I normally don’t gloat, but let’s take a little time out to think about Hillary Clinton.

First, Bill never would have been POTUS without Hillary, he would have been a successful Little Rock used car salesman killed falling out the window when the husband came home.

Hillary has worked her whole life to become POTUS. She knew, KNEW!!!!!!!, she was going to be the First Wymyns POTUS!!! and be in all the history books.

And then, a funny thing happened. Barack Obama out-slimed her. Oh the hilarity and gnashing of fangs, then Trump pushed her face in the mud and danced on her Birth-Right.

What we’ve been seeing with all the “Here’s why I lost!!” whines is that hag going fucking crazy seeing her chance to be POTUS slipping away. Her whole life was consumed with her becoming POTUS. In 2007 there was no doubt in her head that she was gonna be POTUS. Then again, in 2015 she again was a shoo-in for POTUS. And then harsh reality set it.

I figure she’s trying to explain to everyone it wasn’t her fault so they’ll line up in 2020 but it’s not gonna happen. When even Andrea Mitchell turns on Hillary, you know the party’s over.

Think about what’s going through Hillary’s mind (besides the usual hate for America).

She’s pissed off at Obama for out sliming her, she’s really pissed off at Trump for not playing Good Loser the way Jeb Bush would have, but what has to totally piss her off, what has to wake her up at night spitting mad, is that she made Bill POTUS and she’ll never be able to do it for herself!

That’s hilarious. Made my night when I thought about this last night.


I will say that I didn’t like Trump’s “Travel Ban” tweet about that terrorist attack last night. Don’t dance in the blood of innocents. Especially before it dries or before they’re done picking up pieces of victims.

Watching the Brit Police dude give the press conference on that attack showed they lie a whole lot and really don’t want their people to know what’s going on. He wouldn’t say if they were looking for others, he said they had three and that seemed to be it. It was obvious he was lying, there were cops all over and areas cordoned off with people not being allowed to go the 100 yards to their homes.

So what do we see today?

London cops have arrested 12 people in connection with terror attack that killed seven, the city’s the Metropolitan Police Service announced Sunday morning.

So at least 15 people were working alone.

I do wonder if the Brits will finally get a good backlash going. When you’re called a hater for the crime of being terroristically murdered, there has to be a breaking point.


Evergreen College Faculty demand their university be closed!

We vehemently reject the claim that students have been violent simply because they have been loud and emphatic. There is a difference between exercising the right to freely voice an opinion and inciting violence—and that difference has nothing to do with volume or forcefulness.

Closing the campus because of the threats of violence was an over-reaction obviously.

And that prof who had to flee for his life? He was just being a violent hater!

The next two lines are my favorite part.

* Take seriously the threats made to individual community members and use all available institutional resources to protect them.

They’re going to make sure that there are repercussions for  the people who threated that prof and made him flee for his life!!!!!

* Demonstrate accountability by pursuing a disciplinary investigation against Bret Weinstein

Now that’s how a leftist displays accountability. By blaming the victim.


Nother lefty blaming others for her felonies!

Wasserman Shultz said she had violated the policies “for years and years and years.” She also sought to find out how much House authorities might know about her internet usage, asking “Are members monitored?”…

Wasserman Schultz then blamed House authorities for not stopping her and questioned their commitment to cybersecurity.

But of course.


Let’s Iowahawk for two tweets.

This one is awesome.

Dude is hilarious.


More Proof That The Wash Post Are Bunch Of Lying Liars Who Fakenews!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their big Scoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! last week about Kushner and the Russians?

In other words, the WaPo relied on a walk-in letter from a person it can’t identify, who relied on an alleged account by Russia’s top diplomat about what was discussed with Kushner.

Yeah. Lying liars who fakenews.


CNN trying to lessen the vitriol of their spokesthing, Kathy Griffin, went all classy!

Let’s do some more CNN

Totes unrelated, a list of CNN sponsors. Suitable for treating as they want to treat us. Maybe we should do a little, Do unto them as they do unto you, for a while.


After 8 years of impunity, Democrats and their bribers got very sloppy about hiding their felonies.

Information revealed this week on how Mylan overcharged for its EpiPen opened the door for new attacks from a primary opponent of West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (D.), whose daughter is CEO of the pharmaceutical company…

Manchin’s Democratic primary opponent, Paula Jean, turned the latter report into a political attack against the West Virginia senator, who has taken $127,000 in campaign contributions from Mylan and urged his colleagues to be “open-minded and fair” when investigating the scandal…

The Inspector General report released by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley (R.) on Wednesday revealed that Mylan overcharged the government by $1.27 billion for failing to correctly classify its EpiPen.

It’s hard to keep your focus when the Dept. of “Justice” is focused laser-like on attacking your political enemies while ignoring all your felonies.


Awww, poor widdle commies. Didums get a big scare?

Mattis outrages Beijing with explicit commitment to defend Taiwan

US Secretary of Defence James Mattis, as well as his Japanese and Australian counterparts Tomomi Inada and Marise Payne, all highlighted their support for last year’s ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague that invalidated China’s claim to sovereignty over large swathes of the South China Sea. They said they opposed China’s “militarisation move” in the disputed waters through land reclamation and weapons deployment on the artificial islands because it has unilaterally changed the security “status quo” in the region.

Addressing the Shangri-La ­Dialogue, Mattis said the US would continue to abide by its commitment to Taiwan, the first time the island has been mentioned by a US delegation to the forum since its inception in 2002…


Trump is similar to Ronnie Raygun in that he hires people he trusts and then leaves them alone.

Our enemies surely do miss Obama.


Let’s end on Looking On The Bright Side Of Life!

  1. imadenier says:

    … that’s a great picture of DC … easier access to Nats Park by water taxi … i found a pic of the navy yard area from 1936 flood

  2. imadenier says:

    … oh dear… the IRS building is underwater to …

  3. HayZeus says:

    More Proof That The Wash Post Are Bunch Of Lying Liars Who Fakenews!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bwahaha, now all we need is for that wossname blog to come back over here and start defending their “journalistic” “integrity”. Bonus fendy points if they defend CNN forastroturfing their very own muslims protesting the violence narrative! 😀

    • veeshir says:

      Just trying to forestall the Backlash Against The Real Victims Of The Last Terrorist Attack!.
      It’s a public service that is.

      That comment wasn’t from anybody at the blog, it was a random commenter. Possibly someone else who had a link posted.
      They suggested I comment on other people’s stories to drive up my hits.

      • HayZeus says:

        Heh, thought that dude was some blogger type but I’ll freely admit that I never followed the link. Just like that frikkin’ Lemur King guy, I didn’t want to give them the traffic. 😉

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