Them getting themmer.


The new right wing does more than just get petty when the going gets rough. We appropriate. When you attack us, we turn it into a slogan. Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” made us into The Deplorables. Her “fake news” now defines all the news that lies about us. We even got her freaking out about a green frog. Since then, we’ve convinced them that everything from an “OK” gesture to a bobbing purple dove to a glass of milk is a secret Nazi code. It’s so easy to turn them into a dizzy Chihuahua frantically chasing his own tail that it’s almost cruel—almost.

They’re tools and we’re a tool using species, it’s a perfect match!


Them acting Themmer

Huntington Beach Pro-Trump March Turns Into Attack on Anti-Trump Protesters

So… Some Trump supporters just started attacking peaceful people?

The anti-Trump protester, dressed in all black and wearing a mask, attacked an organizer of the event, Jennifer Sterling, and other members of the march with the irritant, causing a group of marchers to tackle the masked man, punching and kicking him.


Ahh, so the anti-Trump folks were “mostly peaceful” Anti-fa blackshirts who got their asses so deservedly kicked.

People aren’t going to let our fine, mostly-peaceful, fascist countrymen beat us anymore. People are fighting back. Generation Snowflake is going to find out that beating the people they hate is not cost-free.


There’s also been a spate of us getting themmer.

Let’s accept that Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill wasn’t optimal.

Since it was Obamacare with some lipstick, yeah, we’ll go with “wasn’t optimal”, sounds so much better than “Fuck you people who voted for us to get rid of Obamacare”.

If the Congressional Budget Office was anywhere close to correct in its original estimations,

Okay, that’s utterly stupid. The CBO is only useful for pushing lefty legislation or against conservative legislation.

But yes, it’s true, it wasn’t full repeal.

I’ll translate: “But yes it’s true, the GOP was saying Fuck You Base!”

Indeed, as long as insurance companies are required to cover pre-existing conditions, government healthcare is with us, and the bill would not have changed that.

At least you’re admitting, even as you try to deny it, that the GOP was not keeping their campaign promise of getting rid of Obamacare. This would have been worse than no bill.

This bit makes me laugh.

Let’s also forget about any four-dimensional chess conspiracy theories.

It looks to me as if he’s trying to play 9-dimensional chess by passing bills that eventually get the gov’t out of all aspects of my life.

All this said, I simply feel that letting the bill die was such a huge mistake politically that it would have been worth eating the bill’s flaws — trying to fix them in the Senate — and living to fight another day.


But I do care very much about the country and about what policies Trump institutes and leaves behind: the tax reform, regulation cutbacks, solid judge picks, and stronger foreign policy that seem to be a real and legitimate part of his agenda.

I’m a Conservative Dammmit!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a PATRIOT!!!!!! And I’m for REGULATION CUTBACKS!!!!!! DAMMMITTT!!!!! But let’s leave some of that gov’t regulation in one of the most important aspects of our lives! Healthcare Needs The Gov’t To Be In Charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUZ IT’S CONSERVATIVE!!!!!!!

So that said, if the president now finds himself humiliated by the conservative leadership… if the president now finds himself unable to work with Republicans on the Hill…

What do the two have to do with each other? Republicans on the Hill are not led by any conservative leadership, they shit on the conservative leadership.

I fear this may be the end result of the failure of the healthcare bill: a Washington in which Donald Trump can find more love on the left than on the right, more chance of winning through leftism than through conservatism.

The Moderate Wing of the GOP (the GOP wing of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party) is always pushing the same thing, surrender. The GOP is far more On The Left than On The Right. Saying anything else is just not paying attention.

If only conservatives would get over that whole, “Limited gov’t thing” we could just get stuff done!


Let’s look at what Minitrue’s doing.

This has to kill this minitrue outlet in good standing.

Trump was right after all about the Obama administration wiretaps

Even as most of the media is still pushing “Unsubstantiated claims!!!!!!” bullshit.

It’s still minitrue, so they have to write this

Of course, the original tweets were poorly worded and inappropriate as a way for a president to raise this issue. Moreover, the inadvertent surveillance is rightfully distinguished from the original suggestion of a targeting of Trump.

It’s funny, the guy spent a paragraph or two explaining that “wiretapping” was a broader statement than just “taps on a wire” yet then he writes “poorly worded”. They’re still on “inapropriate” and yet, if Trump had not tweeted that, we would not be discussing Obama’s felonious/near treasonous listening in a political opponent.

