Putting The Cart Before The Whores

Posted: May 9, 2017 by veeshir in The "Justice" Dept.

Puppy Blender links the Wash Post so I don’t have to.

The FBI’s reputation and credibility have suffered substantial damage, and it has affected the entire Department of Justice,’’

It was blatantly obvious Obama’s Dept. of “Justice” ordered the substantial damage to the credibility and reputation of Hillary’s Bitches.…the FBI.


When the head of the DO”J” meets in attempted secrecy with the subject of a DO”J” investigation who is also the husband of another investigatee you know the fix is in and so did Comey.

His only constructive action was laying out the laws Hillary broke, explaining in great detail exactly how she broke them and then explaining how she wouldn’t be prosecuted like anybody else.

I have to wonder about the timing.

Did he use this to get people riled up as his supporters were getting pissed off over all the saving of Obamacare instead of the destroying of same?

  1. HayZeus says:

    I have to wonder about the timing.

    Lulz, this is one of those yuge neon signs that says you’re a political junkie. 😛

    • veeshir says:

      Isn’t it required to question the timing?
      So I picked the wrong thing he was distracting everybody from.

      I didn’t realize he was trying to distract everybody from the made-up investigation into Russia Hacking The Election!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • HayZeus says:

        OMG, inorite? It’s poignantly fendy to watch the liberati howl in outrage at the latest executive overreach/fascist Thing of the Century of the Week (which was totally different when Obama did it!) with zero self-awareness. When all the self-immolation finally catches up to them, I wanna be there with marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.

        So any chance we could get a slice of life post? I like knowing that you’re getting some of your tax $$$ back but we haven’t heard much about the Ranchero or Kagogi and I’m totally and selfishly interested in how the desert is treating you.

  2. Paco says:

    I guess Chuck “Where’s the Camera?” Schumer forgot that it wasn’t that long ago that he was hollering for Comey’s head on a platter.

  3. imadenier says:

    i’m glad you didn’t have to sell the Ranchero or Kagogi, but being a seller on bag day … so sad for you…

  4. Veeshir says:

    Actually, I didn’t get my taxes back so much as I got your taxes back.

    Chuck Schumer has no shame but he is very corrupt and slimy, so NY has that going for them.

    The only way Kago’s worth any money is as a jacket and 20 lbs of ‘beef’ for a Chinese restaurant or maybe goat for a kabob place. He is old and stringy.
    He almost got eaten by coyotes last night. He broke his leash (Kagogi The Destroyer ) and ran after one. I caught him before he could get under a fence. 5 minutes latèr a bunch of coyotes were howling in that field.
    The worst part? They’d ruin the jacket!

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