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Are we still pretending that the Russian thing is real? They’re still Comeying, the whole point of announcing he was going to testify at some future date, but they don’t seem to be Russiaing as much. I don’t care all that much, just curious I guess.


I used to title these “News from a year ago”, but there are just too many of them to be a coincidence.

Is there an establishment GOP journolist? There must be.

Republican lawmakers face a big decision: Should they continue to ride with President Trump in hope that his poll numbers improve or abandon him to save themselves in the 2018 elections?

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, 538 times is establishment GOP action.

We heard that song all last year. We’ve heard it all this year as well. Who are they writing those articles for? That’s a poser.


A conundrum, for the next article is this the best graphic

GOP voters device


 or this ?


Senate Committee on the Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has launched a new investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s effort to thwart a Bangladesh government corruption probe of Muhammad Yunus, a Clinton Foundation donor and close friend of the Clintons.

Another poser, huh?

I will say I’m no longer against hearing after panel after probe, all they do is highlight for even the least-paying-attention of people that certain people are above the law.

Let’s have another look at why we have Trump


Puppy Blender has a drudgetaposition.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Clinton’s charity confirms Qatar’s $1 million gift while she was at State Dept.

Related: Arab Powers Sever Ties with Qatar, Citing Support for Terror. “The Arab world’s strongest powers cut ties with Qatar on Monday over alleged support for Islamists and Iran, re-opening a festering wound just two weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump’s demand for Muslim states to fight terrorism. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut relations with Qatar in a coordinated move. Yemen, Libya’s eastern-based government and the Maldives joined in later.”

The first link reminds us that Hillary is very corrupt and above the law.

The second link reminds me of an article you might have read here that would have made this a lot less surprising.

Egypt has set up a council to negotiate the release of its nationals arrested in the UAE reportedly for spying and raising funds for President Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood party, local media said Thursday…

The Al-Khaleej daily reported this week that the United Arab Emirates had dismantled a “cell” linked to the Brotherhood which was recruiting Egyptian expatriates in the Gulf country, mostly doctors and engineers…

It said the “Brotherhood offered training to the cell on how to bring about regime change in Arab countries.

Or possibly this one.

A Kuwaiti lawmaker is demanding that Kuwait’s security services be on the lookout for Muslim Brotherhood cells seeking to destabilize the emirate…

“Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood had offered (the cell’s members) courses… on elections and the means of changing leadership in Arab countries,” Al-Khaleej reported.[More…]

If you were the one of the 3 readers who clicks links.

That is, of course, part of the war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, usually expressed as Shiite v Sunni but not always. They can suspend it for a time in certain places, Syria is a good example of that, but in general they’re going after each other all over the place.

Right now they seem to be either working together or at least ignoring each other in Dar al Harb (anyplace not Islamic), I wonder if that’ll change as they get more powerful. Like in EUnuchstan for instance.


I hate trying to figure out what’s going on today. I saw this and had some hope.

The Trump administration is considering possible sanctions on Venezuela’s vital energy sector, including state oil company PDVSA, senior White House officials said, in what would be a major escalation of U.S. efforts to pressure the country’s embattled leftist government amid a crackdown on the opposition.

But then I got to here.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity

Anonymous fucking officials. Shut the fuck up.

Seeing just “White House officials” I had high hopes we would see name, but alas, just anonymous assholes with an agenda trying to influence American foreign policy so we have no idea if they want Trump to discuss the sanctions, stop discussing sanctions or affect how he’s either discussing or not discussing them. So…useless in helping us figure out what’s going on except that there’s still a war between Trump and everybody else in the gov’t.


I hope Trump comes down hard on these assholes. I want to see mug shots. They can have striped suits but they need numbers on them.


Let’s take a little break from fake news, lies and journolisting to…wait, let’s see some more from that bastion of fakenews, lies and journolisting: Global Warmmongering!

Some science is more unsettling than others.

Yesterday’s attack perpetrated by known wolves.

There are vids and pictures of him with an ISIS flag trying to recruit people for ISIS.

The British-Pakistani, who police are not naming for operational reasons, was also a recognized Islamic State follower in the streets around his home in the east London district of Barking, where he tried to recruit children and proselytized openly in a nearby park, sparking a complaint to the police by a local resident.

The 27-year-old, father of at least two young children, appeared also in a television documentary last year in which he was pictured unfurling an Islamic State banner and later arguing with police during a London protest organized by radical preacher Anjem Choudary, a convicted IS recruiter.

So what are EUnuchs calling for in the wake of this?

Prime Minister Theresa May promised to review Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy, holding out the prospects of enhanced powers for the security services and longer jail sentences for extremists. She said she wants to take a tougher line with internet providers and social media businesses that allow extremist material on their sites.

…a ban on the sale of unregistered SIM cards, and a ban on immediate vehicle rentals, requiring renters to wait two hours and for rental firms to run checks on them with the police.

“What enhanced powers?” you ask?

We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed. Yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services, provide. We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements that regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorist planning. And we need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risks of extremism online.”

You didn’t really need to ask, did you?

They want to do that stuff cuz it would have been so hard to just walk around London looking for ISIS flags.

They need to have more power to snoop on each and every Brit who ever said anything disparaging about The Religion Of Peace and jerking around everybody else.

Cuz ISIS jihadis can’t figure out to rent the van a couple hours before the attack.

The Brits are even worse at Security Theater than we are.

Or better I guess, depends on how funny you find it.


Brit election update! The guy who will apparently be Prime Minister if his party wins had this to say in 12/2014

I have no support for ISIS whatsoever, and obviously that should apply to someone who has committed crimes, but we should bear in mind that expressing a political point of view is not in itself an offence. The commission of a criminal act is clearly a different matter, but expressing a point of view, even an unpalatable one, is sometimes quite important in a democracy. We should be slightly cautious about announcing that we will start to deal with people on the basis of a general view that they have expressed. We should think seriously about where our foreign policy has brought us, and what our legislative position now is.

Let’s see who he was talking about! And his response.

Steven Baker Conservative, Wycombe
I am very much inclined to agree with what the hon. Gentleman is saying, but the problem is that this particular individual expressed support for beheadings with a knife. I feel that the practical realities mean that we must take special measures in the case of such people.

Jeremy Corbyn Labour, Islington North
I would want that person to have some kind of treatment, or I would want measures of some kind to be taken, but expressing support for something and doing it are two rather different things.

So…. the conservative dude was mostly with him, except for explicitly calling for beheadings. Being for ISIS is only implicitly calling for beheadings I guess.


Two or three of those came from Doug Ross’ Larwyn’s Lynx.


I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but I love that she throws it back.

Unexpected and out of the blue courage is impressive.



  1. imadenier says:

    cars in london being used for terror, a hammer used today in france to attack police… what about car control and hammer control …

  2. The Neon Madman says:

    I have seen the gif before. As I remember, it is staged with a rubber snake being pulled on a fishing line. Notice that the snake never curls.

    • veeshir says:

      It’s actually pretty obvious that it’s a fake snake.
      Now that I look at it.
      Eh, since nobody reads the comments let’s keep it our secret.

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