You’d Better Stop

Posted: January 12, 2017 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!, Hotassery, Trump

Look around. Here it comes.

It’s just our national nervous breakdown.


Here’s how fake news works. McCain gives some blatantly faked deal to one of Obama’s Trump-haters in the Dept. of “Justice”, they brief Trump on it saying, “People who hate you  (Like McCain and..well, the intelligence community) are going to be doing shit like this to you in the future. Be prepared.”

The stupidity is published as accurate. Minitrue does their thing and next thing you know, basic facts are obfuscated.

Here we have Allah saying,

NBC claimed yesterday that the synopsis was prepared but not shared with Trump, and furthermore that it was prepared merely as an example of “disinformation,” potentially to show him how unreliable private intelligence is.

Yeah, they try to make it hard to figure out what happened, but it was shared with Trump,  move the word “potentially” and the sentence reflects reality.

He’s talking about the Clapper thing, here’s a different take on the intelligence brouhaha culminating with Clapper’s letter.

I haven’t seen a lot of follow-up about that (well, except now for the main headline on Drudge), but it’s very clear that Trump just nailed the existing Intelligence agencies for leaking this information. He knows it, and they know it. And guess what happens less than 12 hours later? (Clapper’s letter saying, ‘Our bad’ V)

Trump is a huckster, but he’s smart and can accurately model reality and act accordingly. He’s also used to dealing in the highest circles of competence in the world, now he’s in the US gov’t. That’s like training for the NFL and playing in the Lingerie League.

Well played, President-Elect Trump. I suspect we may see some top-level housecleaning when Dan Coats (Director of National Intelligence and Clapper’s replacement), Mike Pompeo (Director of the CIA) and Gen. Mike Flynn (National Security Advisor) are confirmed and in place

How beautiful would it be if our gov’t was actually run by people who care more about reality and helping America than giving money and power to leftist groups?


Let’s do some a couple fake news items. Without hovering over the link, try to see if they’re parody or satire or meant to be believed.

Nancy Pelosi says Obamacare was bi-partisan legislation.

Mattis attends confirmation hearing wearing only Spartan helmet and ‘Fuck ISIS’ boxers

Maybe when Trump is done, stories like the first will be parody and ones like the second will be accurate.


In, Scandal-Free Obama news, Fast and Furious.

One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

A Report of Investigation (ROI) filed by a case agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) tracked the gun used in the Paris attacks to a Phoenix gun owner who sold it illegally, “off book,” Judicial Watch’s law enforcement sources confirm.

Too bad none of our fine media betters are covering this.

Check that, thank goodness they aren’t. They’d hide that it was Obama selling the gun and use it as an excuse to try to take my guns.


Lots of chucklers and near chucklers today, so let’s start with one that makes me laugh.

A few years ago I opined on the nature of Pluto and its moons.

Maybe there are hydrogen oceans with CO2 sands and probably little water ice mountains with helium snow so the people who live there ski in the morning (about 487 of our days long) and then have pina colodas beachside in the afternoon (also 487 days long, happy hour is a bear there).
It gets cold at night I bet.

Now, I feel vindicated.

 for 2015’s historic Pluto flyby – and when it got there, it discovered stunning towers of ice reaching 500 metres into the sky.

This is the first time this phenomenon has been found anywhere in the Solar System other than on Earth,

Life guard towers obviously.


Team America! Gets It Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China’s President Xi Jinping will promote “inclusive globalization” at this month’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos and will warn that populist approaches can lead to “war and poverty”,


It won’t be Kim Jong Il working with the Film Actors Guild to Bring Peace For Our Time while causing wars around the world, Xi will be handling those duties.

I don’t think I’d go to the Panama Canal for a few years.


Now some graphics.

The Best Sign Of The Day.




Not sure why Joey is in this one, I’d much prefer Rachel and her nips, but I do like the sentiment.



I always wonder what dogs think of us. I wonder if they think we controll weather. My dog thinks I’m an asshole, so I figure he thinks I make it 120 degrees outside just to fuck with him. His biggest wonder is how to get that big moving room to take him to McDonald’s. Next to the park, McD’s drive-thru is Kago’s favorite place to be. Now that he’s older, he prefers the drive-thru to the park.


I mentioned Nancy Pelosi and Obama, you know what that means! Pics of them below the fold!!!!!!!!


I always wonder if people click through because of what I write for because they know what I’m doing.

Well, I mentioned Jeniffer Aniston’s nips.


And Lingerie Football.


  1. HayZeus says:

    Words cannot describe the tumescence of my schadenboner at how thoroughly Trump has busted and exposed the so-called “intelligence” community. I can only hope that he will use the leverage that this gives him to cut out as much of that festering, cancerous tumor as he possibly can. That said community managed to goad both Buzzfeed and CNN into self-immolation to further their own slimy ends only adds to the deliciousness.

    • veeshir says:

      That said community managed to goad both Buzzfeed and CNN into self-immolation to further their own slimy ends only adds to the deliciousness.

      Watching CNN spend yesterday saying, “We are NOT fake news!!!!!!” was high-larious.

      Not sure if I’ll be happy about how Trump governs, but I do know he’s having a blast infuriating all the right (left) people and that’s been very entertaining.

  2. neal says:

    War and poverty? That would level the field.
    Only Stones song I really like was Fingerprint File. Seems apropo, sort of.

    • veeshir says:

      War and poverty are what China brings. Seriously, that’s as if he watched Team America! and decided to go one funnier.

      I haven’t heard that song in probably 40 years. Thanks neal.

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