Elections Have Consequences

Posted: January 20, 2017 by veeshir in Trump

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Battletrack the Mostly Peaceful Protests that CNN, Foxnews and MSNBC are ignoring! Via 

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Here we are. President Donald Fucking Trump. I would have bet money that there was no way he was even serious about it, much less than that it would happen, much less that he would actually fucking win.

President Donald Trump.

As any of you who have actually read this blog know, I wasn’t for him to start, it’s just too hard to ignore 30 years of watching him work with corrupt NY and NJ pols, do all manner of hucksterish things and say he was going to run for president

He bought stuff in shady ways in Manhattan and Atlantic City, and probably less-advertised stuff elsewhere, and acted like a cross between Billy Mays and Daddy Warbucks.


I became for him near the end of the primary because he pissed off all the right people.

So what’s he going to do?

Let’s look at what he’s telegraphed, you don’t have Flynn as NSA, Mattis as Sec Def and Tillerson as Sec State if you don’t believe in Peace Through Superior Firepower.

They don’t want war and strife, but they also are not going to back down to others who threaten it and will be prepared to respond appropriately.

Domestically I haven’t been a fan of his picks, but… what Trump claims he’s going to do I’m all fer.

If he takes his pen and phone and starts getting us working on all the stuff the Dems have been been obstructing, from Keystone to the South Dakota pipeline to drilling for oil in ANWR and other stuff I’ve forgotten because of the daily outrages, we will be in boom times within a year.

Actually working on our infrastructure would be awesome too.

We need to get people working instead of sitting home not looking for work.

Enforcing immigration laws would be awesome. If he builds a wall and starts using the border patrol as a deterrent rather than coyotes then I could see a lot of people agreeing, probably even me, to a path to legalization for at least some of the illegals already here.

Reining in the IRS has to be high on his list. They’ve been a thorn in his side for decades. The best part? All he has to do to totally fuck them is just get the Dept of Justice to enforce all the judge’s orders they’ve been wiping their asses with.

Of course, that means reining in the DOJ, which ain’t gonna be easy. He’s gonna have to “promote” a whole lot of assholes into his thinktank that can think all they want and not have a bit of power.

The EPA…

Actually, all the bureaucracies. I won’t talk about any of them, but he could force James Hansen to retire, that would save the US Gov’t $billions ($trillions?) and gutting the EPA and some other anti-capitalist agencies, would help us get on with life.


As for China, I’m in favor of a trade war. I’m not saying it won’t be ugly, but I just don’t like buying slave-labor goods.

Our buying cheap crap from China props up a murderous commie dictatorship, they need us a lot more than we need them.

“But they have some capitalism!”

No, they don’t. They have crony/commie capitalism. Notice that whenever their cheap, crappy stuff kills Americans or our pets, it’s some Party official who’s ritualistically executed.

They use that facade to support a few hundred million in something akin to an actual middle class, with as much freedom as you can have in a  murderous commie dictatorship, with a BILLION serfs. They are actual serfs or slaves, depending on your definitional preference.

(I-stuff making V) Workers, some of whom are student “interns” who pay part of their salaries to their schools, under 18, or pregnant, start the day with an unpaid 20-minute meeting. They must shout out slogans like “quality, discipline, unity. I’m the best! Work hard!” and clap their hands, or stand at military attention and be berated for missing quotas. There are three of these meetings a day.

Commie serfs or slaves.

Work begins. The workday typically lasts 12 hours on the assembly line. There are 90 minutes of breaks for meals and restroom. No talking. No standing up. No drinking water at your station. No cell phones. If you finish your work early, you must sit down and read employee manuals.


But still serfs and slaves.

I’d rather make superior stuff in America, even using mostly robotic factories. Fewer workers but the workers and factories will be here. Stuff will be made under our laws and safety standards, taxes paid in America for making stuff in America. China needs us buying their crappy, slave-made goods much more than we need to buy cheap, crappy, often-poisonous, stuff.

Coleman camping stuff, Oneida silver, Corning, GE and more are now made in foreign places and they’re all far inferior to what they were. It used to be if you broke your Corning ware plate or dish, they’d replace it no questions asked. Now? No dice.

Fuck China.


So I’m not sure what he’s going to do, but I do know he’s delighting in pissing off all the people who need to be pissed off.

I will be rooting for him and if he does half the stuff he says he’s going to do, it’s going to be a good 8 years.


As an aside, I’m watching CNN and MSNBC because I’m low on lefty tears, CNN just showed the most awesome picture of Obama looking back at the White House. If anybody needs lefty tears for anything, I’m pretty well stocked. I’d trade for any saltpeter you have to treat my simple, chronic, schadenboner.

My joke,

A new Marine is on-duty at the White House gate being trained for the duty by a staff sergeant when a guy walks up and asks, “Is President Hillary Clinton in?”, to which the sergeant replies, “Hillary Clinton is not President of the United States, sir.”

As the guy walks away, the new guy says, “I love that joke. Does he do that every day?”

“No, just every other day”

“I wonder what he does the other days”

“He asks for President Barack Obama, and the best part is he does it for free!”

  1. imadenier says:

    he did retire from NOAA after 47 years…but joined an advocacy group to continue his work…

  2. Oh how times have changed around this place… I remember when I got roundly mocked and even made fun of because I dared to be an American nationalist. I was roundly marked as a racist bigot and a Jew hater because I dared to be an American Nationalist and now this blog is all behind Trump. how hypocritical and how things change. I’m just saying and I don’t give a damn if you like it if I come in today or not… assholes.

    • veeshir says:

      Now, you’ll have to take up your problems with DPUD, but what I know of you leads me to believe that you are a racist, Jew-hating asshole who viciously attacks anybody who notices and mentions that.

      From what I’ve seen, you seem to be the worst type of American Nationalist, in other words, a White-American Nationalist, which would make you the worst piece of shit there is next to an Obama-lefty; one who distorts what America is all about to be a vicious, hatefilled asshole.

      But good luck with the bitterness and hate. I’m sure it’s working out great for you.

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