Situational Awareness

Posted: May 15, 2017 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, The "Justice" Dept., Trump 2020 Reelection Team

So many people lack it, they literally have no awareness of our current situation.

Some people get it.

The Mass Media Cult Goes Pathological

In the five months since the election, the media haven’t been able to get over getting Trumped.  They’ve gone through the five stages of grief, some of them over and over again, and still The Donald drives them crazy.

We’ve all watched it, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes sad, sometimes incredibly, dishonestly, slimily, Democratly, infuriating. Like whenever Chuck Schumer opens his demand-a-bribe hole.

If these people weren’t so malignant, I’d feel sorry for them.

Exactly. Watching Disney throw away ESPN and, now, ABC over one of the very few conservatish shows on TV has been pretty funny. I stopped watching ESPN before they went full MSNBC, but it’s nice to see them going down after coarsening our culture with their glorification of the thugs in the NBA and showing every lame-ass ‘Celebration Dance’ in great detail by every fool in the NFL who did a good thing. They loved Michael Vick and hate(d) Tim Tebow. That’s really all you need to know about those assholes. One guy has a murderous gladiator school for dogs and the other sincerely prays, sometimes for your soul, and for that, he can never be forgiven.



Someone just now noticing our situation.

While weighing whether or not to fire Comey, Trump kept his staffers out of the loop because he feared “that his own team would leak the decision,”

They leak shit that isn’t even true, imagine what they would have done with that.

This is the funniest item of the whole damn day. That link is talking about this AP link full of lies about Comey, some shit about stopping some investigation into a non-crime, but it does talk about how Trump didn’t want to tell his staffers because they would leak it to the media. So how did the AP learn that?

Several people close to the president say…

They anonymously leaked it.

They anonymously leaked that Trump doesn’t trust them to not leak. That’s absolutely hilarious. The total lack of self-awareness gives it that extra ooomph.


Speaking of fake news from the AP, here they are already lying about the 2018 election. The set-up from Powerline

The Associated Press headlines: “In swing districts, voters vent over health care, fear Trump.” A more accurate headline would be, “A handful of rabid Democrats hate President Trump.” But that wouldn’t be news.

And then they show a slew of rabid, partisan Dems being interviewed as “swing voters” and shit.



Now maybe my situational awareness is off, but the German people are pretty fucking pissed off and, as we learned in some seriously violent wars over many centuries, you really do not want to rile up the Germans.

A German council has started confiscating privately-owned apartments to help ease an acute housing shortage made worse by migrants.

Six flats in the city of Hamburg, which has seen thousands of refugees and migrants arrive over the last two years, were handed over to a city-appointed trustee at the weekend, local media reports.

You rile up the German people at your peril.

Hell, even the Romans knew that,.


Apparently, Kansas City has become aware that if you say you won’t chase people who flee police then more people will flee police.

After a decision in 2014 to not pursue some fleeing drivers, the Kansas City Police Department is changing its stance.

A new initiative, “Project Act: Addressing Crime Together,” allows police to pursue all drivers who flee traffic stops, with probable cause, KCTV5 reported. Initially, officers could only pursue fleeing drivers if they had committed a serious felony.

This from the SC Cop blog where I saw the link.

The CPD is experiencing something like three-to-seven cars fleeing traffic stops every single day if our sources are to be believed. Two-to-five are actually called off as “terminated pursuits.” The percentage increase is in the hundreds as the criminals know almost every pursuit it called off as soon as it begins.

How can you not be aware that you get more of what you reward? Criminals might not be the brightest bulbs in the flower bed, but they can usually figure out to run from the police.


Now this is something that everybody should be aware of, except our fine social betters have deemed it “wrong”.

The report, titled, “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across The United States 2016,” compared permit holders to the general population and then to police officers in Florida and Texas, two states which largely mirror the rest of the country.

The data revealed that from 2005 to 2007, “there were 103 crimes per 100,000 police officers,” while the U.S. population’s crime rate is 37 times that number…

Permit holders are convicted of felonies and misdemeanors at less than a sixth of the rate of police officers, according to the study. Officers also commit firearm violations, 16.5 per 100,000, seven times more frequently than permit holders, at only 2.4 per 100,000 in Texas and Florida.

I am a little unsure why it even needs to be said. If you are willing to go through all the shit to beg your state to legally carry a gun, you are not the type of person who commits a crime.

I always have a hard time not condescending at people who refuse to accept that people who will commit a crime with a gun are unlikely to procure or carry the gun legally.

With this utterly obvious yet “CONTROVERSIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” part.

The report also shows that crime declined in states that do not require permits to carry. It reads, “Indeed, the murder rate was 31 percent lower in the states not requiring permits. The violent crime rate was 28 percent lower.”

Funny how that works. When victims are more likely to be armed, criminals reduce their criminalizing.


The reason we’re in this situation is because so many people are utterly unaware of reality because our fine moral, social, political and intellectual betters have deemed reality ‘out of bounds for polite discussion’.


A visual aid on the importance of situation awareness.


Just to make it more perfect, 11/21/2016 is a Monday.

I checked,

  1. Paco says:

    The guy on the motorcycle; looks like his OODA loop came completely unraveled.

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