Let’s Pretend!

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Seriously, reading the news anymore is basically an exercise in figuring out the real deal despite everything our fine betters can do to obfuscate the issue.


News From Long Ago! Our betters pretend that people against illegal immigration are anti-immigrant!

We’ve been watching this since before 2008 when Bush sent his peeps out to call us racist haters for wanting to enforce our laws.


All of our Elite seem to think that communism, whether done ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is a better system than freedom and capitalism in spite of all the proofs that capitalism is far superior for humans in general. The problem is that freedom does not allow for a ruling elite to be in charge of the dim (us).

In order to do that, they have to ignore whenever socialism/communism fucks everything up.

Case in point: Venezuela.

Venezuela’s president held a sham election on July 30 that created an assembly out of his own supporters, to bypass that country’s elected representatives and rewrite the constitution.

But, inexcusably, the broadcast networks seem to be going out of their way to avoid reporting on this glaring example of how socialism inevitably turns out, if it’s allowed to continue unchecked.

Can’t let the hoi polloi learn the wrong (right) lesson.

We do have to remember one thing about murderous commie dictatorships.

Venezuela is the third-largest supplier of oil to the United States, and is now poised to become a resource-rich totalitarian regime, unnervingly close to the United States.

Yeah, see, without an empire to loot communism always makes a country weaker than a free nation. Venezuela is poor and starving and they are going to have a problem realizing any power from those resources.

Even worse, the brief failed to mention any of the rampant poverty, brutal crackdowns or any other regime abuses.

They screwed over oil companies by “nationalizing” shit and now they have a shortage of their own product.

Oil ticks stay powerful because they let westerners pump their oil and pay them for it, they know they can’t piss off BP, Shell or Exxon/Mobil or they’ll lose their income. Commies don’t realize that, they seem to believe the propaganda of our fine media betters.

Another case in point: Cuba!


So predictable: Yahoo News declares Castro ration book a “symbol of equality”

For some values of “equality”, those that mean the proles are equally fucked and the ruling classes are equally protected from the ravages communism wreaks on commie nations.

The myth of “equality” is one of the biggest lies promoted by the Castro regime.  Cubans are only equal in their misery and slavery…

I’d say that lie is promoted by our fine betters, the Castros just use the weapons they’re given.

 It says that the ration book gives Cubans all that they need to survive at a “discount.”

WRONG. The food allocations in the ration book are not enough to survive. Everyone has to scramble to get more, and there has always been a thriving black market. Plus, there is no “discount.” The Castro regime sets prices artificially, with no connection to supply and demand.

I have some lefty friends who live in Boston, they always claim price-controls are “fair” but when I ask them about price-controls on housing they swell up and declare those price controls don’t work. They often look thoughtful for a minute but the next day, they’re back on the Big Pharma must be made to offer their goods at a ‘fair’ price and refuse to accept that shit stifles innovation.

In 1963, Cuba started feeling the pinch from the US sanctions imposed after the revolutionary new regime confiscated US property on the island as part of its sweeping reform program.

As shortages set in, the revolutionary leaders launched a program to supply food to every home on the island: the “libreta” was born.

Since then, every household has received a basic package of food each month for a fraction of its actual market value. The Cuban government spends a billion of dollars every year providing this lifeline to its 11.2 million people….

A Benevolent Gov’t That Sees To The Needs Of Its People or a murderous commie dictatorship, 6 of one, half a dozen dead peasants of the other.

Motherfuckers whose very existence is made possible by freedom defending a murderous commie dictatorship really pisses me off.


Speaking of commie govt’s, NY!

Instead, the deputies produced an official document demanding that Hall, a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran who is a retired pipefitter, turn over his guns to them on the spot. On the document Hall said he was described as “mentally defective.”

When Hall told police he’d never had any mental issues, Hall said, deputies told him he must have done something that triggered the order under the New York state’s SAFE Act.

Guilty until proven innocent entered our legal system so slowly nobody noticed it.

The deputies left that night with six guns – two handguns and four long guns.

At one point, he was told he’d have to get some of his guns back from a gun shop.

Eventually, his lawyer convinced a judge that authorities had him confused with someone else who had sought care and that his weapons should never have been seized…


“I was guilty until I could prove myself innocent,” Hall said. “They don’t tell you why or what you supposedly did. It was just a bad screw-up.”

Well, except for the people whose shit is taken even though they haven’t been convicted of a crime. They see it perfectly.

That’s why I left NY, I wouldn’t have let them steal my property. And since the media in NY is all in on that shit, all anybody would read about would be some crazed right-winger militia-member who attacked cops.


As we’ve seen in Sweden, they don’t ‘report’ crimes that make them look bad, Chicago lies about bad stuff.

After years of Rahm bragging about CTA crime being down, “suddenly” it’s up:
More than 90 percent of the serious crimes reported on CTA L trains and buses and at stations in Chicago go unsolved.

