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The biggest problem I have with today is exactly how ridiculous our Elites!!!! are and yet, they all pretend they’re not fucking ridiculous while others act as if everything is not absurd.

I’ve often thought the worst part about being a lefty must be keeping track of what you’re supposed to think. I mean, football players are bad, but for some reason the one who tortured, abused and fought dogs was A-OK.

Here we have a leftist audience not getting the memo that Comey should not be fired.

Notice the laugh when he tries to play it off as if there are a bunch of Trump fans in his audience.

Cuz everybody likes to go be entertained by a guy who calls you a fascist constantly!

Also notice at the end they figure out how they’re supposed to think and the hissing and the 2 minutes hate begin.

We’ve always been allied with Eastasia!


Charles Krauthammer, Never Trumper Extraordinaire! sez!

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer slammed President Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, calling it “inexplicable” and saying the stated rationale behind the decision was “implausible.”

Charles, did you not watch Comey dance, shit, spit and piss on the rule of law last year? I know you were one of the ones who thought Hillary was guilty of high crimes and higher crimes.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Special Report” Thursday night, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said the issues facing Hillary Clinton about her emails is “not over” and has “long legs.” Citing the the impending lawsuit against the State Department by the Associated Press and investigations by the House, Krauthammer says the problems facing the former secretary of state won’t be going away any time soon.

Well, they won’t go away until Comey whitewaters….whitewashes the deal for her.

But then, that was from 2015 when a Trump POTUSy was RIDICULOUS!!! according to the very Elitest and Smartest Among Us!!!

The fact that Comey covered up all the problems Charles had a problem with for his DO”J” masters means nothing to Krauthammer, cuz there’s a Trump to be got so no ridiculosity is a ridiculouserness too far!


In Akbar Britain news,

This morning, just after 4 a.m., the Bedfordshire Police went to Tommy Robinson’s house, banged on his door, woke up his entire family, arrested Tommy, and took him to jail.

So, what dastardly deed did dude do?

I’ll tell you what he did, because I was there with him. Two days ago, Tommy Robinson and I went to the Canterbury Crown Court, to report on the trial of an alleged Muslim rape gang.

That’s it. That’s all we did. That’s why Tommy was arrested.

See, Tommy and I both work full-time for TheRebel.Media. And unlike the mainstream media that prefers to cover up horrific crimes like that, we report them. These four Muslim men are on trial for allegedly gang-raping a 16-year-old girl who wandered into their kebab shop asking for directions.

It is illegal to notice stuff like that. It’s a hate crime, just ask the BBC. Oh wait, you can’t mention that on BBC. See? Ridiculous!…I mean Hatecrime!

Via Kagogi’s favorite thing.


This ain’t ridiculous! Trump is going with the Veeshir Syrian Plantm!

Kurdish elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) would be equipped to help drive IS from its stronghold, Raqqa, a spokeswoman said.

Just send AKs, RPGs, they’ll supply the jihadis.

For Peace!


It’s funny how many people think the TI-84 is a useful calculator.

If you took a math class at some point in the US, there is likely a bulky $100 calculator gathering dust somewhere in your closet.

Yup, but I still use my HP-48G.

That would be the Texas Instruments 84—or the TI 84-Plus, or the TI-89, or any of the other even more expensive variants—a shoe-sized graphing calculator…

Public- and private-school students alike are usually required to buy the calculator themselves

I still remember one math teacher who tried to make me get one of those things and stop using my HP, I didn’t point and laugh but it was implied.

Journalist displays ignorance! Film at….whenever you feel like watching I guess.

By maintaining a monopoly on the graphing calculator market,


The point is that someone else is selling a similar, toy-like calculator, to compete with the Fisher-Pri…TI-84.


Get an HP, they’re calculators for adults. Reverse Polish is the only way.


Man, some people just get to make the coolest denials.

Jim McElwain Says That’s Not Him Nude And Humping A Shark

I always have to make uncool admissions.


Since HeyZeus asked so nicely, let’s Caballero and other stuff below the fold.


The guy I finally had install the engine told me I had the wrong flexplate so he put the old one back in. Turns out, I had the right flexplate. So I’m waiting for it from Summit to get it put on.

