Possibly the worst endorsement ever

Posted: November 8, 2016 by aliceaitch in Uncategorized

Trump is claiming that he has the support of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. I’m not sure how having their endorsements is going to help since outside of New England they’re two of the least liked people in football.

I guess it’s not the worst endorsement ever, I haven’t looked into who Ethan Couch or Justin Bieber or Donald Trump are endorsing.

I wouldn’t have bothered to post on this, but there was something else I wanted to blab on about that doesn’t really deserve its own post either but is vaguely loosely tied to presidential endorsements if you squint the right way.

Several of my liberal friends (yes, I still have some, we were all young and dumb once) have posted on Facebook a FluffPo article claiming that even the Pope doesn’t like Trump. In the interest of not stirring up shit among those whose minds will never be changed, I haven’t asked them when they’re going to start even loosely following the Pope’s edicts or the teachings of the Church.

  1. Veeshir says:

    Seen somewhere

    It ain’t over until all your friends block you.

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