At the TANSTAAFL Bar and Grill! All Week!

And if you believe that, you’re gonna love the rest of the post!

Let’s start with a story that has it all, lying Clintonistas, idiotic journalists who seem to not understand the simplest math while accepting whatever lies said Clintonista told them! There’s probably more, but let’s start with that.

We saw some stories about the HUGE!!!!!!!!! DROP!!!!!!!!!! in murders in Chicago.

The good news coming out of Chicago also serves as a sad reminder of just how bad the city’s violence is: 239 people were murdered as of May 31, according to Chicago Police. That is down slightly from 247 during the same period last year.

They were all excited, but really, 8 fewer people out of 247? That’s……ummmmm…carry the calculator key…read the number off the SCCop blog that I linked…. 3%!

Why, if they keep that up they’ll have that whole murder thing whipped in about…never.

Yeah, innumeracy is rampant amongst our fine, journalistic and intellectual betters, but parroting lies of Clintonistas is more their specialty.

SCCop blog in italics

Fox News asks the obvious question (and misreports a bunch more)

Emanuel has made efforts to stop crime. He recently added 1,000 police officers to the force that will start working overtime.

The city has also expanded its gunshot-detection technology and Emanuel has lobbied with the police superintendent for a new bill that will crack down on repeat gun offenders.

Still, in the month of May, the city averaged two murders and 10 shootings a day, leaving those who’ve lost a loved one wondering if stopping crime is at the top of the mayor’s priority list.
And we reply:

Rahm didn’t “add” 1,000 – he’s hasn’t hired enough to keep up with retirements yet. He’s hiring back exhausted coppers to do scarecrow policing.

The Shotspotter technology is still a bit buggy according to reports from 007 and 011. It’s missing a rather high percentage of shootings, so police aren’t responding near fast enough.

Stopping crime was never on Rahm’s “priority list.” Rahm’s priority is getting re-elected. If crime happens to drop, that’s just a bonus. If not, he’s got Special Ed to fall on his sword.


Yup. I will say that, aside from police chiefs praising it but never saying exactly which crime it helped with, the only uses Shotspotter apparently has for law enforcement is bugging street corners.

The exchange, which was used in court, was recorded by ShotSpotter, a gunshot detection system that has been installed in over 90 cities across the country.

Welcome to the 21st century!


Some days I really have a problem trying to keep from believing I’m the star of the Veeshir Show!

A criminal complaint was filed in the Southern District of Georgia today charging Reality Leigh Winner, 25, a federal contractor from Augusta, Georgia, with removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 793(e).

Now first, I saw people checked and found out she was a lefty. Did anybody really need to check to know that Reality Winning was a lefty? I bet she changed her name in November or December of 2012 or 2008. Just a hunch.

Second, Reality Winning? Seriously? You’re just fucking with me now. No. Reality Fucking Winning? Why not just name her, “Funn E. N. Endie” or “Let’s Fuck With Veeshir”?



1 down/a shitload to go!

The acting U.S. ambassador to China resigned on Monday to protest President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change accord.

Good riddance. Let’s get all the global warmmongers out of our gov’t.

I do find it hilarious that our ambassador to the biggest polluter on the planet, who has no obligations for decades under this particular Diet of Worms, is OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if the murderous commie dictators in China bribed him with Yen or good, old US dollars. Probably some hookers too. It’s not all the important, just curious.


Speaking of bribes, another in a long series.

Tesla would be able to quadruple its New York network of stores under a bill introduced in Albany, the company said Monday…

The state legislature, under pressure from a politically powerful car dealership group, passed a law in 2014 that limited Tesla’s in-state footprint to five stores.

See? They speak about pols being bribed, politically powerful in NY means Deep Pockets, to favor one group of business over another business and they don’t even highlight the corruption and the unbelievable overreach that is a legislature telling a business how many outlets they can open.

Is that legal? I mean, would it be legal if we still had a rule of law?

A Tesla executive said, “We plan to invest further in sales infrastructure in New York State.”

By “sales infrastructure” I can only assume he means some politicians.

Do you know what that means? Our..Your tax-dollars are going to bribing NY pols! There’s a symmetry there, but it’s very obamanian.


