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First, a little self-reference! The Day Before The Day After Obama I linked Cold Fury who linked Rush who said this

RUSH: This John Lewis business, Trump… I’m telling you, folks, the guy… They just can’t intimidate him, they can’t scare him, they can’t shut him up. He’s back tweeting about John Lewis. Now, you would think that after the press barrage of the last couple of days their effort to shame Trump for, “How dare you attack this man who was beat up on the Pettus Bridge in Selma 50 years ago? How dare you attack him! How dare you?” Trying to shame Trump. “You attack John Lewis, civil rights icon?” So Trump tweets out, “John Lewis lied. He said mine is the first inauguration he’s not gonna attend.

“He didn’t attend the George W. Bush inauguration. John Lewis lied.” Can you say the media is having a cow? My gosh, “Trump doubled down on it!” And the John Lewis office had put out a statement: Yes, that’s true. Congressman Lewis did boycott the inauguration of George W. Bush because he also didn’t think that election was legitimate. Trump was right. So this is the Trump pattern. Do something, the press has a cow, and Trump doubles down. He doubled down. And then, do you know he had a meeting yesterday with Martin Luther King’s son at Trump Tower?

And I wrote

The awesomeness that will hopefully be our future…

It’ll be very entertaining no matter what.

Just as entertaining as I’d hoped, just as pugnacious as I’d hoped and, just as  we all watched during the election and are still seeing, all the right people are still fighting him.

Speaking of which, I wuz wrong in that post

Speaking of Megs, is she working yet? I can’t find anything online about it. Once she’s at NBC, I do look forward to lefties’ about-face on her being Eva Braun.

I also look forward to her daily OUTRAGES!!!!!! about Trump, NBC probably has that in the contract.

While she tried the daily OUTRAGES!!!!! about Trump and whatever lie minitrue whopped up and while she’s not Eva Braun anymore, she’s mostly being ignored because she’s not useful anymore as a Foxnews Personality Who Hates Trump. Now she’s just another Never Trumper but she doesn’t have the required Leftist Toleration and Mostly-Peace that’s required. I should have seen that coming, I just keep expecting some sort of logic and consistency from lefties. I know, I’m embarrassed for myself.


Richard Fernandez, Wretchard of days gone by, writes,

Mark Leibovitch, chief national correspondent for the NYT Magazine recorded his impressions of Washington DC,  the town that melted down.  He paints a portrait of Sean Spicer trying to survive “in the shadow of a capricious force”.  He sketches John McCain, in a permanent funk “traveling the globe to the point of weariness, seemingly on a personal mission to reassure allies unnerved by Trump.” He describes the institutional Republicans walking around looking “as if they were bracing for a chandelier to drop on their heads”.  Most compelling of all are cameos of the bit players: the staff members, lobbyists, newspeople, policy wonks in permanent agitation, seeking almost religious consolation in the “old-normal rituals” of a world gone by — like the Congressional baseball game — only to see them turned into a shootfest by a Bernie groupie…

So-called change elections came and went — Obama in 2008, Tea Partyers in 2010 — but nothing seemed to change, except that the people involved seemed to grow richer. Washington kept celebrating itself while the rest of the country became more and more disgusted. The book’s original subtitle, ‘The Way It Works in Suck-Up City,’ reflected a city of norms, fixed positions and predictable guidelines. This was a static system, and you could always figure out how to game it if you stuck around or paid someone who did. This was the Swamp that Trump had promised to drain.”(emphasis me, V)

And for that, he must be opposed, reviled, lie about and fakenewsed at. It’s just axiomatic. RTWT, it’s worth it.

Wretchard is another guy like David Thompson who analyzes what’s going on without letting their preconceptions color what they write.  I also lose and find him again a year or 3 later and realize I should stop losing his links.

In my defense, I don’t ‘upgrade’ computers so much as get a new one when the last one goes belly up so I lose the stuff on that previous computer. That’s why I clicked a PJ Media link from Instapundit, something I’ve learned to not do as the articles are just glomming onto the puppy blender’s readers and rarely match the headline, or they’re just lame link bait, like the one about The Best 4th Of July movies that had Independence Day and didn’t have The Devil’s Disciple with Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Sir Laurence Olivier.

