Because we don’t have any real problems in Colorado

Posted: October 26, 2016 by aliceaitch in Uncategorized, WTF Is Wrong With Colorado

Someone is actually filing suit to get the “ballot selfie” law overturned.

I was going to write some about this, but there’s nothing I could say that our three readers wouldn’t realize on their own. I’m just glad I work for a company where it wouldn’t fly to be asked for a ballot selfie to confirm I voted the way my boss wants me to. Some of us aren’t so lucky.

  1. imadenier says:

    I can see why someone is actually opposed… I agree that rule 2 is a good thing… that’s why I oppose card check unionism… your secret ballot should be secret… if you want it to be… however, rule 1 makes it a crime for me to take my picture with my ballot… so, it would be a crime to make a photographic record that I could use to prove voter fraud…

    • aliceaitch says:

      How would you go about proving voter fraud with a selfie? The only way you could distinguish that your vote wasn’t counted appropriately is if NO ONE voted for your candidate or issue but you know that you did.

      The prohibition is against showing your completed ballot to someone else (either the original or a reproduction like a photograph or photocopy), not against taking the photograph itself. If a case really needed to be made that your vote in particular wasn’t appropriately counted, your party could go to court for you, with you signing an affidavit or testifying that you have photographic proof that you haven’t shown to anyone but will do so if ordered by the court.

      Here in Colorado, it’s much easier to commit voter fraud by voting as a dead person, anyway – a corpse is still likely to receive a ballot and isn’t going to challenge that he didn’t vote but a ballot was submitted in his name.

      • imadenier says:

        exactly…I don’t want to commit vote fraud, but write in a candidate to see if the vote gets counted… in an overwhelmingly democrat district my vote for any republican doesn’t make a difference… I don’t think my personal choice should be a crime…

  2. veeshir says:

    Now that’s a good explanation, I was wondering myself.

    I was going to write some about this, but there’s nothing I could say that our three readers wouldn’t realize on their own.

    You screwed up. You trusted us.

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