So we all saw the video of CNN setting up a protest. Now, they’re a Serious News Agency so they had to respond to Those Serious Allegations!

CNN International responded to the claims that they staged the protest, writing, “This is nonsense. Police let demonstrators through the cordon to show their signs. CNN along with other media simply filmed them doing so.”

Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

Seriously, the only people who would accept that jackassery are those who haven’t seen the video.

So now you have no excuse.

Well, you wouldn’t if this was a blog where people clicked things.


As we’re in the 5th gripping month of “We Hate President Trump” by our fine social, moral, political and intellectual betters, it’s a good thing there’s nothing important going on that we need to worry about!

Increasingly embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro threatened “war” Sunday afternoon with those who do not support his plans for a National Constituent Assembly, which will ditch the present Constitution without a popular vote…

saying Cuban Armed Revolutionary Forces (MINFAR) are sending “a small contingent of military doctors” to Venezuela. The size of the contingent is not specified, but Cuba is believed to have between 20,000 to 30,000 “cooperation workers” in the area of health, agriculture and competitive sports already in country, all of which have some degree of military training.

Castro used to send “cooperation workers” to Africa all the time. Russia used them as “plausible deniability” troops.

So it’s just a socialist getting help from a murderous commie so Venezuela will not get worse due to socialism! It’ll be communism! Obama’s attempt at undoing our work in the Cold War is showing results! And our fine media betters can’t be assed to notice it.

Cuz they’re hoping we’ll try Communism Right in America.


Speaking of which, imadenier shows us three things with his comment

cars in london being used for terror, a hammer used today in france to attack police… what about car control and hammer control …

His shift key obviously doesn’t work, he’s paying attention to lefties but doesn’t read the posts.

, and a ban on immediate vehicle rentals, requiring renters to wait two hours and for rental firms to run checks on them with the police.

Makes wonder if he’s one of the cobs who doesn’t want to post but does want to comment.

As imadenier (who I keep chauvenistically calling “he”) obviously knows, they don’t want terrorist control, they want people control.

I really do not get it. Stopping terrorist attacks does not seem to be a priority for EUnuchs, they keep doing stuff that encourages terrorist attacks, they also keep trying to get more control over their subjects and not doing what would stop terrorist attacks. The real hard stuff like walking around London looking for ISIS flags and recruiters or people carrying machetes and heads.


I’m not sure if this is related or not.

FBI agents and Department of Justice prosecutors raided a home possibly linked to former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin in Dearborn, Michigan last week.

The home on Jonathon Street is reportedly owned by a subsidiary of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs – an Abedin family business that employs Huma’s brother and sister. Huma had worked for the company in the past.

Agents only said that the raid was “a matter of national security,” and that Detroit FBI is working with agents on a case from “another state…

On the one hand, Huma hangs out with Hillary so she’s obviously very corrupt. On the other, she’s also a Friend of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So that could be either terror or corruption related. Although it would be pretty funny if it was both.


Comey refuses to answer questions from the Senate.

Former FBI director James Comey is formally refusing to answer questions submitted to him by a bipartisan group of senators, suggesting he no longer must do so as a private citizen.

…submitted to him by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley and the committee’s ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein after Comey’s final testimony as FBI director to the panel last month.

What the fucking fuck? Do private citizens get to tell the Senate to fuck off? To their faces I mean. That fucking lying sack of innuendo was the head of the FBI, if the fucking Senate has questions for him he has to fucking answer them.

I know, we don’t have a rule of law. I told you, I like to pretend we do.

Here are the questions.  I can see why he won’t answer them. This first one is surprisingly good (coming from the Senate!)

Did you discuss with anyone outside of the Justice Department any interactions you had
with President Trump or President Obama regarding either the investigations of Trump
associates’ alleged connections with Russia or the Clinton email investigation? (Yes, V)

If so, with whom did you discuss those interactions, ((Lynch and Obama V)

when (when Obama was POTUS V),

and why?  ( To get my instructions from Lynch to make sure that Hillary gets cleared and Obama to make sure I keep the Russia Hacked The Election lies going for as long as possible. V)


It wouldn’t take that long to answer all the questions, but if he did so truthfully it could get sticky, and indicted, while coming up with lies consistent with previous lies would be a pain in the ass.

