It’s Old

Posted: May 1, 2017 by veeshir in PEBKAC

I had 12 tabs open with stuff to post but really, it’s all the same old and/or stupid shit. Everything old is still old and everything new is far beyond “getting pretty dam old”.

The left’s first 100 days under Trump have been mostly hilarious and violent (often at the same time, Hey Berkeley!), but I’d bet CNN is talking about how bad Trump’s first 100 days were, but what everybody should be talking about is the fact that the biggest impediments to doing what the Republicans were specifically elected to do are……the GOP House and Senate!, as they still cannot seem to actually produce a budget or fund the stuff they were elected to fund and stop funding the stuff they were elected to stop funding, the New Cultural Revolution On Campus got very old a long time ago, some people are writing about how lefty megalopolii have destroyed the working parts of their states, especially in CA and NY, the totally tolerant and open-minded readers of the NY Times were confronted with an article that suggested that both sides of the global warmmongering ‘debate’ should listen to each other and reacted predictably, by that I mean they ran and hid under the covers,  we see all the time how Chicago-machine politics are very corrupt and yet, nobody admits that Obama was not a pizza, when elections loom, lefties tell lies like, oh, say, “Yes, there is anger. Yes, this anger has found an outlet in the National Front vote, but under no circumstances does the National Front offer any answers to the causes of this anger,” as far-lefty hater Macron who doesn’t want to change any immigration policies told French TV news on Sunday night. demographics is destiny, as Mark Steyn harps on and all the right people ignore, the war in Afghanistan is going swimmingly, the country that has never been is “on the brink of collapse“, Afghanistan has never been a country, it’s a place that no country wants, and the only people who even seem to know we’re still at war are in the military, they’re starring in Bill Murray’s new movie, “Groundhog Day 2: Afghanistan!” where on every patrol, the same locals watch them closely with cell phones in hand. They often tell interpreters they “haven’t seen any Taliban for years” before making phone calls and ill-aimed pop shots begin. Which children will throw rocks becomes predictable, and every non-commissioned officer that Connors interviews gives him an identical blank stare when asked what the end goal of the war is, Chinese slaves occasionally get notes out but nobody can be assed to actually mention that China keeps more than a billion serfs and debt peons to make parts of their country look not like shit.

So instead of writing about that, let’s look at old stuff that was fun.

I’ll start with some youtubes.

My favorite fake? commercial.

I laugh every single time.


I’m not sure if these next two make me gay, but I’m confident enough in my sexuality to post them.

I love that video.

But it’s only the one, I can’t find the original It’s Raining 300 Men vid, there are a couple other ones but they’re not nearly as good.

Oh well, let’s go Cat-Blogging. Old School!


If’ I’m gonna blog about old stuff, at least it’ll be humorous.

Don’t give me that look!

  1. Paco says:

    Round the world in a single paragraph. My stylish, dove-gray fedora is off to you.

    I don’t know how I managed to miss “stalking cat”, but it was worth the wait.

  2. bruce says:

    A guy tried to put me in a hotel room of which the door lock had been removed. That’s not a room I said. Same as a ‘country’ which can’t enforce its borders and laws: Fake nation.

    Why do we get accused of being angry when we just want things to be what they are?

    • veeshir says:

      You’re trying to use logic and reality, there’s your problem.
      If you want my opinion, you’d be better off trying to get your elected officials to ban dihydrogen monoxide or make pi=3.
      If they’re going to do ridiculous things, let’s keep them occupied on stuff that can’t cause too many problems.

  3. Mike says:

    Love the videos.
    Stalking Cat strikes me as a metaphor for how pretend reality sneaks up on reality then, when confronted, runs away.

    • Veeshir says:

      Except ‘REALITY!!!’ usually hisses and spits before it runs off.

      • Mike says:

        ‘REALITY!!!’ is currently running away, under our traitorous and pusillanimous “leaders”.
        But ultimately “REALITY!!!’ strikes hard and takes no prisoners.

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