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Trump is apparently still trying to work with the GOP. I’m not sure why.  Here he is trying to defend the latest Continuing Spending Resolution but this time everybody’s calling it a budget. Which is funny cuz when they did it instead of a budget it wasn’t one but now that’s it’s actually a continuing spending resolution that you need when you don’t have a budget they’re pretending it’s a budget.

The White House is pushing the new spending bill as a win for Republicans after gloating from Democrats over major concessions got under the president’s skin.

He’s trying to give them cover, he’s hurting himself trying to put lipstick on that pig. Notice the editorializing, ‘got under his skin’ stated definitively. Should have read, ‘…skin I’d say.’ but then, it’s required to bash Trump in every first paragraph. It’s right there in the new AP style guide. The one with all the rules on the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).

Congressional leaders reached an agreement Sunday night on a budget that would keep the government open through September and avoid a looming shutdown. Because the bill includes funding for Planned Parenthood, money to help Puerto Rico with a projected shortfall in Medicaid and restricts the allotted $1.5 billion for border security from going to the new wall, Democrats began touting it as a win.

Because it was. The GOP is afraid they’ll be blamed for shutting down the gov’t.

A rebuttal

They’d be credited with shutting down the gov’t. Did they learn nothing from the last election? I know I keep asking that, but really.

White House Budget Director Says Stupidest Thing I’ve Read In The Last 45 Seconds! And That’s Saying Something! (wait until you get there. You’ll know)

He said the Democrats’ claims that they got additional money for Puerto Rico is also false.

“Not a penny of it is new money. All of that money was already spent. That money was sitting there unspent, and all we did was agree to let them move it from one place to another.


See, it was just sitting there, probably right next to the Social Security Lockbox!!!!!!. It wasn’t spent yet, but it was budgeted! So if it wasn’t spent on that, it would have been spent on something! No, not paying down the debt. Shut up.

“What they really didn’t get is this: they wanted a shutdown. We know that.

You should have given them what they (and we) want.

A reporter pointed out that a compromise between Republicans and Democrats is what the American people want to see.

Yeah, no. We want bi-partisanship (capitulation to lefties) to stop.

I realize that our fine journolister betters have repressed that memory, but I know Trump was paying attention to the last election. Geez.


The Omnibus Is Far Worse On Border Security Than You Think!!!!!!!!

Not me. It can’t be any worse than I expect. Are they funding buses from the Sonoran desert to Apache Junction? If not, then it can’t be even as bad as I expect. If you still have faith in the GOP, you might want to read that article.

Or not. I can respect denial.


The source of the dossier that proved Trump was a Russian dupe was planted by… The Russians!

The FBI, CIA, NSA, EPA, NOAA, NASA, DEA and even the Coast Guard probably knew that but they were on a mission to Get Trump. Because we’re too stupid to be trusted to vote.

Totes unrelated

They’re getting the votes together to pass the Obamacare Repeal!!

Both Upton  (not Kate but a Centrist!!!, V) and Long (nother centrist!!!!) dealt a setback to the healthcare measure earlier this week, when they came out against it because they saidit failed to protect people with pre-existing conditions.The new amendment from Upton would provide $8 billion over five years to help people with pre-existing conditions afford their premiums in states that are granted a waiver from ObamaCare’s protections.

Oh. So it’s not really a repeal so much as a fix.

So in “Reality!!!” v reality, “Reality!!!” is winning in Congress, not so much in real life.

Tens of thousands of Iowans could be left with no health insurance options next year, after the last carrier for most of the state announced Wednesday that it likely would stop selling individual health policies here.

They’re going to have to spend the next 50 years trying to fix it or else they’re going to just go to Free Healthcare!!!!! ala Cuba.


Not really related, but let’s have an Unhinged Lefty Inter-‘Luude!

I (Rachel Maddow V) had this conversation with him (Trump V) .. I’d sort of said he had good chances against his Republican primary opponents and we kind of dished dirt on all the things he thought was wrong with all his Republican primary opponents.”

The interview, however, never happened. Trump suggested that Maddow could just use the phone call they had, even though it was not recorded…

It’s a dangerous time for the first amendment and the free press in this country. At the same time, we’re oddly influential with the guy who wants to kill us.”

Now back to our point!


For the next link you’ll need one of these

 or this I guess 

Senate Wants DO”J” To Investigate Stuff It Could Investigate Just Fine!

Why aren’t they going after Lerner for perjury before Congress now that there’s, presumably, a DO”J” that would actually enforce their orders?

We all know why.

You see, even though the GOP has been acting as if they wanted to repeal Obamacare. 6 votes for repeal with close to 50 other Failure Theater/Throwing Fish votes, it was all just a lie. Cuz we’re too stupid to know what’s what and we need them to lie to us.

They talked about stopping Obama on immigration and Obamacare, they Held Hearings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they had show-votes. They had SPEECHES!!!! and interviews on FoxNews!!!!!!!!! to let us know that they were on our side!!!! but they aren’t.

And now that they have the chance to do something about what they’ve been Holding Hearings!!!!! and show votes over they are refusing to do it.

Why? Because, you see, they know better than we. We’re just too dim to make these important decisions for ourselves.

And the fact that they have to lie to get elected? Well, that just shows how stupid we are.

We’re supposed to elect leaders to lead us! We elect them, they rule…lead us! How they do that is none of our business!

Actually demanding that they keep their campaign promises just isn’t done. Everybody knows that!

So in other words, we’re not in a democratic Republic, we’re in a Nannarchic Republic where, sure we have a Constitution and some laws and shit, but they don’t apply to the important people who are necessary to lead us!


Phrased slightly differently I’d bet that monologue has been delivered at any number of cocktail parties in DC and NYC.

We’re gonna have to have a discussion on exactly who made whom. Judging from what’s been going on, nobody’s going to like that conversation.


I mentioned MSNBC, you know what that means! The Girls(and Rachel Maddow) Of MSNBC pics below!


I should do it really, but that’s just one search too far. I mean, searching for Ebiscu Muscats pics would be tame in comparison, but since I mentioned an Upton (the wrong one), you know. My favorite search.


The hardest part about being so hot has to be that you can’t really get honest feedback. Many women will put you down out of jealously, many men will tell you this is Awesome Dancing!!!!

It’s good, but it’s not good dancing.

Just sayin’.

Once again



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