Serious crime overall on the CTA in the city went up 16 percent last year — mostly thefts of cellphones and other items.

And the CTA doesn’t keep statistics on crimes that take place in the suburbs aboard its buses or trains or at stations.

And our fine media betters are all in on that shit, they need to lie or else Teh Peepul will not realize how superior Dem rule is!


Semi-related, the commies in CA are hoist on their own retard!

In a 6-1 ruling last week written by Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, the California Supreme Court decided that federal rail law does not usurp California’s tough environmental regulation for state-owned rail projects.

The decision has broad significance, lawyers in the case said.

It clears the way for opponents of the $64-billion bullet train to file more lawsuits as construction proceeds and also allows Californians to challenge other rail uses, such as the movement of crude oil from fracking.

What most people refuse to realize is that Environmental Lawyers are not about the environment, like Al Gore they use it as a pose to make money. Gleefully helped by useful idiots. One thing makes me laugh

The state is so swamped by progressive regulations that even progressive dream projects are choking on them.

No not that CA’s bullet train is years behind schedule and $billions over budget before it even starts, but that people are surprised. Did nobody watch all the graft in Boston’s Big Dig? That was the most useless huge project ever. Sure, it moved traffic underground, but they didn’t increase the size of the roads. So now all it means is that people are stuck in a tunnel with thousands of their closest friends, breathing exhaust fumes in Boston traffic.


Let’s leave commies and head to a fascist regime whose pieties are dangerous to their subjects.

 Sanctuary City Leaders Silent After Homeless Illegal Alien Rapes Woman in Pricey Portland Neighborhood.

You don’t want rapists in your city? What are you, some kind of racist hater?


The Most Hated Name In News! Matt Drudge!

Drudge nails it: John McCain is face of ‘corruption’…

In a tweet that quickly amassed 5,500 or so likes, and near 2,800 retweets, Drudge simply wrote: “Corruption has so many faces …”

The message was atop a photo of a McCain campaign photo that included the senator’s face and this text: “John McCain: Leading the fight to stop Obamacare.”…

He did it because, post-brain cancer diagnosis, he has nothing to lose. His political career is nearing its end, he’s made his money, he’s secured his family’s financial future.

He did it, bluntly, because he hates Trump more than he loves the American people.

One quibble, Trump hated Bush too, he’s just a bitter old fuck who, like Hillary Clinton, will never be president and for that we can never be forgiven.

HeyZeus thought it was fun to vote against that asshole, if he didn’t keep winning it would be. But since he keeps winning elections it’s nearly as frustrating as convincing AT&T or Comcast they made a mistake. The difference is that I can tell AT&T and Comcast to fuck off, no such luck with that fuckhead.


Nother quibble

Paul, a Republican, told reporters that Trump was considering taking some form of executive action to address problems with the healthcare system after the Senate failed last week to pass a measure to reform the system…

Add a rider that says McCain has to receive treatment at the VA in Phoenix and that would be perfect. Fuck that asshole the way he fucks us.


Nother thing we’re not supposed to know, Global Warmmongers Lie. It’s what they do.

Australian scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) ordered a review of temperature recording instruments after the government agency was caught tampering with temperature logs in several locations.

Just an honest mistake!

Agency officials admit that the problem with instruments recording low temperatures likely happened in several locations throughout Australia, but they refuse to admit to manipulating temperature readings…

“The bureau’s quality ­control system, designed to filter out spurious low or high values was set at minus 10 minimum for Goulburn which is why the record automatically adjusted,”

You know, like the thousands of other Honest Mistakes that all seem to prove that Global Worming is Going To Kill Us All!

Gaia doesn’t seem to realize how much they care.


Let’s take a break from fuckheads screwing and enslaving for some Notes On The Revolution!

Here we see some people who just don’t get it that losing freedom is all about Being Free!

Women shouted slogans, chanting, “Do not mess with my clothes, my shorts, my life” and “Women are powerful together.” …

The protest came after Çağla Köse, a 24-year-old designer, was subjected to verbal abuse by a security guard at the Maçka Democracy Park in the Şişli district on July 29.

Köse told daily Hürriyet that when she went to the park’s toilet at around 5 p.m., the park’s security chief, identified only as Savaş İ., told her, “You cannot wander around this way, you are disturbing people. There are families here.”

“I was in shock all of a sudden. I did not know what to say. I told him, ‘My clothes are none of your business, why are you looking?’ Afterwards, a man, whom I did not know, came and got involved in the argument with the security. He said, ‘Don’t mess with the girl, it is none of your business,’ to which the security personnel responded by saying, ‘In the event of a rape, you say who is going to protect [them],’” she added.

Yeah bitch, stop asking for it!

What confuses me is that I’ve been told that the Islamic Body Sack is all about Empowerment For Wymyns!, why don’t these Muslim women understand that Sharia is about Freedom and Empowerment? It’s like they don’t understand Islam!?!?!? They must hate feminism! I blame it on Trump’s divisive rhetoric!


