Are You The Gatekeeper?

Posted: November 13, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Liberal FAIL



I’ve been trying to find out if the riots around the country are still going on but CNN and Foxnews have not had much to say. I don’t watch for  a long time anymore, but I flip by a lot. Has anybody else seen much coverage?


Will (LA) Protests Peter Out?

Financial Times

Thousands of protesters in major US cities kicked off a fourth day of demonstrations…


I’m gonna guess that’s a “Yes”.

I was told if Hillary got more votes than Trump fascist rioters refusing to accept the election would hit the streets, and they were right!!!!!

You see, if our fine media betters actually reported on the riots, they’d have to admit ‘their’ side is the really violent side and the right were mostly afraid the gov’t would attack them.

They learned nothing from the election, their preconceptions were ‘proven’ as much of America voted for HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After many years of othering people who disagree with our fine, tolerant, friendly, hate-filled, angry, tribal lefties are no better than Nazis so anything done to them is deserved.

So here we are, with President-Elect Trump.

My most paranoid inner thoughts thinks Obama is going to refuse to allow the evil Trump to take office. Or at least, try.

Then things go from ugly to really endy real quick.


It’s funny, there’s football on today which reminded me there was a game on Thursday and yet, I have no idea who even played, much less who won.

So many Americans were turned off by having to deal with political bullshit in football when all they wanted to do was watch football.

So did the NFL learn any more of a lesson than our fine media betters?

Now that the presidential campaign is over, perhaps the healing can begin for National Football League television ratings.

The low ratings had nothing to do with the election you idiots, although I would say the political bullshit by the NFL had something to do with the outcome of the election.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called the declines “a reflection of multiple issues,” not one in particular,

Not only lesson not learned, but fuck you. There’s no lesson to learn. People are sick of being called Nazis for wanting personal responsibility and the gov’t out of so much of our lives and the NFL takes that time to shove their faces in SOCIAL JUSTICE!!!!!

We don’t dismiss any particular theory,” Goodell said

You know, except the one that matters most.





  1. aliceaitch says:

    As of last night we were still being told to avoid the area around the Denver capitol building due to protests.

    • veeshir says:

      Info is hard to find hard to find, but there’s a lot of rioting going around.
      Minitrue is covering it up.

      I will say that it cracks me up that they’re destroying places that voted for Clinton.
      I wonder how many more Trump supporters they’re creating.

  2. Armed and Larry says:

    Leaving a comment on the football thing.

    I used to watch every game I could, now I’ve cut down, only watching the teams that matter to me. I reserve the right to cut my watching further when I see another spoiled millionaire trying to tell me how bad they have it and how evil I am, it’s not MY problem.

    I have noticed the NFL pandering to us. The games now start with a military band or chorus for the anthem, a rousing view of the field-sized flag, and all the players (standing of course) intermingled with military members. They seem to forget how many cameras are at the stadium and how the Soros-backed SJWs are gleefully posting pictures of the players who disrespect the flag and our country.

    About all the rioting and assaults, well, me and Bubba are gonna head on down to the range with our collections (arsenals to leftists) and stay in practice. Not too worried though, the rioters (like any criminal) are trying to stay in gun free zones. Won’t see me there voluntarily.

    • veeshir says:

      Yeah, I watch Giants games and some others, but I do not watch Thursday, Sunday and Monday night unless the Giants are playing.

      It’s actually darn funny that the rioters are trashing places that voted for Clinton. But then, that’s where they’re safest as any store owners do not want to be the subject of retaliation by their neighbors. In L.A., they’d better stay away from Korean groceries. I’ve seen that movie and it’s hilarious.

      Now, if they came out to rural areas, they’d find out that people are not so going to go all supine when their shit is being destroyed by violently ignorant lefties.

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