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Blogging has become so repetitive. We’ve been watching what our betters deny is happening for so long it’s not even fun anymore.

Important, Above Most Of The Post, Related!!!, Update!!!!
I couldn’t find where I found Kristolnacht, but I did via a ‘related’ post that showed up below after I posted!

Wes S.

Well, at least we now have a name for the upcoming McCanian/Grahamian/Rovian purge of conservatives, libertarians and Tea Partiers from the GOP: “Kristolnacht.”

Now back to our post, already in progress!

Sometimes blogging feels like this

Lately it feels more like this as I’m looking for Republican principles.

Speaking of assholes and elephants, T. Codding Van Vorhees VII has been busy!

February: Kristolnacht!

Bill Kristol
Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.

More February: The people are revolting!!! They smell too!

Weekly Standard editor-at-large Bill Kristol said Tuesday afternoon that the white working class should be replaced by immigrants as they have become “decadent, lazy” and “spoiled.”

“Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in?”

Yesterday’s exciting installment really cracks me up, it’s the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party line so succinctly put that even Iowahawk would have a hard time doing it better.

Two days after the 2016 election, we had this to say about Donald Trump’s stunning victory:

We opposed him early and often, and we didn’t think he’d win. We lamented his ignorance, criticized his crudity, and catalogued his untruthfulness. We were troubled by his foreign policy noninterventionism, his antitrade demagoguery, by his lack of discipline and judgment, and also by the likelihood that he would disappoint far too many of his enthusiastic followers, especially those whose policy views we shared.

“We don’t regret having fully aired all of our many differences. Our concerns about his character and some of his policies don’t disappear because he won an election.

Electing him was a failure, he’s a doody head but we’re going to Defend Him!!!!! against the legitimate and true attacks that he totally deserves!!!! Cuz he sucks!!!!!!!!!

First unpalatable truth and first lie, cuz they think we’re stupid

But he did win an election.
The Republican majority in Congress was sustained, arguably because of, rather than despite, his efforts (Veeshir Vact Check: True!). And more than all of that, he is the president-elect—he is America’s president-elect. We want him to succeed. (Veeshir Vact Check: False!)”

Next we have the explanation for how they hate him and he’s a doody-head

In just the past two weeks, Trump only reluctantly signed a Russia sanctions bill that passed overwhelmingly in both houses of Congress (98-2 in the Senate, 419-3 in the House).

Still fucking that Russia Preferred Trump To An Easily And Often Bribed Clinton!!!! and Trump Likes Russia!!!!!!!! chicken.

How do you know it was “reluctant”? They were probably expecting Nikki Haley to be fired after talking mean to Russia in her first speech at the UN. When she wasn’t, they promptly pretended it didn’t happen. Cuz Trump is Colluding With Russia!!!!!!

He tweeted a policy reversal on transgender individuals serving in the U.S. military that neither the Joint Chiefs of Staff nor the secretary of defense knew was coming.

Reversing a long-held Conservative Position!!!!!!!!!!!!, or at least, one that the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party espouses. I’m sure the Sec Def and Joint Chiefs were devastated! They had their dresses picked out for the Marine Corps Ball!

He allowed his communications director falsely to accuse his chief of staff of committing a felony by supposedly leaking a document that was already officially public—and then, after the fallout consumed his administration, dismissed them both.

Is leaking a felony? I mean, when it hurts Trump or a Republican of course. As for “allowing”, he fired the idiot for saying stupid things. They could bash him for hiring that guy,  but for firing him? As for ‘fallout consuming’ something, it was the media who were consumed, cuz they, and the Weekly Standard, have to ignore good things Trump did, but they’re against what he’s doing so…………. CHAOS!!!!!

 He repeatedly attacked his attorney general for his necessary decision to recuse himself from the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Yeah see, not all of us agree it was “necessary” and most of Trump’s supporters were pissed off at that. But we can be ignored, cuz we’re not smart and they know better.

He gave a highly inappropriate speech to 40,000 boys participating in the Boy Scouts’ 20th National Jamboree—a speech for which the organization felt compelled to apologize.

He’s the only person in the world not allowed to give a political speech at a non-political event. Even though the scouts and their scout masters were into it, the nation organization is a member in good standing of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party so they had to do that or be lumped with, HORRORS!!!!!!, Trump-supporters!

 He followed that up with a speech to law enforcement officials in which he suggested it was okay to rough up accused criminals.

