in a real death waltz between what’s flesh and what’s fantasy. (spoiler alert: fantasy is ahead on points)

Time to take our stand, our fine betters are busily making sure we live in jungleland.

An internal FBI investigation into the spike of attacks on law enforcement has determined that revenge, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, the media’s assault on police shootings, and criticism from politicians, is the what motivates a “majority” of those targeting cops.

“Law enforcement officials believe that defiance and hostility displayed by assailants toward law enforcement appears to be the new norm,”

We’ve been watching millennia of progress wiped out in education and now in civil society we’re basically at the “Attack The Other!!!!” phase in evolution.

Filling in the for the neanderthals is……us!

Detailing when fantasy conflicts with flesh in two graphics and a reminder.

We all saw in Berkeley what happens when fantasy meets reality.

That flag should read, “We Will Be Trod!”



GOP voters device

Crap. I got out my squeezy bulb and I didn’t even need it!?!?

Susan Rice has denied a request to testify in front a Senate judiciary subcommittee next week on Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

Oh, she declined the honor? Obviously there’s nothing Congress can do now! I mean, if she says she’s not gonna testify their hands are tied!


I absolutely do not understand why the puppy blender doesn’t seem to agree with this sentiment.

What with the blatant fake-newsing and pathetic lies, they’re doing as much to ensure Trump is re-elected as they ever did for Obama.


Via Say Uncle we see the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is Dedicated To Diversity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy Washington’s column will no longer appear in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Her active promotional activities and professional association with the National Rifle Association represented an unacceptable conflict of interest

Well, not so much diversity as uniformity of thought.

Sorry for any confusion due to thinking that the state of journalism is anything but “Screw You America.”

Read the comments, they’re funny.

Interesting! I was informed of Stacy’s NRA membership last year, WHEN THE POST- DISPATCH INTRODUCED STACY! Guess that slipped by you, huh?

Way to increase your readership


That’s not their priority. If you think of it as “tithing”, things make much more sense.


Trump Is Doing Away With The Obama Brand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s so much funny with that article.

First, they say it like it’s a bad thing.

But the apparent retiring of the title associated with the Obama era is still seen by some as an attempt to eradicate anything linked to the previous administration.

We wish.

Second, this

Some outside observers argue that Trump could be trying to shore up his own support by taking a scythe to Obama-era policies and programs.

Yeah, see…that’s why he was elected so instead of “shore up his own support” you minitrue assholes could have written, “keep his campaign promises” but then the Hill would have to acknowledge reality.


Jen Psaki, Obama’s former communications director, said it was “surprising and politically stupid


And she’s an expert on surprisingly stupid! The one person in the Obama admin who could make Marie Harf look semi-intelligent.


The new president’s now-infamous tweets making the unsupported allegation that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

Still fucking that “unsupported” chicken.


While Trump defenders argue that there is nothing unusual about a new president of one party moving in a sharply different direction from his predecessor, voices within the Obama camp characterize the Trump approach as petty,

No really. They quoted Obama people as calling someone, anyone, ‘petty’. He of the “barrycades”, the casual, ‘scratching my nose with my middle finger’ childishness,

They let Obama’s peeps call someone, anyone, “petty”. Obama and his entire admin should be barred from calling anybody ‘petty’. Even Richard Petty.

Sixth, and this one’s on Trump (or Tillerson I guess)

…State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert…

Heather Nauert? Doesn’t she have some J-school projects to do so she can pretend she’s a journalist?

Did someone make a rule that State spokespersons are supposed to 30 year old cute nitwits?


Attacking Obama keeps people’s focus away from the first 100 days of non-accomplishment.”

Other chicken minitrue is fucking. “Trump hasn’t done anything in his first 100 days!!!!! Except try to undo Obama’s Legacy!!!! which has nothing to do with why he was elected so even though we’re whining about him undoing Obama’s Legacy that doesn’t mean he’s accomplished anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’m sure I’ve missed some funny, but I’m ODing on schadenfreude.


Coupla Dave Barry links.


Oh man, that ain’t right.

We’re sorry to spread the news to Skippy fans: the peanut butter — both the crunchy and smooth version — is no longer available in Canada.

If only I were allowed in Canada, I can see a decent opportunity there. This makes me laugh, I wonder if it’s true.

We’re a vast country with only 36 million people. The distribution costs are really high,” Charlebois said, adding that the extra cost of required French labelling may have also been a deterrent.(emphasis me V)

Funintended consequences always bite you in the nut(s).


A bet: As the gov’t is doing this, Canadians are scouring their country for these

Liquor authorities across Canada are recalling a brand of gin that may contain almost twice as much alcohol as claimed on the bottle.

Does it make you go blind? No? There’s not too much alcohol in it.

That’s how you tell.


The world is sorely lacking in people who say, “You know. Maybe that isn’t such a good idea.”

WTF? While I applaud that they accept that girls are where cooties come from, they seem to take it too far.


Mae govannen vanima!

Wanna see my flet?


I’m a little disappointed, nobody made fun of my “ohm i” pun.

Listen, how am I going to keep consistently hitting the lowest rung of the humor ladder if I don’t get encouragement?



  1. imadenier says:

    ohm i … i prefered the voting machine …

  2. neal says:

    Oh Canada. No Skippy, no Bombay, no elf sex.
    Oh well, there’s always Albuquerque.

  3. veeshir says:

    There’s nothing like hot, sweaty, elf-sex.
    Not like hot, sweaty, hairy, dwarf-sex.

    That voting machine is probably better than actually voting GOP, at least the pain eventually stops.

  4. imadenier says:

    the violent may day protests against marie le pen seem to be giving her a boost in the polls in the same way that the ones here are going to help trumps re-election

    • Veeshir says:

      That’s an interesting election.
      I wonder how wrong the polls are.
      Nobody in tolerant EUnuchstan can admit they like her.
      Should be interesting if she wins.
      I wonder how the EUnuch oligarchs will explain why the election didn’t count

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