The dealer told me he had the car emissioned. He lied. I thought it had to be done to be registered but apparently, it doesn’t. I contacted the AZ AG’s office, but even though the guy admitted claiming that, and even though the state has the last emission test on the vehicle as being failed in 2014, apparently fraud and lying to the AG are not a problem. So I spent $160 to get the catalytic converter I assumed it had back on.

When I went to get it emissioned, I ran out of gas while I was in line, but the car only took 10 gallons so I took it to have the gas tank checked. It was fine, the gas gauge is busted, but the guts in the tank were fine.

So I went back. It ran out of gas again. This time, I had filled it up about 40 miles before. Turns out, the fuel line is messed up so it gets soft and vapor-locks when the car idles.

So next Tuesday, I take it to get the flex-plate and harmonic balancer installed (again), the fuel line replaced, the loose, dangling wires undangled and the F/X Ultra-Cool!!!! seats swapped for the, cushy, bench seat from an ’81 Regal.

I really hope after that I’ll be done ‘fixing’ it for a while. Just looking at it gives me agita. Seriously.


Another thing, my rent went up from $430 to $550 so I’m moving. I screwed around for most of a year but I’m going to take the CNC classes so I’m moving into Phoenix, but rent is much higher than I thought. You can’t find squat for less than $700/month.

So I think I’m going to buy a trailer, not the lot just the trailer for like $10-$20K, live in it until next July or August (depending on when I get done with classes) and then sell it when I get a job and know where I’m gonna live. Or at least, rent it out until I sell it.


Kago. I don’t know what to do.

Since I’m moving, taking classes and working, he’ll be home alone a lot and I won’t know the neighbors for at least a while.

And he’s old. I don’t know if he has a year left.

My buddy Warren is moving to a farm in MD with Kago’s best buddy and he said Kago would be welcome, he’s one of Kago’s 3 favorite people, not counting me. He sleeps in Warren’s RV every night anymore. I’m still the leader of the pack, Kago usually tries to get Warren to understand that he’s below Kago on the pack hierarchy.

So I don’t know if he would be happier if he went to MD with his buddies but not with me or spent the next year here alone an awful lot.

Decisions. Not helped by the fact that he has serious issues. This is what happened when I first moved in here, I went away for a weekend and had a friend come over to let him out, plus he destroyed every set of blinds in the place.

This place is okay, but not expensively built. That was about $4 worth of wood and a door knob. Seriously, the molding was taken off a scrap pile and painted. He spent the rest of the time at my buddies. He hasn’t done anything similar since, but in a new place he gets upset.

He doesn’t like change at all. There are lots of changes coming, from me moving and his bestest buddies moving and then me leaving him alone for  at least 5 hours a day.

He’s too old to be as destructive as he used to be, but he gets worked up easily.

This is an exciting month.

Too exciting.

  1. HayZeus says:

    Thanks for the update! Man, that Kago situation is just tough. Having to leave your old dog for the day just plain sucks, even if they’re just sleeping all day. On one hand, they’d have a ton of fun on a farm with critters to chase and other dogs to play with, but on the other, those critters have a bad habit of getting attached to their prime humans. Like real attached.

    Hope you’re right about the Caballero Ranchero Caballero and good luck with the new place!

  2. Veeshir says:

    He doesn’t do much chasing anymore. Except he sorta lumbers after coyotes.
    His hips are bad, I think it’s arthritis plus he hurt himself a couple years ago trying to chase a coyote. The leash didn’t break and it was between his legs when it came up short.
    He sleeps a lot. He usually doesn’t even roll over, much less get up, when he barks at passers-by.
    He’d mostly sleep in the grass and eat Izzy’s food when she turned her baack.

  3. imadenier says:

    what kind of class is that?
    …check the rvtrader website, you can probably pick up a cheap rv to live in, in phoenix or anywhere… put in your zip code and sort by low price to find what’s available…

    • imadenier says:

      i have a cousin who,like you is an engineer and doesn’t like flying… he works for KTA Tator doing on site quality assurance of construction material coatings… takes his RV to the site for a few weeks at a time to watch paint dry…

  4. veeshir says:

    I’m not an engineer anymore. 12 years as a gov’t bureaucrat took care of that.

    The CNC class is at a community college. I figure with that and my engineering degree I should do okay.