Which movie is finally available on DVD, get it, you’ll enjoy it. Next to 1776 it’s probably the most accurate depiction of Revolution-era Americans you’ll see in film. I don’t like Olivier’s Burgoyne though. He’s far too much a typical lefty “cynic”. Which isn’t really a cynic, it’s more of a smug, disdainful, superior jackass who puts others down for trying to do their jobs but doesn’t offer any useful suggestions for how to better proceed. All his failings are someone else’s fault.


Ranged on our side? The Conservative Elite!!!!!!!!!, which, like every other of today’s elite, are elite in their minds only.

The rise of Donald Trump not only highlights the fecklessness of the political class but also the blindness of the conservative intellectual elite…

As statesmen deploy their judgment in order to secure the interests of the people, men of thought should be able to provide them a solid and accurate account of present realities and possibilities for the future. As Lincoln stated in the opening of the “House Divided Speech”: “If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could better judge what to do, and how to do it.”

See, our Elite!!!!! do not accept current reality and distort the past so they cannot be ‘men of thought able to provide a solid and accurate account of present realities’, they’re too busy trying to keep their power, prestige and income derived from graft.


Speaking of our Elite!!!!!!!!! denying reality:  Free Speech!!!!! and the suppression thereof.

The University of California, Berkeley’s decision to block another conservative lecture, this time featuring popular author Ben Shapiro, rightfully sparked a fresh round of disgust among free speech advocates on Wednesday…

During a Senate hearing last month, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, criticized the school in his remarks decrying the state of free speech in higher education. In response, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., ardently defended her state’s flagship university.

“I know of no effort at Berkeley, at the University of California, to stifle student efforts to speech,” she said at the time, continuing, “And if there is a specific effort, I would certainly appreciate it if people brought that to my attention.” (emphasis me again, V)

I guess she doesn’t have a tv.

Which leads to this.

Over the last week or two I keep seeing more graphics that say something like “A Fascist (or homophobe or islamophobe or…) is someone who wins an argument with a liberal

That was the before, we’re in the Now.

Attempts to argue are macroaggressions and not to be tolerated by the forces of Tolerance and Mostly-Peace.


I like Legal Insurrection, but really, pay attention!

Six months into Trump’s presidency and Congressional Republicans have fumbled the Obamacare repeal ball four times (by my count).

Saying they “fumbled” it is like saying the 1919 White Sox had a bad couple of games in the Series.

McConnell is part of the problem, he’s stifling a solution. It’s not all that hard to figure out. All he has is 

and all he tries to do is get someone like Trey Gowdy to throw fish at my face.

So what the heck is going on?

No one seems to know exactly, not even Senate Republicans.

Seriously? Anybody paying attention knows that’s going on. 

Regardless, watching the Republican health care reform novella unfold makes it hard to understand why Senate GOP leadership hasn’t attempted getting everyone in the same room to hash out what’s possible for passage.

Barring a few like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, they don’t want to pass anything except ‘fixes’ for Obamadebaclecare.

Related, Stephen Greene links the WSJ because I can’t.

The House bill isn’t perfect—no bill ever is—but it amounts to the biggest entitlement reform in history. It repeals crushing taxes. It dramatically cuts spending. And it begins the process of stabilizing the individual health-care market and expanding consumer freedom.

None of this is good enough for a handful of senators, so now it’s time to make this exercise all about them. Mr. McConnell should make clear that the overwhelming majority of the Republican Party stands ready to make good on its repeal-and-replace campaign promise—and that it would have done so already were it not for a cynical or egotistic few. It’s time for some very public accountability.

That rests in Mr. McConnell giving his caucus a drop-dead date to broker a compromise, after which he will proceed to bring up the House bill. And any Republican who votes against moving forward, “a motion to proceed,” will forever be known as the Republican who saved ObamaCare.

Again, McConnell is part of the problem, he’s one of the Few. Never was so much taken from so many by so few. In America at least, that’s what commie nations do.