He told a Seinfeld joke, he didn’t suggest that his supporters bring a gun to a knife fight or punch back twice as hard, he made a joke that he’d stolen from Seinfeld. And that got the Weekly Standard/NRO’s panties in a twist. Or boxers, I’m not going assume their gender-bending Rodriguez!

My Favorite!

Despite majorities in both houses of Congress, his policy agenda is at a standstill.

That’s because, like the Weekly Standard, they’ve been fighting Trump since before his inauguration.

Which leads us to the question, who is this the target of this back-stabbingly good article? I figure it’s affirmation for the We’re Better And Smarter Than You set with a soupçon of condescending education for the yokels.

More Kristolnacht!

“Never Trump” may be getting a facelift for 2020.

Bill Kristol, editor-at-large of the Weekly Standard, said he has initiated informal talks about creating a “Committee Not to Renominate the President.”

“We need to take one shot at liberating the Republican Party from Trump, and conservatism from Trumpism,” Kristol told the New York Times.

I’d say it’s a shot at liberating the Republican party from its voters and conservatism, but then, I’m not Smarter And Better Than You, I’m just an idiot who’s been watching this shit for two decades and writing about it for most of a decade.

Here’s Trump Not Acting Presidential!!!!

US National Security Adviser Gen H.R. McMaster said on Saturday that President Donald Trump wants Pakistan to change its ‘paradoxical’ policy of supporting the militants who are causing the country great losses.

As we all know from 8 years of the Weekly Standard loving on Obama’s creases, a True President doesn’t rock the boat! A True President knows that hateful rhetoric makes murderous Islamic terrorists mad!!!! If you suck their dicks, they’ll blow you up last!

Mr McMaster also defended President Trump’s strategy on winning the war in Afghanistan by giving unrestricted powers to the US military based in the war-torn country.

You see, getting rid of ridiculous Rules of Engagement where they can’t kill terrorists unless they catch them actually in the act of blowing themselves up is totally Un-Presidential!

I mean, winning wars, even ones we won long ago, is just so immodern! That sort of stuff implies borders and that some cultures are better than others!

Commenting on Mr Trump’s decision to win the Afghan war, Gen McMaster said: The president has said that, “He does not want to place restrictions on the military that undermine our ability to win battles in combat.”

“He has lifted those restrictions, and you’re beginning to see the payoff of that — as well.”

So how did our fine media betters characterize Trump’s assertion?

The US media reported earlier this week that in a July 19 meeting at the White House, President Trump berated his generals for not winning the war in Afghanistan and for allowing it to continue for more than 16 years.

See? Even Pakistani papers can see the Chaos!!!!! Trump causes!!!! Why can’t Trump stick to his agenda!!!! If only he would do what the media and the Weekly Standard want and he could be Presidential too!!! Just like the sharply-creased Obama!

Let’s look at real weakness on Russia and how Trump is so not presidential!!!!!

Amid the unrelenting media din accompanying the latest twist in the White House’s ongoing personnel struggles last week, BuzzFeed News managed to cause a minor stir by publishing an update on the circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of Mikhail Lesin, the former Putin advisor instrumental in cowing Russia’s lively media in the early 2000s. Lesin, who died in a Washington DC hotel room on November 5, 2015 of “blunt force injuries of the head,” was said to have fatally injured himself by falling after being “excessively” drunk for several days. The death was officially ruled an accident in October 2016. The BuzzFeed article updated the narrative: two FBI agents with some knowledge of the case seemed to suggest that Lesin had in fact been beaten, perhaps with a baseball bat; that he was in Washington to talk to the Feds, and was put up at his hotel by the Department of Justice; and, implicitly, that there had been some kind of cover-up by the Obama Administration.

It was not covered because it was a Conspiracy Theory!!!! (that could hurt Dems).

I will stick up for Obama on that, he’s a Chicago-machine politician, covering up baseball bat beatings as ‘suicide’ is just business as usual.

The whole thing is nothing new, recall, they literally drugged and shit on our diplomats, but Trump is not presidential and he’s weak on Russia!

Related to GOP-wing of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party, Sancho! My Horse!! My Armor!!!!  Windmill Tiltage!!!!!!!!!!!

A retired attorney in Virginia Beach is so incensed that Republicans couldn’t repeal the Affordable Care Act that he’s suing to get political donations back, accusing the GOP of fraud and racketeering.

Bob Heghmann, 70, filed a lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court, saying the national and Virginia Republican parties and some GOP leaders raised millions of dollars in campaign funds while knowing they weren’t going to be able to overturn the law also known as Obamacare.

