How Can I Be OUTRAGED!!@@!!!!@@!@!!!!! If I Can’t Stop Laughing?

Posted: February 3, 2017 by veeshir in The Funniest Middle Of Civilization Ever!

My simple, chronic, boner just won’t go away. I try to find stuff but all I can do is laugh my ass off.

I watched CNN yesterday during one of Anderson Cooper’s shows and it was fucking hilarious.

Paul Begala started off by saying that what Trump  was doing was pretty good, “HOWEVER… his intention to (some lefty-fantasy/fake news)..”

Whereupon Anderson came out and said, “Ummm, Paul, that’s been shown to be not accurate.” Begala did not know what to say for a second. He’s not used to reality intruding on CNN panels.

I wonder if Anderson is feeling a little embarrassed that Trump has been treating his company the way I treat Charmin.

The whole show kept going like that. They were freaking out about how Trump seems to care more about Americans than foreigners! Even the fucking French?!?!?!!? but all they had was Fake News that kept just falling apart.

I have to restrict my CNN watching or my boner is gonna burst.

Let’s Tube!

Ace linked this, I’m gonna have to disagree with it.

The consternation and outrage we’ve seen in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration has little to do with the policy as such.

Good so far. This bit is Teh Awesome.

Progressives have reacted with moral indignation and hysteria to everything Trump has done since taking office. His inauguration was enough to bring out hundreds of thousands of protesters across the country. In the 12 days since then, we have witnessed yet more demonstrations, boycotts, calls for “resistance,” comparisons to the Holocaust, media witch-hunts, the politicization of everything from Hollywood awards shows to professional sports, and real tears from New York Sen.Chuck Schumer.

One is hard-pressed to think of something Trump could do that would not elicit howls of outrage from the Left. On Tuesday,

And it’s been fucking high-larious. I’m not sure if I can watch Schumer crying again, I’m gonna give myself a hernia laughing so damn hard.

Rather, it has everything to do with the elevation of progressive politics to the status of a religion—a dogmatic and intolerant religion, whose practitioners are now experiencing a crisis of faith.

Yup, still good. Here’s where I think the big mistake is though.

Such a faith necessitates an obsession with politics, and provokes a burning desire for control over the levers of government power. If we are consumed by politics in the age of Trump, it is not because of Trump. It is because progressives have made politics into a god, and their god is failing them.

See, I think it’s a case of extreme cognitive dissonance.

They are sure the world is a certain way. Their whole self-worth is tied up in their being smart, caring, tolerant and just the bestest people ever. They’re smarter than I because they believe certain things. That’s an immutable fact, as it becomes clear that most of the shit they’ve been screeching for the last few decades is not “smart”, it’s actually pretty stupid and they can’t handle that.

The world is not cooperating and it’s freaking them the fuck out. It’s unpossible that they are not smarter and more tolerant than those evil Rethuglicans with their sky fairy. That’s how they can screech about Nazis as they’re violently stopping opposing viewpoints from even being aired.

Right now CNN is freaking out about Kelly Ann Conway conflating two terror attacks, one successful and one not. She’s obviously stupid because she can’t keep all the murderous actions and attempted murderous actions of our fine, terrorist-American community.
Saw this at Ace’s



So what’s the point? Well, until the world explodes and we start fighting all the wars Obama made likely, let’s hope this happens.

If California declares itself a “sanctuary state,” it is saying that it is no longer obeying the laws of the United States. In other words, it has seceded from the nation, just as surely as Southern states seceded from the Union in 1861….

By the way, once California has been declared to be in a state of secession, its entire congressional delegation, including both senators (both Democrats, by the way), will not be able to vote in Congress. The precedent was set during and after the Civil War. Any other states with delusions of grandeur may want to consider that.

Oh man would that make me laugh my ass off.
Lefties have become used to Making Grand Gestures!!!!!! that used to result in getting beat up and thrown in jail, only now they’re celebrated, feted and called “Brave!!!!!”

So they’re trying their Grand Gesture!!! only now there are  consequences.

I’ll leave you with this.



So could I.

That special snowflake thought she could invade his personal space and be a fucking retard, she was utterly unready for any response. Being a fuckhead-lefty used to not have negative consequences. Let’s see how brave lefties are when there are consequences.

I’ve been told he used pepper-spray, but it’s subtle.

It actually doesn’t matter if he did or not, the result would have been the same. If he had said, “Could you please stop doing that.” she’d be screeching about all Teh Fascism and evil.

  1. imadenier says:

    Yes California Independence has started a petition to remove the wording on their State Constitution that says California is an inseparable part of the United States … it’s so much better than them stamping their feet and individually threatening to move to Canada … and then not going …

    I had to laugh at that video, save that audio for your haunted house …

  2. imadenier says:

    … Veeshir World … a good place to invest those sweet blogging profits …

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