So better for him to just tell the Senate for Fuck Off. While I applaud the sentiment, I deplore the reason.

This time.


I wonder what would happen if this happened here.

Ontario, Canada passed a law that allows government to intervene in family life if parents of children with gender identity issues don’t accept their kids’ “gender expression,” Lifesite News reports.
Bill 89 — also knows as The Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act of 2017 — was overwhelmingly passed in Ontario with a 63 to 23 vote.

If it did happen, I’d suggest any parents make sure they have a jury full of parents for their murder trial. Unless they’re in Berkeley. Then they’re boned.

But why would you be in Berkeley if you’re not into the whole, “My 5 year old is a black woman trapped in a white boy’s body!” thing?


Evergreen is staying evergreen!


Apparently, the situation at Evergreen has not improved.

Armed with baseball bats, students are channelling the radical ethos of Eighties pop combo Haysi Fantayzee.

Update 2:

And here’s a first-hand account of the Evergreen Gender Studies Massive in action:

Last Thursday, Nolan and his friends were accosted again by “the mob.” He was on his way to the bus to get dinner, and a group of about 20 people, one of them holding a bat, began following them. Many of the same characters from the first encounter were present at the second one. Nolan said it appeared like the group was waiting for him outside his dorm room, like they knew where he lived. “They were all a bunch of walking stereotypes,” he said. “It’s like Tumblr was attacking me.”

They’re all about the caring, you see.

Tolerant and mostly-peaceful!

The latest example to surface features Evergreen State “video and performance art” professor Naima Lowe castigating several (white) colleagues about supporting student activists and their “race-based equity reforms.”

“YOU are the motherfuckers that we’re pushing against! You can’t see your way outta your own ass!” Lowe yells at her peers.

“So don’t TALK to me about what YOU need.”

That’s a ‘professor’ talking to other ‘prof’s. I have to say, I appreciate all their efforts. It’s been mostly stupid and endy but Evergreen has a been a ray of hilarity.


I know this is a plea for attention, but what the hell.

Florentin Felix Morin, a French PhD student who studied at the University of Arizona in the spring 2017 semester,

So embarrasing

“For a while, if someone was asking me how I ‘identified,’ I would joke about being a hippopotamus trapped in a human’s body,” says Morin, a transgender man, “later, a human trapped in a hippopotamus’ body, until my humorous ‘truth’ solidified and I began announcing myself as an old butch hippo dyke trapped in a young human faggy transboy’s body.”

So…he’s open to fat chicks?

Morin is attempting to illuminate the concepts of identity, representation and what he calls the “system of obligations” that accompanies being transgender. Challenging the idea that “trans” is an “emancipatory term,” Morin asks, “Can its grip be loosened by the producing of other, maybe less realistic truths? A first view on my animal alter ego would be that it is an attempt to do so: an act of language, a verbal construction that I articulate in protest of a definition of myself as fully contained and explained by the framework of ‘transgender.’”

And that right there is a public service. I mean, I couldn’t have made fun of the whole transgender thing any better! Most of the doesn’t really make any sense, but I think that’s the point.

Bravo Hippo Dyke Dude!


As lefties are screeching about losing shoreline, here we see the truth!

A massive landslide that engulfed Central California’s Highway 1 has added 13 acres to the coastline.

Between that and the shoreline that hasn’t disappeared because it was all stupidity and lies, that makes like 50 trillion acres saved or created!
Are we good or what?

I’ve seen people making fun of this saying they need a space in there.

I’d say it’s dual use.


When I saw this article my first thought was, “aliceaitch!”

A naked yoga enthusiast is on the loose in Colorado, cops report.

And when I saw the picture?

That settled it.

We have Rule 30 for a reason.

  1. imadenier says:

    everyone wants to control someone else… i difficult to give a shiFt anymore…

  2. neal says:

    My Spirit Animal self identifies as a CPU in a self driving Tesla doing a drive by.
    KIT, with a badass pension.

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