘invasion’ thing.

The Telegraph published a map showing the U.S. leads the world in private firearm ownership but does not even crack the Top 10 when it comes to firearm-related deaths.

Although methinks, if Hillary! wins, that trend of low gun deaths will be reversed as many gun owners start getting shot resisting arrest.


Italians have to be jealous. Fake-food hats!


Seriously, that just has to piss off Italians.

I’m not sure if I should file this under, “We are not afraid enough of the Japanese” or not.


What were you thinking marrying 7 women?

Shoppers at a Colorado strip mall were stunned to spot a group of unusual window-shoppers — a bull elk and his seven female companions.

A video posted to Facebook by John Burns shows the bull bringing up the rear of the elk procession earlier this month at an outdoor shopping center in Estes Park.

Eh, at least they didn’t make him hold all their purses on his antlers.

  1. bruce says:

    JE Dyer exNavy writes at Liberty Unyeilding:
    She just put this comment there, from Disqus, worth copying:
    “Obama and his cohort have literally behaved as if they think Russia, Iran, etc, and our allies, our willing but not allied partners (e.g., the Gulf Arabs) are all “citizens” bound to obey some “law” that would leave them passive and inert, while Obama struts about making the village fool out of himself.

    But that’s not what foreign nations are. Obama & Co would call me an imperialist neo-con, and yet I have know all along what they do not: that foreign nations ARE sovereign actors, and don’t need to be released from indenture by us.

    The power dynamic among nations is not the same as the power dynamic within a nation. Obama understands only the latter — and that, only partially, and in the most cynical, compromised, and unhealthy of terms.

    Too many writers on foreign policy don’t understand the real power dynamics between nations either. They can’t make head or tail of why things are falling apart as they are. It will still take them some time to realize that the UN and the idea of international conventions were only possible BECAUSE OF United States power and leadership. Without our power and leadership, the framework of expectations that no one can remember a time without is simply gone. The meaning of borders stretches only as far as your guns will reach — if you are willing to fire them.

    All progressives, including Obama, are like teenagers, who think civilization just happens to hang together, without constant attention and enforcement from the regular behavior of its leaders. They think they can go around breaching boundaries and breaking rules, and everything will still remain in place. They’re wrong.” Her latest post has some great Carrier photos too (Gulf of Magellan…)

  2. veeshir says:

    All progressives, including Obama, are like teenagers, who think civilization just happens to hang together, without constant attention and enforcement from the regular behavior of its leaders. They think they can go around breaching boundaries and breaking rules, and everything will still remain in place. They’re wrong.

    As I’ve said about Obama before, Tom Kratman has a definition of insanity that fits the Obama admin to a T.

    Insanity is also doing everything differently and expecting the same result. He still seems to think he’s doing an awesome job Getting America Out OF EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! and the ‘world’ will thank him.

    The problem is, only murderous dictators will thank him.

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