Now that’s a class-action suit I could get behind! If I had given them any money since Bush sent his peeps out to call me a racist for wanting to enforce our laws I would try to get involved!!!

It would be hard to prove I’d supported those assholes though, I haven’t even rhetorically supported them since…… early in Bush’ second term.

Speaking of which, he should sue for a refund on his squeezy bulb too. Or at least wasted wear and tear.

An interesting take on Trump and the leak war our fine betters are waging against him, and us.

Trump is not a politician. OK? Readers get it. The news media does not…

Trump is going to war with the press over leaks with victory in hand.

Oh he is not winning on every front. The Senate is holding his political appointments hostage. Notice, he does not talk about that much. It’s called discipline. He knows they have him over a barrel called the Constitution…

That lends credence to the notion that Flynn worked with Trump to flush out the leakers by feeding them Fake News. Mission accomplished, Flynn left — amid a lot of noise. This was for show.

You underestimate Trump at your peril. He’s a huckster, but he’s a successful huckster and has been for decades. I’d take him in a game of 8-dimensional checkers over any US politician or member of our self-proclaimed, Elite!!!, cuz they’re nitwits who have not had to pay attention to reality or us for decades. You have to remember he’s been lying to and bribing these idiots for decades. He knows how they ‘think’.

Trump is doing the most important thing he was elected to do, fight back against the unelected fuckheads who have decided that we deserve no say in how we’re ruled. Cuz they’re better and smarter than we are.
They’ve declared war on us, we need to take sides.

He’s like Israel for me, his enemies are so despicable there isn’t a lot they can do that I won’t be For, and they both make me laugh my ass off.

Schaden is the only freude we can expect from politics, take it. Savor it. Rub your balls in it. If you don’t have any, identify as a man for a couple minutes, you’ll see how enjoyable rolling your balls in victory is! We weren’t called teabaggers for nothing!

Related! When Trump sticks to his agenda he wins – -and the media loses!

Ummmm, that’s why the media, and the Weekly Standard coup-crew, try to distract us from his agenda. But all they do is freak out over covfefe and get laughed at. Covfefe is still a punch line for the Elite set, for normal people too. It’s just that we’re laughing at, not with. Trump learned from Cheney, his job was to freak out lefties by saying utterly normal stuff in a way that sets them off. Trump didn’t have a Cheney, he has Pence.

Speaking of felons who work hard to harm America, the Obama Admin!

The American Center for Law and Justice filed a FOIA request for information surrounding the infamous 2016 Arizona “Tarmac Meeting” between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the ongoing Hillary Clinton investigation…

It appears Attorney General Loretta Lynch used an email alias in her communication to disguise her identity…

AG Eric Holder also used three aliases when he was Attorney General –SEE HERE-.  The discovery of an alias does open the possibility for FOIA requests into the DOJ for all email correspondence with “Elizabeth Carlisle” and might discover additional communication otherwise unidentified.

Yeah, we knew that shit. We also watched Hillary’s Bitches in the FBI not-investigate anything. The fix was in, until we see Sessions appoint special prosecutor Benito Giuliani, I’m not going to be impressed.

They won’t be prosecuted for all their high crimes and higher crimes, cuz they’re Better And Smarter!

China And Russia Approve Sanctions!!!!!! but also had some other stuff to say.

Liu alluded to those comments and said that the United States needs to take concrete steps to prove their sincerity. He took particular aim at American military exercises with South Korea and the deployment of a missile defense system that China fears could be used against their own weapons. “Beefing up a military deployment around the peninsula is not in the interests of realizing denuclearization of the peninsula and maintaining peace and stability,” he said.

As we saw the other day, China ignores sanctions so this is just a way to give our fine media betters a chance to say, “See? Even the murderous commie dictators totally equality-wanting leaders in China think Trump is crazy!

Notice they just casually mention, as if it’s a legitimate complaint, China’s whine about how a missile defense could be used against their weapons.

Whenever murderous, expansionist, dictators whine about defensive measures you know they’re planning invasion routes.

Since Trump is Hitler and our media only knows history from watching movies, with Dunkirk in the news perhaps our media betters could relate to this example.

Belgium did not allow Brits and French to build defenses against invasion because Herr Hitler totally reasonably found them “provocative”, and the rest is, as they say, down the memory hole! It was all due to Churchill’s bluster!