In the 70s, a POTUS wiretapped his political opponents and the media got him to resign over the cover-up.

In the 10s, a POTUS wiretapped his political opponents and the media is trying to get the wiretappee to resign by covering up the crime.

It’s a funny old world.


More reports of Obama wiretapping Trump.

A House intelligence committee investigation took a dramatic shift this week after newly disclosed intelligence reports suggested the Obama administration improperly gathered and disseminated secret electronic communications from President Trump and his transition team prior to inauguration.

But Trump hates him some (insert current fakenewsers’ lie here)


Too bad the CDC and the NIH are too busy worrying about global worming and my guns to do anything about this work on sepsis.

He wants there to be a comprehensive study, and he said that Stanford University has expressed some interest. But he said it will be difficult to fund because it uses drugs that have been on the market for decades: “We are curing it for $60. No one will make any money off it.”

If the gov’t is gonna get into science, that’s what they should be doing but no, they’re too busy asking about my guns and worrying about the (made-up) plagues their god is wreaking on our world.



Other people are noticing 

I wonder if he was one of those how was slapping his fins and honking his horn for all the stinky fish they threw at our faces.


Eh, since I’m twitting, I’m might as well keep being a twit.

Holy Moly! Foghorn Leghorn must be on freaking steroids! The chicken hawk’s gonna need a bigger dog!


Now I don’t like Cat Videos very much, but this one just made me laugh.



I could see a new sport, you’d just have to used a well-waxed floor instead of ice. Cats don’t like cold.


  1. Paco says:

    RINO curling might be interesting. Their typically supine position should make it possible to move them fairly effortlessly over the ice.

    And with respect to cats, what I’d really like to see is cat shot-putting.

  2. Veeshir says:

    I was thinking skeet.
    I know! We could combine the two!
    Make it a team event!

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    This subject is a sign that my optimism is not mmisplaced. The problem with the
    Democrat Mini-Tru is that this is not 1984. There was a story about a Soviet
    spy filming homes in Harlem in order to use it as propaganda to feed to their
    suffering masses. Instead of seeing overt signs of racism and mistreatment
    of blacks, the film blew up in their faces when the citizens back home caught
    the flicker of color TVs in the windows of Harlem.

    Even in a closed prison state like North Korea, people will still get a word or two
    from the outside. The Soviets could not maintain the big lie when everyone in the
    USSR was craving Levi’s Jeans, Sony Walkman’s and Coca Cola. In the Internet
    age, information truly is a liberating force. We are no longer chained to the 3
    channels of network news. The Democrat party is at it’s lowest ebb since 1920.

    Major issues like weirdosexuals in the girls room, imorting tens of thousands of
    poetntial terrorists, Obummercare, unemployment and illegal immigration were
    all major factors Trump’s victory. Even in the deep blue state of Mexifornia,
    72 percent of voters oppose sanctuary cities. After every electoral thrashing
    since 1994, their party leadership explained that their losses were due to the
    fact that they “Were not running far enough to the left.”

    There is a name for someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over
    again and expecting different results: Stupid! The far left is a product of
    American universities. Back in the 60s and 70s, the lunatics took over the
    asylum. Dumbing down the masses is a strategic move towards the
    imposition of socialism, a system designed to appeal to the ingorant masses
    and the miseducated. Somewhere their leaders started to drink the Kool-Aid
    they were feeding to the stupid people.

    They are in the minority (about 7 percent,) and they really are dumb. Chelsea
    Clinton just commented on an historic B&W image that someone photoshopped
    by placing a bright red MAGA cap on Abraham Lincoln’s head. This college
    educated woman Tweeted “Please tell me that was photoshopped.”

    The only thing they have going for them is they are loud. Beating them is going
    to be very easy! Trump understood this. His use of the media to outsmart the
    left was pure genius. He would set them up with one Tweet and knock their
    dicks in the dirt with the next.

    • Veeshir says:

      I don’t know if I’d be optimistic.
      The forces of Tolerance, Love and Mostly Peace have most of the political power right now and they’re not giving it up easily.
      Right now they’re working on destroying Trump while unleashing violence on the rest of us.
      Neither of us is going gently into that good night.

      That tweet was hilarious. It was obvious what she meant but it was a perfect straight line as phrased.
      She’s just a sad little nitwit who really needs handlers.

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