CU in the NT!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: November 11, 2016 by veeshir in Win!

No, really.

If you’ve never heard of Australia’s Northern Territory, there’s now a tourist campaign to leave it indelibly marked in your mind for eternity.


CU in NT.jpg See you in the North Territory (NT Official)

Some days I really want to move to Australia, it’s just too dam bad they  gave up their guns.


CU in NT t-shirts.jpg See you in the North Territory (NT Official)

Just in case you don’t know, cunt doesn’t quite mean the same thing in Australia it does here.

Via Dave Barry

  1. bruce says:

    Only recently I began to realise how we use the same words so differenty. I still don’t get how “the c word” can be applied to a woman. Like calling a woman “Vergina” it’s archaic and obscure.
    I grew up using “the c word” exclusively for men, sometimes when angry, othertimes affectionately in tough guy mode, “Are all you c’s coming or what?” addresed to close male friends. The old joke referenced Lloyd Bridge’s old TV show, Answer: “cee-unt”, Question: “What is (scuba diving references) and (sex references)?” Haven’t heard it for 40 years so I forget. NT is still very wild so I’m sure that’s what they call each other up there. They also think half-gallon bottles of beer are the smallest size acceptable.

  2. bruce says:

    Insteada of “hunt” we might say, ” ‘unt “, then A, B, Cee… “Sea Hunt”.

  3. bruce says:

    Sea- ‘unt. Also when stopped by the police, it’s considered irreverant to say. “Good day C*nt….stable”. “I was merely being polite, Orrificer”.

  4. veeshir says:

    The first time I heard an Aussie use it I was sorta shocked, he was talking about another man and it didn’t seem to be intended too angrily, so it confused me a little.
    Like the Brits, we’re separated by a common language.

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