Posted: November 8, 2017 by veeshir in PEBKAC, Random Crap

Thank you all for your kind words, it was a tough time.

So I’ve been yelling at the TV a lot lately so I figure I’ll yell at you people. Not sure if I’m back, but if I’m posting, I’m probably going to keep posting.
If I did this for money I’d feel much more obligated to keep posting all the time. That’s probably why I don’t try to make any money at it. I like blogging, if I had to do it I wouldn’t like it as much. No links today, just ruminations.

The reason I was getting burned out even before the week when Kago and my father died, it was the same shit we’ve been going on about for nearly a decade. That’s not the ‘editorial we’, the ‘rhetorical we’ or even the ‘royal we’, but the actual ‘collective we’. That includes the folks here and at pretty much every righty blog that’s not a member in good standing of the We’re Better and Smarter Than You Party (Hey Allah! you used to be so cool!)

At least more people are now noticing that Hillary and Obama are lawless, corrupt, possibly-treasonous scumbags. Minitrue is still denying it, but their stranglehold on information is getting more and more tenuous as their lies get more ridiculous. Like the edited koi fish incident. How childish, churlish and stupid do you have to be to try to manufacture something that stupid? CNN childish, churlish and stupid, that’s how.

A visual representation.

I am a little pissed off at the internet today, why do they always leave the low-hanging fruit for me?

A reworking of the old Sexual Assault rifle from years gone by.

Old and busted

New Hotness

Scary, huh?

The funniest/most annoying part is how they’re freaking out about how the murderously crazy gunman’s illegal acquired gun was an AR-15 without noting that the gun that took him out was also an AR-15. They also refuse to admit that the guy went to one of the few places in Texas that’s Gun-Free! (actual results often seem to vary), there’s a reason murderous assholes with guns go to gun free zones.

One thing, if anybody’s interested in an AR, my buddy knows a pawn shop owner and he’s bemoaning the fact that there’s a glut of ARs in his shop. During Obama’s POTUSy ARs were being sold at record rates, now people are selling them so there’s a shitload of them out there as some people unload them. The guy said if you see an AR on the wall for $700, offer half, you’ll probably get it. Start walking out to see how low they’ll go. I see tons of them on the local page, I wonder how many are selling.

What with all the murderous Dems going on killing sprees, I’m actually planning on carrying, I’ve rarely carried but the odds of a Dem killing me are just too high for me to ignore. I don’t own anything that’s really concealable, Even my Sig subcompact is a double-stack .45 so not very concealable in light, AZ clothing.

I’m starting to look for a Ruger LCP or LC9. My subcompact Sig is doublestack .45ACP and that’s harder to ‘conceal’ when you’re carrying, I like the shape and feel of the Ruger. I haven’t fired one, but I do trust Ruger to make a decent weapon,  even if it is a fucking poodle-shooter. I usually have something in my trunk, usually a 1911, but now I want something on my person. Sigh, it’s so 2017 that the people who want to take my guns are the one causing me to want to fucking carry.

WTF is going on in fucking VA? The Dem candidate called them racists and they still elected him? Was Gillespie that much of a fucking tool?

At least I escaped in a balloon during the Obama presidency.


So personal stuff.


I started my CNC classes last month. The last two weeks have really sucked. I had to take “Computer Essentials”. It was 8 days of ‘learning’ how to use the internet, email, gmail, google, google docs, Word and Excel. Also, how to find and use files on your computer. I did have some problems with Excel, but that was because I hate Excel more than Powerpoint, both are bureaucrats’ tools, but they didn’t make me ‘learn’ PPT.

One guy made the mistake of taking all the tests without doing the work. Sure, he got a 98% or so, but he was done in two days so the teachers gave him extra work. I did all the practice stuff and then took the tests and even going slow I was done with 2 days left. It sucked trying to look busy for two days. The only one I skipped was the “searching” module. I only spent 12 years at the Patent Office searching for prior art for patent applications, I sorta have a grasp on how to do a fucking search. I also used Word every single day of those 12 years.

Another class is Employability Skills For Industry. It teaches people not to pick their nose at job interviews and stuff like that.

The first one was useful for people who didn’t know computers at all,  about 1/3 of the class, that last one is useful for Millenials who don’t have any idea what the real world is like, without safe spaces and with people who expect you to be professional and do your job. I have a pretty good grasp on that stuff. I’m really looking forward to the second to last class that ‘teaches’ you how to interview and make a resume. That’s going to be one long week.

