Cracking Me Up

Posted: February 28, 2017 by veeshir in Trump

I’ve been watching Trump for 41 minutes longer than I’ve watched any political speech except Bush’ 2002 SOTU and the speech 10/2001, yes, I’ve been watching for 41m 10s.

I saw earlier that Nancy Pelosi told the Dems to not be childish. I was surprised she did it and even more surprised that she meant it. I figured they’d act like little bitches and Trump would be at 75% approval tomorrow.

He’s been trolling the Dems hard. I cannot believe they didn’t explode when he bashed extra-criminal illegal aliens and then Obamacare.

The GOP applauded his call to repeal Obamacare, I wonder if they’re going to be applauding when he starts letting them know he expects them to actually follow through.

“Paid family leave”, he is a Northeast liberal after all.

Now he’s in the pandering section. Have fun! (changed 20 seconds later!)

I wuz wrong, he wasn’t pandering, he was trolling using Dem constituencies. Bwaahahahahhahahahahahahaha

Oh, and this.



You’ll finally have your pet’s attention when you try to take a picture.

Although….they really should have used cheese.


  1. imadenier says:

    … I think they will repeal Obamacare, especially the part that said Congress had to drop out of FEHB and into Obamacare…

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