Game Went South Quick

Posted: January 14, 2017 by veeshir in HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!, Win!

I thought Houston had a chance, but that should be that.

Kudos to Atlanta, I didn’t think Matty Ice had it in him. If they play like that, whoever wins tomorrow is in for a rough next week.

So anyway, some stuff on my tabs.

If the Clinton Influence Peddling Racket was a charity, why is it shutting down now that she has no influence to peddle?

It’s funny how hard it is to find stories about that, but I found a couple, including one from Bloomberg.

That’s one of the things that bothers me most about today’s “journalists”, most of them pretend to believe lies like that was anything but an influence peddling racket/bribe laundering scheme/tax dodge. They made bribes tax-deductible.

I will say it’s awesome they won’t have that revenue stream anymore.


I was just thinking something very paranoid. I don’t believe it at all, but I wonder how widespread this conspiracy theory is being spread.

Obama started wars all over the world, put the US military in all those places and now Trump gets to have all the wars the military-industrial complex could want but couldn’t get what with Iraq-war-weariness. Only Obama could get away with that because the media was too busy sucking him off to look up at what he was actually doing.

With the added bonus that they get an immediate boost as Trump has to increase spending/buying systems to get the military the equipment for all the wars they’ll be fighting. Equipment that will get blown up and need to be replaced. It’s genius.

What made me write about this bit of too much paranoia was this. (puppy blender is bolded)

IF TRUMP IS REALLY HITLER, WHY IS OBAMA EMPOWERING HIM? Obama Opens NSA’s Vast Trove of Warrantless Data to Entire Intelligence Community, Just in Time for Trump.

Which is kind of funny and endy if you think about it.

We Teh Peepul were all pissed off. So They trotted out Trump to say a bunch of shit to get us all riled up and on his side and elected to keep us under control.

I can imagine the meeting where someone suggested they use Trump for the part (Probably Trump himself). How they laughed. I bet the Duke brothers owed him a dollar.


Coupla Dave Barry chucklers.

I told him not to get Feit of Sum Yung Gai.

A Chinese restaurant has allegedly been serving human FEET to its customers in Italy.


I will dispute this headline.

Tomato shaped like a pair of ‘perfect’ breasts uncovered in Ukrainian street market


This is not the shape of perfect breasts.



Now that’s  the shape of prefect breasts. upton4


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