But in between, ahhh, the in between, I’ll be spending a few weeks learning to run a manual lathe, a few weeks on a manual drill press, a couple weeks on a surface grinder, 3 or 4 weeks on a CNC lathe, three or four weeks on a CNC drill press and a couple weeks on CAM systems. Since I have a degree so I know the math and have rudimentary skills on all the machines, the instructors told me they’re going to figure out stuff to challenge me. While they’re teaching basic algebra and trig to the rest of the class, I’ll be doing tutoring some of them but mostly doing other stuff, like more advanced CAM and a bunch of CAD, which I’m very rusty on. I have Autocad 14, from 1997 or so, I’m pretty sure they’ve updated it. They’re also expecting me to be much better on the machine tools as I already know the basics, I just need practice on using them. The CNC machines are all less than 2 years old, they’re still shiny. I get done in late August so in a year I should be working a decent job and looking for my compound in the desert.


I went to a wedding in NOVA last week. I flew in Friday evening, went to the wedding on Saturday in Clinton, VA and flew home on Sunday. It was busy. I was going to go to Landmark Mall and get them something crystal, like a sugar bowl and creamer set or something. My friend works near there and would pick me up on his way home, but I found out that Landmark Mall is closed!

So I went to a different mall with a Macy’s, but you have to order crystal at Macy’s and can pick it up when it comes in. Itshay!

So I strolled around the mall and found a place that looked like a thrift store for rich folks, they had a $3,000 dollar end table and stuff like that. I saw some nice tea sets. I picked out one for $250, it was right next to this gaudy one for $300. When the husband went to get the one I chose the woman told me about the ‘gaudy’ one, it was Versace. Real Versace she said. Since it was a reputable place, I believed her. She even showed me the watermark or whatever. I know selling fakes with the real name is really bad and this didn’t look like that kind of place. It had a tea pot, a sugar bowl, cream pitcher and six cups and saucers. When I realized it was Versace I figured, that’s not Chinese Restaurant gaudy, that’s Versace gaudy! So I got that one. I joked with the lady that I would say it I paid $700, she suggested I go higher. My friend and his wife gushed so much, and my friend berated for spending too much money so I checked to see what the deal was. I figured it probably cost like $500 or $600. The cup and saucer goes for $200, the tea pot for $600 or $700. I’m less sure it’s real but my friend checked and he said it looked real. I told him how much I spent, I didn’t want him thinking I’d spent $3k. He’s probably my best friend, but really, that’s just ridiculous.

The funny part is that if I had realized how much that should have cost I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I didn’t want to buy some show piece, I just wanted to buy a fucking tea set my Korean friend and his wife could use. Now they’re (she’s) looking for china cabinets to display the fucking thing. That’s messed up.


I still miss ‘Tard Dog. He wasn’t a good dog, but he was surely entertaining. A perfect 21st century dog. Mostly useless but fun to have around, so long as you didn’t mind him being a dickhead. It was funny watching people around him. After a while, everybody fucked with the puppy. I mean everybody. From people to dogs to cats. They soon realized that even though he looked like a cross between a bear and a wolf he was just Tard Dog, and then they realized he was a dickhead and messed with him. People would do stuff like give him an empty styrofoam take-out box just to see the disappointment as he stuck his nose in it. Or give a bone to another dog just to see the look on his face. Of course, he remembered that and usually had a response. He stayed in my buddy Warren’s RV a lot, he had his spots. When Warren slept on the couch, Kago had a spot on the floor, when Warren slept on the bed, Kago slept on the couch. One time, my buddy had a friend stay over after a night drinking, he slept on the couch. Warren said Kago kept sighing, he was good at sighing when pissed of. In the morning, the guy swung around and went to put on his shoes, When he put his feet on the floor near his shoes he found that Kago had shit next to the shoes. Squish. It’s hard to get pissed off when you’re laughing. That’s the only reason Kago lived so long. Another time Warren had some friends, a married couple, stay in the RV. Warren slept on the couch and they slept in the bedroom and closed the door. Kago’s spot was in the doorway.  So the second or third morning he slept against the door into the bedroom and refused to move. The guy was yelling and pushing at the door but Kago pretended he was asleep and wouldn’t let him open the door to get out. He didn’t move until Warren moved him.

There’s a reason he was called dickhead.

I didn’t realize until the last year or so, but I’m pretty sure he was a Belgian Shepard. Looking at pictures, you can see that he’s almost a perfect copy. He had a spotted tongue which I thought was because he was part Chow, but Belgians have spotted tongues as well. Reading up on Belgians I saw the quote, “Don’t try to impose your will on this dog!”, which fits Kago to a T. He was always trying to raise his standing and took my commands as suggestions. He listened perfectly…until he didn’t.

His full name was Kagogi the Destroyer. He really earned the last name. I still have the full line from the Kagogi signature collection. From hats to books to luggage. The shoes were generally destroyed, as well as some of the hats. I also had to buy more screened doors and window screens than I care to remember, and who can forget the door trim and door knob?

Not me, that’s who not.

My life is much easier, I don’t have to worry about Kago getting into everything, but much more boring.


