Doing What They Can With What They Have

Posted: November 4, 2016 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

While I still have no respect for the upper levels of the FBI (Hillary!’s Bitches) apparently the professionals in the FBI are as upset as I at how Obama’s “Justice” Dept. has pissed, shit and danced on the rule of law, so they’re doing something about it.

Now, if they had “blown the whistle”, minitrue would have ignored them and, as we know, the Obama has short shrift for whisltleblowers. so they appear to be doing what they can by leaking the information that the DO”J” had decided was to be kept secret so that Hillary! could be elected.

FBI is Trumpland!!!!!!

Well that or they got sick of having to lie for Clinton and hide her felonious behavior. Which is functionally pro-Trump, but it’s even more pro-rule-of-law, which is what the FBI prides themselves on.

Deep antipathy to Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI, multiple bureau sources have told the Guardian,

I assume the “sources” are Podesta, James Carville and Stephanolous, it is the Grauniad.


Here we have the upper echelons  in the FBI (Hillary!’s Bitches) investigating the folks who keep publicizing FOIA stuff,

Suddenly renewed activity on an FBI Twitter account publicizing Freedom of Information Act releases has prompted an internal bureau review of the propriety of such activity so close to the Nov. 8 election, according to a source involved in the matter.

Everybody knows that FOIA stuff is supposed to be kept secret. At least, when it harms Dems.  The only questions is if the “source involved in the matter” is Lynch or that Kadzik guy who kept Hillary! up to date on the investigation.


So what might have happened to cause this?

Being told to Stifle, You!.

The FBI wanted to pursue an investigation into the Clinton Foundation after obtaining secret recordings of a suspect discussing alleged deals brokered by the Clintons, but the bureau faced opposition from Justice (sic) Department prosecutors

And of course, having the Dept. Of “Justice” warning Hillary! about their investigation and keeping her updated on it.


They appear to be really pissed off considering how much they’re leaking. the best part is that they’re leaking to Bret Baier and Molly Hemingway, who are two of the only journalists who would cover this, which forces other minitrue outlets to cover it. Which is pretty darn funny and good tactics.

Hillary! server hacked by furrin govts. I wonder, is that how Iran knew about the Iranian scientist who was working for us? Remember when that was crazy-talk? Well, I spoke with Crazy Talk, and his brother Walks With Coyote, and they feel vindicated.

Focusing on the Pay for Play/Money laundering operation that is the Clinton Foundation.

They also told us some of what’s been found on Weiner’s laptop, including pretty specific details about how it was from when she was Sec State.

They’re telling us that Hillary! is likely to be indicted.

We also see they’re really pissed at being forced to be Hillary!’s Bitches so they’re talking about exposing who in the Dept. of “Justice” forced them to stand down.

Which appears to have led to Comey having act like the head of the FBI instead of being in charge of Hillary!’s Bitches.


Yay! Arrest her Monday. Obama’s “Justice” Dept tried to use the FBI to sway an election and the FBI appears to be deciding to unsway it.

FBI Director James Comey issued a mandate late Thursday instructing all available special agents from the Washington D.C. field office and Hoover Building headquarters to report to work immediately, federal law enforcement sources told True Pundit.

“We’re preparing for many arrests from the top down,” the FBI source said. “I cannot elaborate beyond that.”

Go get her!

When was the last time the FBI leaked like a sieve? (A Red, White and Blue sieve) They’ve been forced to not be professional after Obama’s “Justice” Dept treat them like unprofessional bitches for Hillary!.


Go Team America! (For ‘terrorists” read ‘Dept. of “Justice” assholes)

Cuz freedom is the only way so Obama’s Dept. of “Justice” can lick my butt and suck on my balls.


Semi-related, Cracked lists why a civil war is possible and would be very dam ugly.

“If you undermine the moral authority that the government or the military or the police forces have, you win. Then they become the enemy to everybody … it may not goad you into armed insurgency, but it will goad you into a certain acceptance. And once the guerrillas reach acceptance, they have a path to win.”

Obama has been undermining the moral authority of the gov’t for a long time and the rest of the Dem party has been just as bad, like their star-chamber proceedings against Walker in Wisconsin.

One thing about that article, the assumption throughout is that the ‘Right Wing’ would be all white-supremacists and McVey sorts.

I’d say that the most effective of the many sides they talk about, and I would also expect, would be just normal Americans who are sick of being called names and attacked for wanting the rule of law and personal responsibility.

They’re the ones I’d think most of the effective combat leaders Obama’s been purging from our military would join. An Army or Marine officer who’s been purged for wanting to effectively fight terrorists would not be likely to want to be a terrorist.

And that’s why I’ve been rooting for an asteroid for years. Unless it’s the size of Texas, it would be less ugly than what our fine betters appear to be hell-bent on causing.





  1. HayZeus says:

    There is a distinct lack of fendiness in this post. I might even go so far as to describe it as, “cautiously optimistic.” I’m not sure if I’m happy for you/jealous that you’re getting an early start today or concerned for your state of mind… 😉

  2. bruce says:

    This is the most optimistic post I’ve read all week.

    It’s kind of a relief about the FBI, they’ve been about the only institution to survive the 21st century so far with reputation more or less intact. Although Elliot Ness was never a member of the Bureau, it’s good to see that spirit survives.

  3. bruce says:

    I met a young US liberal (from Kentucky but he claimed to be half-Jewish so there’s that) fresh out of college 5 years ago. Telling us how awful the US was with gatherings of “McVey like redneck Neo-Cons in their pickup trucks” which scared him. Others talked of how they never listened to Rush but were sure he was just a KKK cheerleader mots of the time (maybe with secret signals?).

    I had to inform that first guy that Neo-Cons were mostly Jewish (like Horowitz at Front Page and the others who I’ve been reading since 9/11, great commentary). His eyes nearly popped out of his head.

    The real problem is that many US liberals have been screened from reality and are mostly confused, while their leaders are crooks and thugs as we now read on Wikileaks. How do you fight such stupidity, when it controls “education”? This is crazy.

  4. veeshir says:

    This is the most optimistic post I’ve read all week.

    Geez, I’m gonna lose my angry, foul mouthed rep at this rate. People seeing my posts as optimistic fucking pisses me off.

    Yeah, it is nice to see the FBI fight back for us.

    Lefties can only believe in what they’re allowed to believe.
    I’d say you shouldn’t count on your friend learning anything.

    Back during the Bush Junta, I would occasionally get a lefty to admit that if Bush Lied!!!!!!, that meant the everybody in the world who were saying the same things were either lying too or Bush, that machiavellian idiot, was the only one in the world who knew The Truth!!!!! so maybe he wasn’t lying.

    Of course, the next day the same people would be back at “Bush Lied! People Died!!!!!!!!!” because all their friends believed it.

    • imadenier says:

      …my dad had one of those signs… but it was “bush lied kids died” … he didn’t like obama either after he saw an article about michelle making over $300k at U of Chicago Medical Center… he died in October 2012, so he missed the opportunity to not vote for obama a second time …

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