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Posted: March 8, 2017 by veeshir in EUnuchstan, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Coupla things that are kinda scary.

Japan is talking about a pre-emptive attack.

Rattled by North Korean military advances, influential Japanese lawmakers are pushing harder for Japan to develop the ability to strike preemptively at the missile facilities of its nuclear-armed neighbor.

Because that’s worked out so well for them in the past. It does have the theme for the next few years: Obama’s Smirt Duhplomacy Pays Off!

Japan has so far avoided taking the controversial and costly step of acquiring bombers or weapons such as cruise missiles with enough range to strike other countries, relying instead on its U.S. ally to take the fight to its enemies.

We showed the world they can’t trust us by electing him. Twice. Now I don’t want to go to the future because I really don’t feel like trying to explain that.

Another good military deal.

Never believe anything until it has been officially denied,’ they use to say in days of the Soviet Union. Today, the same is apparently true for the European Union. After years of official denials, E.U. has announced its plans to build a unified military command in the Belgian city of Brussels — a move set to take NATO’s European partners away from the existing transatlantic alliance. Germany’s state-run ARD broadcaster called it an “attempt to transform European Union into a real defense union”.

The previous times Europe’s had a unified military command were not pleasant. Hitler and Napoleon were the heads recall.

But this time…this time!!!!!!!!!!! it’s going to work out great!


I’m probably not going to be tubing much or at all for a week.

I’m going to NY later today, on an airplane. I hate flying anymore.

My brother’s wife died Monday. It’s very sad, she was in her mid-40s. They went to bed and only he woke up. He is not going to take it well.


  1. imadenier says:

    … a woman at my office did that about 15 years ago … she was 40 … I won’t deny it was bad … condolences and safe travels…

  2. HayZeus says:

    Sorry to hear that. Feel free to tell him that some internet Moron sends his condolences if you think it’ll help.

  3. Paco says:

    What horrible news about your sister-in-law. I extend my deepest sympathies.

  4. Mike_W says:

    Saddened to hear about your sister-in-law, veeshir.
    My condolences.

  5. Veeshir says:

    Thanks all. I appreciate.

    For a little levity, I was trying to set up a rental car and checked with Dollar. The girl was all excited I could be upgraded For Free from econ to compact. Then she told me $970 for the week. At first I heard it as $97 but then realized she wanted $1000 for a shitbox for a week. I checked and everybody else is less than $150 for a shitbox.
    Is Dollar an escort service now? Would I get a hooker with my Kia? Cuz if so, I feel bad about laughing at the girl.

    • Zilla says:

      Depending on where in NYS you will be, you might be able to use a car rental place called Rent A Wreck. I used them a long time ago from one of their joints in Poughkeepsie. The cars are ok and tend to be cheaper than other rental places. See if there is a Rent A Wreck near where you are gonna be. You might have enough money leftover to get a real NY hooker too!

  6. Zilla says:

    I’m sorry for your family’s loss, V.
    I wish you safe travel. I am in NY, about an hour north of the big City. It is snowing here today and they are expecting more shitty weather to follow so bring a good coat. Godspeed.

    • Veeshir says:

      That”s where I am. 1 hour north of the city in scenic Kingston.
      Hanging out with my family who all believe the Russian stupidity and that climate-deniers should be jailed.
      They know to leave me alone. I have no patience anymore, I just point and laugh.

      • Zilla says:

        I’m on the other side of the Hudson, just south of Poughkeepsie.
        If I’m not mistaken, Kingston is one of those “sanctuary cities” for criminal alien invaders. Some parts of Kingston are still very nice, but keep alert if you are out & about there because there is a lot of nasty stuff happening there as well. Feel free to email me at the address you can see when you moderate comments. I might be able to provide helpful info if you need anything or get bored up here.

  7. Veeshir says:

    I normally don’t do stuff like this, but my brother and his wife were having a rough time so his nieces set up a gofundme to pay for funeral expenses and whatnot.
    Any help would be appreciated. Don’t feel obligated.


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