Donald Trump is a despicable human being. He’s not a conservative. His policies, to the extent that they have any consistency, stand no chance making America great again. I would not trust him alone in a room with any woman I cared about.

And yet, I am voting for Trump. Simply put, a Hillary Clinton presidency would signify the end of the republic as we know it.

This sort of talk gets dismissed as hyperbolic. I can understand why. Surely similar things were said of Reagan, Bill Clinton, Dubya, Obama, and probably most previous Presidents going all the way back. But I don’t think the negativity around this election can be dismissed as bombast. Things have fundamentally changed in America.

Looking back, the 2012 reelection of Obama was different in a momentous way. I would argue that the failure of the American people to reject Obama after seeing his manner of governance may go down in the history books as the beginning of the end. By the end of his first term, Obama had blown the better part of a trillion dollars on a “stimulus” program that hindered rather than helped, he had retroactively lost the hard-won war in Iraq giving rise to ISIS, and he put about a fifth of the economy into a fascistic program that was designed to fail and is in fact failing spectacularly right now, causing both financial and personal medical turmoil across the land.  He got nearly every foreign policy decision wrong, alienated allies particularly the UK and Israel, bent over for the Russians and Iranians, and mucked up Honduras.  Despite all this and quite a bit more, the American voters re-elected the bastard. (What exactly was so offensive about “binders full of women”?)

The 2012 election showed a willingness among the voters to embrace disastrous policies in the name of a long discredited ideology, execution so incompetent as to prompt questions of motive, and an arrogant disregard for public opinion as exemplified in the Obamacare vote.

And as bad as all of that was, the likely election of Hillary Clinton signifies a much more insidious change. Since 2012 we have learned the true magnitude of the failures of the current administration, and perhaps more importantly we have also learned of the pattern of utter lawlessness engaged in by both Clinton in particular and the Obama administration generally.

When I say that the election of Clinton signifies the end of the republic, I mean this: The republic can only be considered to be intact and functioning to the extent that the rule of law prevails and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. I am rather convinced that a small “r” republican government no longer exists.

Clinton conspired to avoid record keeping and sunshine laws as Secretary of State. She did this in order to avoid exposing her now well-documented corruption with respect to the Clinton Foundation’s pay to play operations. In doing all of this by running an insecure personal email server, she almost assuredly compromised national security and seems to have fairly obviously violated provisions of the Espionage Act. When this was discovered, and under Congressional subpoena, her team destroyed much of the relevant evidence. They did so openly. We have since come to learn that, contrary to his public statements, Obama knew of this server and at times corresponded with her in this manner. To date she has suffered no legal consequences from this string of brazenly illegal acts.

To boot, while accusing Trump of being untrustworthy with the nuclear deterrent, she apparently revealed defense secrets in a televised debate.

The consequence-free disregard for the law was foreshadowed by the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, in which IRS employees were caught red-handed violating the law and destroyed critical evidence while under an active investigation. Of course, no criminal consequences were suffered from this misbehavior. Lerner offered an arrogant opening statement to Congress then proceeded to plead the Fifth Amendment in response to questioning.

I could easily go on. but that such plainly visible criminality can go completely unanswered shows just how deep the rot goes with the “Deep State”. Only a complete draining of the proverbial swamp could begin to restore the squandered legitimacy of the Federal government.

With the Presidency, the Deep State, the Supreme Court, and the major media all being party to the evisceration of the rule of law, Congress- that band of rascals supposedly imbued with a co-equal position of governing power- will be reduced to the impotency of the Roman Senate under the Imperium.

To vote for Hillary Clinton is to vote for an American Imperium, to abandon the Constitution, and to discard the concept that all are subject to the law.

I am compelled to vote for the candidate with the greatest chance of stopping this atrocity, Donald Trump.

May God have mercy on all our souls.

  1. veeshir says:

    It’s pretty funny that of the two posts, the one that calls Trump, “a despicable human being” is pro-Trump.

    • HayZeus says:

      Yeah between those two complementary yet opposed posts and this sock of yours being named “socklessjoe”, you’ve got a LOT of meta going on here about now. 😉

      • socklessjoe says:

        I’m no sock. I’ve been here a long time, just haven’t posted in forever due to lack of time.

        There’s actually a very boring story about how I acquired the name – in college I had an unattended load of laundry stolen from the laundry room by some third rate frat-bros. Several of my friends contributed socks to my cause. In order to distinguish me from another Joe, I was dubbed me “sockless”.

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