It’s The First Day Of The Rest Of His Term!

Posted: January 23, 2017 by veeshir in Filthy Hippies, Fun With Media, Liberal FAIL, Liberal Fascism, Notes on the Revolution, The Funniest Middle Of Civilization Ever!, Why I Hate People

Trump must be off to a good start, the NY Times is saying how bad it was.


I guess David Brock is working for the GOP again.

A confidential David Brock memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon lays out the ways the Democratic operative plans to use his numerous organizations to take down President Donald Trump through impeachment.

Don’t believe me that it’s the GOP? Ask yourself, who hates Trump the most?  At least the Dems can fundraise on their failure theater, when the GOP gets their failure on, they’ll just piss off their own voters even more than they have.


Of course, if Hillary is stupid enough to do this,

..according to a WikiLeaks release.

The information released shows that the Hillary Clinton campaign staffers bribed six Republicans to “destroy Trump”.

Geez, they were doing it for free! So if she was stupid enough to waste money on that, maybe the Dems really are trying to get rid of Trump.

Burge For The Win!

Blue has a letter that makes the close-to-unassailable argument that Obama wanted to destroy liberalism.

One 82-year-old lady loves Obama and she may have a very good point. She says that Obama is amazing, and is rebuilding the American dream! She gives us an entirely new slant on the “amazing” job Obama is doing, and she says that she will thank God for the President. Keep reading for her additional comments and an explanation. When discussing Obama, she says:

1. Obama destroyed the Clinton Political Machine, driving a stake through the heart of Hillary’s presidential aspirations – something no Republican was ever able to do.

2. Obama killed off the Kennedy Dynasty – no more Kennedy strolling Washington looking for booze and women wanting rides home.

Sort of a nairuhcnaM Candidate, they did leave out that he also did some serious damage to the Bush dynasty as well.


A message to the Angry Left. Read it, you’ll love it.

It comes with a visual aid.



Minitrue has learned nothing.

I am spending a few hours in an airport, so CNN is being inflicted on me at the gate. A few minutes ago, a CNN analyst was agonizing over whether people will be able to trust the Trump administration, given Trump’s history of lying about things like the size of his inauguration crowd. The angst-ridden reporter wondered whether statistics produced by Trump’s agencies will be trustworthy. Trump, according to CNN, presents a unique credibility challenge.

So I couldn’t help wondering: where were you when Barack Obama told us… (insert your favorite lie here V)

Jeez. They’re working hard for Trump’s re-election already.


Speaking of Trump’s re-election committee, Shia Lebeauxf is going all out.


What a fuckhead, I hope that guys gets $millions out of him. Surely he can show a pattern of behavior from that self-indulgent asshole.


I’m sorry I missed this one the other day. 



Let’s end on Police Getting It!

Police Taser their own race relations adviser in Bristol

That’s the best thing to do with all Diversity Coordinator type folks!


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