They’ve Chosen Their Hill

Posted: January 30, 2017 by Moron Pundit in Uncategorized

So, the Left has decided that this very temporary, very targeted delay of immigration and refugee resettlement is where they are going to die.  This far and no further.

Doesn’t matter that Obama picked the countries or that he put a full ban on refugees from Iraq for 6 months in 2011.  Or that he sucked all the time and often had a penis in his face*.

Every time the Left shouts that something is ‘unprecedented,’  you should immediately investigate because I guarantee it happened in the past decade.  You just couldn’t invent a group of people with a less-complete grasp on even recent history.  The fact that the media is even less informed is the kind of thing that breaks one’s spirit when defending one’s republic.

At any rate, there is nothing even remotely unconstitutional or discriminatory (by historical standards) about the order and it turns out, contrary to the batshit insane response by professional agitators,  a plurality of American voters support it.

Suck on that, Lefties.  Suck it long.  And suck it hard.

And for the love of G-d, read a fucking book once in a while.

* – According to the visual historical record.

  1. imadenier says:

    … “unprecedented” … You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means …

  2. Veeshir says:

    Most of the the time when they screech ‘unprecedented!!!!!’, it happened the day before.

    Trump has been keeping promises.
    Especially the implicit, ‘I’m gonna drive minitrue around the bend.’
    Spicer has been killing me.

    • Moron Pundit says:

      Spicer is very entertaining. He’s a bit coked-up for me if I had my druthers, but I think, like Trump, he is the imperfect thing we need at the moment.

      I was never “NeverTrump” but he isn’t my idea of what a President should be, I’ll say that. But that’s why I’m not President – he seems to be exactly what the country needs at the moment it needed it.

  3. veeshir says:

    he seems to be exactly what the country needs at the moment it needed it.

    I agree, and that says something very bad about where we are right now.

    I will say that so far I haven’t had to say, “What a maroon” about Trump and I have laughed my ass off at his enemies. CNN has just been freaking the fuck out.

    Sure the rollout of the terror-ban was bad, but that’s what happens when the gov’t gets involved.
    If he had talked about it before-hand, the bureaucrats who hate him would have fought it much harder

    • Moron Pundit says:

      The most negative thing I’ve been able to say so far is that much of his execution has been inartful. But the gist of most of his actions is right in my wheelhouse and, no matter how much the Left wants to breathlessly report otherwise, well within the Overton Window.

      He just ISN’T Hitler. You have to be a lunatic not to see that. I just worry that the media is going to make a maniac out of the American people over time.

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