Above the Post, Heidi, Update!
So I actually watched some football this morning and they cut from OT in the Foreskins/Bengals game to go to the current game and the guy in the studio apologized and said the NFL made them do it. It was a darn good game. Oh well, I wasn’t planning on watching much football today anyway.
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Now, to our post in its entirety!

This PEW poll is all about teh screwed up.

There’s a bunch of stuff that strikes me as not as simple as PEW makes it and just plain wrong, but this one is ridiculous.

ummmm-wutLook at that. 22% say that Obama was too personally critical of his opponents in 2008 and 35% in 2012.

Barack Obama, the man-child who does little but blame others for the problems he causes. Seriously?  Who’d they polll for this? MSNBC and Thinkprogress?

And Trump, who spends much of his time, and almost all his TV exposure, defending himself from personal, hate-filled attacks is too critical of his opponents?

Minitrue is earning their pay.


So Comey is looking at Hillary! again and Paco asks the question all of America is wondering.

So, what do you think James Comey is up to in reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails?

Remember when we used to assume that if the FBI was investigating you it was because you broke the law? Now we wonder what political reason they have.


Once in a while Akbar Britain shows us the way.

Mid Suffolk District Council issued the letter to residents in the Claydon and Barham wards asking them to confirm who lives at their address to check who is eligible to register to vote. However, the website given for residents to respond actually directs them to a porn site.


Here, the pornography is all candidate-related.


Let’s look at something a little lighter, the fruits of Hillary!’s and Obama’s labor.

The bucket of scorpions that is Syria.

Turkey is finding out why you do not want to get involved in Syria.

A bunch of jihadis are getting together to attack Turkey in Syria.

Syria bombs Turkey-backed jihadis.

ISIS bombs other set of jihadis at Turkey border-crossing.

So everybody but Russia is blowing them up. They have their priorities though.

Turkey bombs US-backed, Kurdish jihadis.


A petition to remove Joe Buck from the World Series.

I’m fer it, but only because I’m not watching much football. Having him announce baseball would mean I would not have to listen to him say, “It depends on the spot” 10 or 15 times a game.

Now, if the Giants were playing the Cowboys I’d be all fer agin it. It’s pretty darn annoying when Troy Aikman, who hates the Giants, and Joe Buck call that game. Aikman calling Giants/Cowboys games is like having MSNBC moderate a debate between Hillary! and Trump, while Buck plays along.

But since I’m not watching much football, it matters not.


Well, we know why Hayzeus has not been commenting lately. He’s busy trying to get a grant to write a scholarly article.

Following her explosion into international consciousness as bridesmaid of her sister Kate in 2011, Pippa Middleton’s posterior became as renowned as its owner, to the extent that the hype demonstrated over Middleton’s buttocks implies an intensely charged relationship to this body part, symptomatic of fetishism. I seek to investigate this characterisation of Middleton’s backside by utilising Freudian and Marxist interpretations of fetishism…


Well played my friend. Well played.

  1. Paco says:

    How did Anthony Weiner become the IT guy at Mid Suffolk City Council?

  2. veeshir says:

    Well, he had to do something after not being elected mayor of NYC.

    Although…it might have been Ace.
    If the link went to lesbian porn we’d know for sure.

  3. HayZeus says:

    Dammit, veeshir, you assured me that you’d keep the fact that I was a serious ass man in the strictest confidence! 😛

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