The Lying Liars Who Fakenews are seeing the Fruits of their Labors!

Jake Tapper and CNN were humiliated at Politicon 2017 when they couldn’t bring out a big crowd even by offering free food and free books.

An earlier CNN panel had around 8 people sitting at tables, as captured by journalist Mike Cernovich.

I’m sure if they are forced to acknowledge this, they’ll blame it on the Divisive Rhetoric Of Trump and Hate!

Meanwhile Charlie Kirk, Ann Coulter, and Tomi Lahren drew massive crowds.

See? Only Haters would prefer those hate-mongers to our simon-pure media betters!


Anybody who’s ever worked in a restaurant should see the hilarity in this.

She argued that restaurant servers should not have to rely on tips to earn a living wage.

I used to get at least 25% in tips, hell when I was in Boston I usually got at least 30%, I was a darn good waiter. In the North End in Boston I used to make around $400/weekend. That was 20 years ago.

Here’s the funny part

said she’s heard many “horror stories” of sexual harassment from her fellow restaurant workers who keep quiet over fear of losing their jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying what happens in restaurants doesn’t meet the definition of “sexual harassment”, I’m saying that the women sexually harass the men at least as much as the opposite. I’ve heard some of the most sexually suggestive things ever working a Ground Round in Colonie, NY where there were 3 male serves and a dozen or more women. We even joked about it being sexual harassment. Before we went out drinking after work and groped each other.

Our best “wheel man” (the guy who coordinates the cooks to get the food out at the right time) was married but he loved looking at the hot, college girls who worked there. There was one in particular he lusted for. Whenever she walked through the pick-up area he would say, “Going down on a full rack!” and then have to tell the guy on the grill not to cook that rack of ribs. I finally told her she should show him her tits, so one day after the lunch rush when most of the cooks were outside smoking, she’d already undone her bra and opened her shirt and bared her breasts to him. It was hilarious. I bet he still beats off to that.

Here’s where they give away the game

“This isn’t just a fight for 15. It’s always been about 15 and a union. We’re not going to stop at 15. We are going to keep going until every worker has the ability to form a union and bargain for their own future,”

Make everyone be in a union! Dem donations are down, they need the collectively bargained union dues to get the money they’re due!


The worst part about this story is now I have to figure out what Proctor and Gamble makes anymore.

Ad Dealing With Racism Proctor And Gamble Paints Black People As Victims, Need To Fear Police

Good luck with alienating most of America! It’s an odd market-strategy but I wish them luck! Bad luck, but still…


James P. Hogan wrote and excellent book about AI, Two Faces of Tomorrow, where they were worried about an AI going crazy and killing us all. To test it they used an orbital facility with manufacturing and living spaces that was supposed to be just like living on Earth.

In order to test the AI, they ‘attacked’ it by turning it off and then back on while letting it know they were doing it. They figured if it went sentient and tried to attack, they’d make sure it didn’t happen on the Earth.

Facebook really needs to read that book.

Facebook Shuts Down AI System After It Continued To Communicate In A Language Humans Can’t Understand

They’re just pissing it off now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against it, SMOD is refusing to get off its asteroid so this is a good plan B.


I’m pretty surprised how many people cannot drive a stick-shift. It seems to me that more men than women do not know how to do it.

Kidnapped by three men who threatened to rape and kill her, student Jordan Dinsmore recalled advice from her mother.
That advice – and Dinsmore’s ability to drive a car with a manual gearbox – may have saved the 20-year-old’s life:…

They forced her back into her car, but not before struggling with the door locks and realizing the car had a stick shift that none of them could operate, she said.

Tired of the delay, one fled on foot, Dinsmore said. The other two, including one with a gray handgun, forced Dinsmore into the driver’s seat and told her to drive them to a nearby ATM…

She rolled her car through the intersection, ignoring orders to pull over, throwing the car in neutral and jumping out at roughly 35 miles an hour.

Heh. Although my plan when I was driving a taxi was to floor it. Get up to 100+ in my Crown Vic until the cops pulled me over or the guy gave me his gun. That was Plan B, Plan A was a Sig SC250 in .45ACP. It goes BOOM!


A few of the above came from Doug Ross’ site. The rest were just what I saw tubin’.

  1. Paco says:

    So predictable: Yahoo News declares Castro ration book a “symbol of equality”.

    Sweet! Where’s my ration book for a Ferrari and a Malibu beach house?

  2. Veeshir says:

    Great! We’ll put you on the waiting list. You should get your rations in about…..uhhhhhh……don’t call us. We’ll call you.

  3. imadenier says:

    … some are more equal than others…

  4. HayZeus says:

    HeyZeus thought it was fun to vote against that asshole

    Not gonna lie, having the opportunity to vote against McVain is all about washing the taste of ’08 out of my mouth.

    On a side note, it’s still amazing how quickly Flake went Native once he hit the Swamp.

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