Everything I Have To Say About The Media

Posted: January 22, 2017 by Moron Pundit in Fun With Media, Random Crap



Yeah.   I might be back.   I have this feeling I’ll have a lot of penises to draw in the next 4-8 years.

  1. veeshir says:

    I’ve missed you you cock-drawing mother fucker.
    You’d better be back or I’m posting nekkid pictures of Nancy Pe….
    Sorry, I can’t make that threat, but it’ll be bad.

  2. Moron Pundit says:

    The Obama years coincided with a lot of life changes so I just focused on other stuff.

    But I’ve been feeling it lately. Wading through the comments at Ace’s.

    To quote John Wick, I’m pretty sure I’m back.

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