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By that, I mean the “consistency” of chunky diarrhea.

Let’s start with the one that’s really pissing me off.


Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) sought to explain the apparent contradiction between voting against cloture yet for the confirmation of Secretary Hagel Wednesday on FNC.

Paul explained his vote against cloture was an attempt to get more information from the Administration on a variety of issues, while the vote in favor of confirmation was meant to show constitutional deference to the president for cabinet posts:


Paul didn’t get any answers he wanted but the POTUS deserves to get his picks so he voted for the man who was, at the time, the worst person imaginable for Sec Def.


Sen. Rand Paul, a newly reelected member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said this morning that he is inclined to oppose former U.N. ambassador John Bolton or former New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani if either is nominated for secretary of state.

“It’s important that someone who was an unrepentant advocate for the Iraq War, who didn’t learn the lessons of the Iraq War, shouldn’t be the secretary of state for a president who says Iraq was a big lesson,” Paul said in an interview Tuesday morning. “Trump said that a thousand times. It would be a huge mistake for him to give over his foreign policy to someone who [supported the war]. I mean, you could not find more unrepentant advocates of regime change.”

Veeshir’s Iron Law of Politicians “Whenever you like a politician, you’ve been successfully duped.”


We’ve seen reports of bused in rioters, here we have Second City Cop Blog fact-checking Zero Hedge’s story.

True? The weather is correct for the weekend. Canal street is one of the few locations that allow buses to park for free, and there was no Bears game at Soldier Field (nor in Tampa as it turned out). Forty-five buses that we counted, many registered with Wisconsin companies.

We also managed to scan the arrest queue in CLEAR to see the addresses of a bunch of those arrested – almost none from Illinois for some reason….it certainly makes one wonder.

I wonder how much Hillary’s supporters are spending on this. (I love typing Hillary without the “!”)


Expect lots of reports that are basically Polieico “scoops” that turn out to be lies like this one.

Trump Wants Security Clearance For His Kids!!!!!!

Ummmmm, no.


When lefties cannot get their way via the rules, they viciously attack whoever they have to to get their way.

Idaho’s four presidential electors say they have been getting harassing phone calls, emails and Facebook messages urging them to become “faithless electors” and not cast their votes for Donald Trump in the electoral college.

Assume they’re doing it in most of the rest of the states that we just haven’t heard about yet. If that succeeds, oh man do I not want to be here.


Some people are acting upset over this, surprisingly, it actually makes me feel hopeful.

One week after Donald Trump won the presidency on a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, House Republicans will vote on a proposal to bring back earmarks.

They’ve been doing Continuing Spending Resolutions in the Age of Obama! and, as we all know, only budgets have earmarks (they’re called something entirely different in CSRs and are ignored).

So that signals that they’re actually thinking of producing a budget! After 8 years, we might actually have a budget!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Anybody who thought Trump was message enough to the GOP to stop being the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party, well, I have some beach property to sell. You cannot actually see the ocean from here (Until the earthquake), but there’s lots of sand and buckets of sunshine!


I had a couple more stories but the article didn’t support the headlines. That bothers me, and why I don’t go to Gateway Pundit, Townhall and now, Breitbart and why I take any PJ Media headline with a grain of coke.


Let’s end on a mis-headlined story.

Grumpy goat attacks elderly man on Queensland’s Gold Coast

Yeah, I’d guess less “grumpy” and more “Hey! Stop trying to stick that in there!” goat.

Guy’s probably a New Zealish immigrant.




  1. bruce says:

    When we got Tony Abbott, a very conservative-minded Prime Minister whose party didn’t like him, the press spun every detail they could until he looked like a lame duck and his party replaced him.

    Looks like they’ll try that in the US, although Presidents can’t be rolled by their party. You need a word for the game they’re playing:

    – Pretending to be the “objective press” while spreading a bad smell.

    If they can’t get the main guy they’ll search for weak links like Bannon.

  2. Veeshir says:

    They went all out after Bush too. All good news had a dark cloud, it was like flipping a switch when Obama took over.
    The most infuriatingly hilarious part is that they went from blaming Bush to blaming Trump.
    The endless ‘recovery’ that never seems to recover anything will turn into Trump’s Recession in short order.

  3. bruce says:

    Hey, a guy from Chicago I met years ago in India went to school with someone we all know:

    Tony didn’t accept my “friend” request yet. He seems to have removed a lot of stuff from his page now, it was all his family and well wishers, there was nothing about his sister except a bit of fawning from her sycophants. Maybe he removed it because of that.

    I mean I think Daddy gave his son more attention than he gave his daughter, and she spent her life trying to show Daddy she was better than her brother. And we were just the field she played on and with.

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