Ignore his commentary or at least read it as “GOP  and the Democrats could agree on almost any “reform” bill, so long as it brought more money and power to Washington“/

I’m not sure if he’s trolling for hits on the comment section or is just a little too Elite for me, but he writes some epically stupid things there. Like saying that the reason Russia doesn’t have a working carrier is because of poverty and geography instead of the fact that merely building a carrier does not mean you can use it, just ask France.

You need to study the science of how to make complicated ships work. That’s not easy. I forget the name, but it’s something like ‘systemology’ or something. Britain, America, Germany and Japan know this, it’s a requirement for a powerful navy. Hell, even a battleship is much more than just a big chunk of iron with huge guns on it. It’s a system that has to work together.




CNN: The Most Trusted Name In Fakenews!ff

And his 991 tweets spawned a sea of liberal tears spiced with a boatload of butthurt.

As for the “0 pieces of major legislation”, he needs the GOP to give him some major legislation to sign, they’ve been fighting him harder than the Dems. The Dems actually haven’t been fighting at all, they don’t have to as there’s only a few GOP Congresscritters who want to fight them.


Speaking of Butthurt Republicans, via Paco, the butthurt from this would be awesome in its epicness.

The news that Southern-fried rock/rapper Kid Rock will be running for some timeserving Dem hack’s Senate seat in Michigan should make every normal American smile and spill a 40 to his homies. The future Senator Rock deserves your eager support for two critical reasons: First, it will drive the liberals insane. Second, it will make George Will and the rest of Team Fredocon soil themselves.

Eggs Fucking Xactly! Hell, Boehner might even cry for us. I miss him for that. Ryan surely isn’t any more interested in doing what he’s been elected to do but the spectacle of the Majority Leader of the US House of Representatives crying on the floor of Congress is just too illustrative of exactly how badly we are being represented by our representatives.

I don’t like Kid Rock’s music, but I like him cuz he’s a good guy and he’s on America’s side. Which is rare in music these days.


Aw shit, Trump is fucking up Syria.


No, no, no, no. No. Syria needs more arms. Shake up that bucket of scorpions and keep Iran and the House of Saud fighting there.

Although… I could be convinced that it’s to get them to focus on the Arabian peninsula so the nukular war is there, Iran and Pakistan while leaving the eastern Med mostly nuke-free. Maybe Mattis and Tillerson are the ones who changed the policy.

But I’m still in favor of More Small Arms To Moderate Jihadis In Syria!!!! to keep those scorpions savaging each other.

Some of the above links are my cruising or from Larwyn’s Lynx, that’s my second favorite lynx.


Societal collapse looks like this

Police and prosecutors say little can be done legally after the revelation that a group of teens filmed the dying moments of a 32-year-old disabled man last week, with the teens mocking, cursing and laughing while the man drowned in a fenced-off pond.

Nobody has empathy anymore. Solipsism is on the rise.


This seems like a good idea but I’ve gotta say, I think it’s very, very, very, very bad.

Three Rivers ISD administrators are going shopping for a paddle.

As part of a new policy approved by the board Tuesday, the paddle, likely to be wood, will be used to administer corporal punishment when a student misbehaves at school…

Three Rivers Independent School District trustees voted 6-0 on the motion, with one trustee absent. The policy states only a campus’ behavior coordinator or principal can administer the disciplinary measure at their discretion. Three Rivers ISD students, whose parents have provided written and verbal consent, will receive one paddling for his or her infraction when they misbehave at school.

Some of the parents who provide consent will be good parents whose kids probably won’t need much if any paddling. They already get it at home.

I’d bet quite a few are parents who’ve raised insolent, disrespectful snowflakes like the ones above how thought it was funny to watch someone die and are trying to outsource parenting.

And I’d also bet that many of the ones who give consent will decide that their precious snowflake did not deserve the paddling and/or hit too hard so we’ll see lawsuit after tearful article about how horrible the teacher and the school are.

But at least they’re trying.


Although… I’d say societal collapse can look like this too.

Plumbers have rights too you know.


  1. Paco says:

    Quite right. The Devil’s Disciple should be on that list.

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