  1. HayZeus says:

    WTF is going on in fucking VA? The Dem candidate called them racists and they still elected him? Was Gillespie that much of a fucking tool?

    Mollie Hemingway has a great article about VA that says it better than I could but that said, you lived here in the past so you should know that VA Republicans epitomize the milquetoast, RINO, Washington Generals wing of the Republican party and Gillespie was no exception, his big claim to fame being that he came closer to knocking off Mark Warner than anyone expected in a senate race a few years back. So yeah, he did about as well as expected (which is to say that he underperformed) though I, too, wondered if all of the Dem own-goals would change that any. The real interesting part to me was all the gains they made in the house–looks like the Ds haven’t let their Trump hatred blind them from the fact that they need to start clawing back some of those losses in State seats over the Obama years. Probably doesn’t hurt them any that RINOs gonna RINO either.

    Other than that, it really just brings home how completely we’ve become a Blue state, which really isn’t that surprising between the colonization from DC (of both legal and illegal varieties) and the steady influx of D-favorable voting policies, like say, granting clemency to >200k felons for purposes of restoring their voting rights.

    On another note, thanks for an update to the personal stuff. Totally makes sense that Kago was a shepherd as that level of crazy “energy” is a lot more normal for shepherds than more ordinary dogs. On the computer essentials, sounds like it pretty much sucked for you but speaking as an IT pro, I’d bet you’d be surprised at how many folks lack the most basic knowledge, even those fresh out of college. A lot of my job is politely telling my coworkers and superiors that, “ur doin it wrong!”

  2. The Neon Madman says:

    Good to see you back, man.

  3. imadenier says:

    i hope the drop in AR-15 prices hasn’t been too harmful to the value of your toybox…
    sorry about your dad and tard dog, it’s good to have you back…

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    Great to see you are still with us. I have noticed a number of conservative
    Bloggers have hung up their keyboards in the last several months. Burnout is
    a real problem with Bloggers. Soylent has been gone since early July, at least one
    blogger went tits up and several sites have not been updated in months.

    If you feel the pressure mounting, reduce your output if you have to because
    it’s better to have guys like you around. I do not want to see you go the way
    of Steamboat Magoo.

  5. veeshir says:

    Thanks all. It is nice to be back.

    It’s not pressure, it’s just that I could literally post something from 5 years ago and it would be be current as our fine betters can no longer hide all the shit they’ve been hiding for a decade.
    The Trump Effect is awesome. People are finally willing to speak up without worrying about our fine media betters viciously attacking us.

    • Leonard Jones says:

      The best line on the Trump effect was “Twitter is Trump’s LASER pointer and
      liberals are all cats.”

      I have always subscribed to dynamic models, even outside of economics. The
      radical left gave Richard Nixon two of the largest landslides in modern American
      history. The same hippies gave Ronald Reagan two massive landslides as
      governor and two more as president.

      pResident Obongo drove the country so far to the left, we could have elected
      Mickey Mouse if he ran as a Republican. The way Trump cut through the
      establishment RINO’s was a thing of beauty. We did not have elect a Disney
      character because Trump ran as a genuine conservative or at the very least
      a traditional Democrat. The fact that he says what means and means what
      he says is merely icing on the cake.

      It helped that the left went into a form of mass psychosis. That drove the
      electorate right into the Trump camp. The idea that the left was baying at
      the moon on the anniversary of his election was almost orgasmic! If they
      have no idea the role they played in creating Trump, they will never be
      able to defeat him. The more insane they become, the stronger he will

      I had reservations about Trump all the way up to the night of the election.
      One look at the communist lesbian in the Mao Jacket made my decision
      a lot easier. You know that you made the right choice when a president
      is causing the entire leftist establishment to shit double edge razor blades!

      • Veeshir says:

        I still have reservations about Trump, but I don’t regret voting for him.

        I do despair that he was the best choice.
        Of all those running, Walker was the only one I stll think would have been a better choice.

        That says something utterly funny and utterly endy about the state of politics in America.

  6. Allen says:

    I have one like your Kago. I named him Nikita after Khruschev just for the laughs. He’s an actual wolf. I said to my wife, jokingly I thought, that I wanted a wolf pup. Well she found a rescue critter and got him for me. Her only comment was, “You socialize him properly, or you have to put him down.” I’m telling ya that woman can be tough as shoe leather on occasion.

    What a handful he is, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I thought at first he was a Tard, but it’s just that wolves are so different. I laugh like hell when he thinks he’s going to sneak up on the horses.

    • Veeshir says:

      I bet the horses don’t think it’s funny.
      I used to have a roommate with a wolf. He was pretty cool, very dopey but you could see the wolf when he got outside.
      I’d like one in AZ, he’d keep the coyotes away for sure.
      And the fucking chihuahuas.

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