Related, perhaps all that 19th century bellicosity that led to two world wars is due to Baron Trump‘s horrible horribleness!!!!! (that’s via Paco)

I will say that I find it hilarious that the Puff Hos are talking about someone else freaking out over something stupid. Unless that’s a “Hey! That’s our schtick!!!!” thing.

Speaking of Hitler and invasions,

The Merkel government is apparently covering up the extent of the ongoing migrant influx ahead of the country’s general elections, a leaked police document published in German newspapers suggests.

According to the document, Germany’s Federal Police, the agency responsible for immigration and border controls, is observing “high number of immigrants” entering illegally into Germany along the country’s southern border with Austria. The Federal Police is urging the government to reinstated border controls to stem the flow of illegal migrants into the country, the document reveals.

We get to see how gullible Germans are.

You have to admit it’s sorta funny having a German chancellor inviting an invasion to give the invaders some lebensraum the Germans apparently don’t need.

Global Warmmongers are not just liars, they’re not very bright.

Climate change means increasing numbers of missing people are expected to be found among Europe’s melting peaks, it’s been claimed.

Global warming and its subsequent hotter-than-normal summers is seeing glaciers recede, opening the door to more discoveries of human remains, an expert has told Euronews.

They try a bunch of pseudo-science (or SCIENCE!!!!!) and selectively choosing which facts to publish to explain it, but it’s hard to hide that what’s happening is places that froze over in the past are un-freezing over.

Apparently, it’s UNPRECEDENTED!!!! that these places are unfrozen, and they prove it by pointing to people frozen there!

Okay, this has a chance to be incredibly, horrificially and murderously hilarious.

London council planners have told developers that a new block of flats must include a gay bar – and they will send inspectors to check it’s gay enough.

Tower Hamlets bosses will only let the site of closed gay bay the Joiners Arms be built on if the developers promise to include a pub that will ‘remain a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-focused venue for a minimum of 12 years’.

Gay enough. Years ago I laughed because there was a ruckus over a gay softball team in San Francisco deemed, ‘not gay enough’, but this one goes the extra step that makes it oh so much better. I wonder how they’ll measure gayness, will there be mandatory blow-jobs in the bathroom? Does the bartender have to lisp? Too bad Fred Phelps is dead, he could have helped them measure gayness. Is Anita Bryant dead?

So that part’s sorta funny, but here’s where it gets murderously hilarious

Tower Hamlets is an Islamic swamp…

three London schoolgirls flew to Istanbul, from where they travelled by road to Syria to join the Islamic State. British police have confirmed that at least 700 Britons have now joined the terrorist group as fighters. Over the past year alone, 22 British women, most under the age of 20, are believed to have travelled to Syria to become “jihadi brides.”

These three London schoolgirls, who lived in the borough of Tower Hamlets, were not the first from there to travel to Syria. They were not even the first Islamic State recruits from their school — nor, it seems, will they be the last.

In Australia they’re not allowing a synagogue cuz it’ll be a terror-magnet, in Akbar Britain they’re requiring building terror magnets right next to where the terrorists learn their trade.

Watching Akbar British officials attempt to ignore the explosions and their causes, We’ll Never Know Their Motives!!!!, will be infuriatingly hilarious.  Watching the media freak out over the Backlash Against The Muslims and attack Trump for noticing it wasn’t just a terrorist attack but a hate-crime will be banal and expected but still pretty funny. So long as you ignore the piles of dead people.

So... work accident, rivals who think they’re the wrong type of Muslim or Backlash Against The Muslims!!!!?

A blast caused by what the FBI called “an improvised explosive device” rocked a Bloomington Islamic center before dawn Saturday, just as a small group of Muslim worshipers had gathered for the day’s first round of prayers.

No one was hurt in the explosion, which heavily damaged an imam’s office at the Dar Al Farooq Center and sent smoke wafting through the large building. Windows in the office were shattered, either by the blast or by an object thrown through them.

It’ll be easy to figure out.

If it’s The Backlash Against Muslims, we’ll know all about it. In short order it’ll be the headline of every paper in the country for a week at least and leading every newscast for at least long.

If work accident or religious dispute it’ll disappear from the headlines in even shorter order. We would be confused about the exact motive, but know the actors. They’ll try to portray it as Backlash!!!!, but then facts will leak out and they’ll have to memory-hole it. Like the BernieBro/Democrat who shot up Republicans. It harms the narrative and doesn’t harm America.

Imagine how bad the headlines could be if he was a catcher instead of a pitcher!

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