Nuttin Honey. It’s What For Blogfast!

Posted: November 18, 2017 by veeshir in Ask a Moron, Democratic morality, Exploding things, GOP Win!, Mideast Madness, Not So Funny End Of Civilization, PEBKAC

Seriously, the last three days I tubed my tube and found jack and shit to blog about, and jack was caught molesting some chiclets.

So today I tubed and this is what I got.

What’s going on in Zimbabwe?

Nobody seems too sure. But as best I can piece together (from articles such as this and this, for example), here’s the story.

Mugabe’s previous supporters have turned on him, and that’s what turned the tide. Those in charge of the coup don’t want it to be perceived as an actual coup. They prefer to follow parliamentary procedure and impeach him, which looks as though it could happen.

Yeah, it’s Africa, they’re just changing warlords, business as usual. They’re pretending to prefer to follow parliamentary procedure so the International Community!!!! can pretend they’re all legitimate and shit and give them that sweet, sweet aid money. Mugabe will play along so he gets to retire to France instead of being hacked to death with a machete and/or fed to hyenas.


When Erdogan faked his coup in Turkey I actually had high hopes it was an actual coup, I wrote:

Erdogan, budding thugocrat, says Army Is Couping Me!!!!!!

Usually when a thugocrat starts yelling that, he’s going to crack down while I say, “I wish”.

Should have gone with instinct A. Much of the world hasn’t changed much, culturally, in the last 1,000 years, they just have to mouth the proper shit to make leftist fools happy to get money from them (us).


Next up we have this interesting question.

Saudi public being prepared for alliance with Israel?

Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, chief of the general staff of the IDF, gave an unprecedented interview to an online Saudi news site where he said Israel is prepared to share intelligence on Iran with Saudi Arabia if the need arises.

Eisenkot also called Iran the “real and largest threat to the region,” echoing sentiments expressed by Saudi Arabia recently.


As I wrote the other day, sure the Saud’s fund the terrorist in the Palestinian Terrortory, but Iran is working on nukes when we saw the Saudi Terrorist in Chief would not answer the question about working with Israel.

I have to admit, Obama’s Smirt Duhplomacy did what even St. Jimmeh could not do, get the Saudis to be ‘friends’ with Israel.

It’s funny what helping the Saud’s enemies get nukes will do. Why they might even stop funding terrorists who kill Americans!

Sorry, I should give a spew warning when I write ridiculous shit.


Next up we have…uhhhh….. not a fucking thing. Nother person comes forward to accuse a Dem of sexual groping as the media tries to obfuscate the issue, more media ignoring Menendez, more Mitch Fucking McConnell keeping his bribehole shut about more Dem Senators’ problems. And of course, as we all knew, Gloria Allred is a lying sack of publicity-bitch.

Now, if Al Sharpton said Roy Moore was in on the Tawana Brawley rape, that I would blog about!

As I was wondering what to write about we should do next, Bones McCoy, playing a crazed gunman in Apache Uprising, said:

I say we kill em all and clear out while we got a chance.


Hard to argue with that.

  1. Overload in CO says:

    I think it started with GWB, and intensified under BHO, but the USA seems to have shifted our support from the Shia to the Sunni. This is why we’re no longer in Saudi Arabia, and are making deals with Iran, Egypt, etc.
    Where Israel falls into this is murky, but our relations towards them may have cooled as we’re sort of supporting Sunni who are against them.

    • Veeshir says:

      Obama definitely was on the Shiites side. They hate America more. Or at least, they say Death to America!!!! more.l, which made them preferable to Obama.
      I’d say Tillerson, from working at Exxon, understands the oil ticks pretty well.
      Sure the Sunnis fund al Quaeda and its offshoots, like ISIS, but they aren’t likely to nuke us or Israel.
      That’s the best we’re gonna get out of that region.
      Look what happened when the Mullarchy took over Iran, first thing they did was seize the oil fields. That really pissed off Brit BP, Dutch Shell and Exxon.

      Israel prefers Sunni to Shia, Iran wants to nuke them, Egypt is afraid of them but would kill them all if they had the chance. Saidi Arabia hates Jordan more than Israel. Most Sunni terrorists focus on us more than Israel. Cept for Palis, but all muslims hate those crazed fuckers.

  2. Veeshir says:

    Meant to say, the Bushes have been bribed by the Saudis for a long time. Longer than Clintons have had enough power to be bribed by Putin.

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