Crazious, Craziouser and Craziousest!

Posted: May 6, 2017 by veeshir in Anklebiting rugrats, Filthy Hippies, Liberal FAIL, minitrue madness


Residents at three public housing areas now have a mini-fleet of free Zipcars to make their way around Sacramento.

On Friday, Sacramento launched a pilot program that put eight shared electric Kia Souls at public housing sites. Up to 300 residents can apply for on-demand access to the vehicles, with no charge for maintenance, insurance or juicing up the battery.

I look forward to the surprise and chagrin from the Elite! folks who thought this up when these are destroyed or stolen or stolen and destroyed or stolen and sold.

Because everybody knows that when you get something valuable for free you treat it oh so much better than your own stuff!



North Korea on Friday accused the U.S. and South Korean spy agencies of an unsuccessful assassination attempt on leader Kim Jong Un involving bio-chemical weapons.

I saw everybody ‘reporting’ on this yesterday and the day before.


No, really. Why give his craziouserness a megaphone? Why not point and laugh instead of treating it as if it’s news?

North Korea frequently lambasts the United States and South Korea, but its accusation Friday was unusual in its detail.

Don’t you mean unusual in its craziouserness?

Now that Obama is gone, there’s a Bash The Forces Of Freedom vacuum in our fine media betters’ lives and they’re Ready! Willing! and differently– Able! to pick up the slack!

Oh, and notice this was supposed to have taken place in 2014. Did anybody ask Obama about this?

In between tongue baths and expensive vacations I mean.


Now for Craziouserest!

The proposal says that California-based companies that launch spacecraft will have to pay a tax…  traveled by that spacecraft from California.

This actually would have been “Craziouser” if not for the ellipsized part.

based upon “mileage”

Okay…7 orbits, plus take-off and landing….That’ll be $250-million please.

But I only made 6 orbits!

See? Craziouserest!

  1. imadenier says:

    back in the 80’s i had co-workers who were on a long term project… with several shared rental cars… one game involved the person in the passenger seat pulling the emergency brake or shifting the automatic transmission into reverse on the highway…

    • LOL! I had a friend who – along with a half-dozen co-workers – came to Phoenix once a year for training. Each got a rental car. They routinely bumped each other in the (car) backside at stoplights. They thought this great fun, especially when they were observed by other drivers.

  2. Veeshir says:

    I wonder how long those 8 cars last.
    If it’s 2 weeks I’ll be surprised.
    That wasn’t craziouserest because California.
    They just keep thinking of more and more idiotic ways to go ever deeper into debt.

    • imadenier says:

      gotta spend federal stimulus money on something… wouldn’t want to waste it on infrastructure … when there’s sweet emergency money to be gotten for dams …

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