    • imadenier says:

      it’s not really engineering… read the instructions, watch that the contractor does it right, sign off on it or make them do it again, current openings for watching concrete dry… just a different bureaucracy…

      • veeshir says:

        I could actually do that, but alas, all their openings are on the east coast.
        I’ve left winter and gun-grabbers behind.

        Although, maybe I will look for engineering jobs. I never bothered.

        Just a quick search and I think I’ve found my job!

        Entry-level Environmental Scientist

        I’ll title my resume, Green Science Is Neither!

        • imadenier says:

          … or Director of Diversity and Inclusiveness…

        • HayZeus says:

          I could actually do that, but alas, all their openings are on the east coast.
          I’ve left winter and gun-grabbers behind.

          I like the way you’re thinking there and I could stand to get away from The Swamp myself. Ideas, newsletter, subscription, etc. some assembly required, though personally snow isn’t such a dealbreaker. So I’ve got that going for me. Told you I was being selfish. 😉

          • veeshir says:

            AZ is great for that, you can go visit snow in the winter. Globe is less than an hour away and the Superstition Mts are right there (points left), it snows there occasionally.
            Driving from 40 to here you go through like 4 distinct climates. It’s weird.

            I’d rather spend 4 months not going outside cuz it’s too hot than it’s too cold and there’s 9 feet of snow that I have to shovel and clean off my car and then wait 20+ minutes for the damn car to warm up as I peer through a small hole I cleaned in the windshield.
            And then it gets hot and humid anyway!
            I prefer 8 months of nearly perfect, sock-free, weather and 4 months of teh suck than 9 months of teh suck and a few months of decent weather.
            It rained the other night, it hadn’t rained since March I think and it probably won’t rain until July or August.

            • HayZeus says:

              Damn, you make it sound nicer than it already is in my head and you didn’t even mention not getting thrown in jail just for speeding, which I could see happening on those nice flat straight roads…

              • veeshir says:

                I hit 100 every day on my way to work. Usually on the on-ramp, I mostly have to slow down to merge, not always though.

                You can do under 85, if you’re going faster just slow down if you see a cop.
                I passed one once in my convertible, I didn’t see him. When I closely cut around a guy sitting in the left lane, he pulled me over, yelled at me for 5 minutes, told me not to pole position and sent me on my way. He asked if I had seen him when I passed him (blew by at 85+), I really hadn’t. It was just a nice, typically very sunny, day, around 1:30 with light traffic and the idiot was doing like 70 in the left lane a long car length ahead of someone else doing 70 in the next lane so I guess he understood. I could have gone over 3 lanes but I don’t like doing that anymore. That’s worth a ticket anywhere.
                35 miles means 30 minutes usually.

                I’m not leaving. I just want to get a job on the edge of the valley so I can get a few acres in nowhere and just build my tank traps, AA emplacements and gun range.
                Plus, if there’s a zombie apocalypse they’ll all be dehydrated and immobile in about a week.

                We’ll just have some really fat coyotes and buzzards for a while.
                Of course, since everybody has either a chihuahua or a pit bull, the packs of feral dogs will be funny or really fucking scary.
                Hmmmm, funny and endy.
                Makes the zombie apocalypse more likely.

                • HayZeus says:

                  I hit 100 every day on my way to work. Usually on the on-ramp, I mostly have to slow down to merge, not always though.

                  You can do under 85, if you’re going faster just slow down if you see a cop.

                  You know how I know you’re rubbing it in here? Because I know you used to live in Virginia and you drive a Mustang. That said, if you’re trying to sell me, you’re doing a good job. 😛

                  • veeshir says:

                    Oh, I forgot about no toll roads and HOV-2.

                    It’s funny going from driving from VA to NY regularly, paying $30+/- in tolls over 350 miles, to being able to drive 2 days in some directions and never even hear of a toll.
                    And forget about if I wanted to go to NYC, the bridges and tunnels are what, $10 now? More?

  5. imadenier says:

    i think there must be some companys out there that do the same thing… quality assurance or i’ve seen it called IV and V, Independent Validation and Verification…… and with the RV you can go north in the really hot months and watch the concrete dry in Montana… lots of potential…

    • Veeshir says:

      It’s not an rv, it’s a trailer in a trailer park. The last place I want to live.
      But it’s for one year and ‘tard dog will have a nice, big place to sleep in the corner of.

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