As with so many crises, the ‘rona has brought out both the best and the worst in people. But mostly the worst.

Like many others, I’m going a little stir-crazy under our “shelter in place” directive. Most of us understand that such directives are to a large extent necessary. But more than a few mayors and state governors have gotten carried away with their newfound emergency powers, and they’ve forgotten that they’re governing actual people. Ornery, independent, American people.

There’s a natural distribution to the level of inconvenience people are willing to put up with. Some will put up with virtually nothing. Most, it seems, will tolerate quite a bit of inconvenience… for a time. But every individual has their breaking point, and the longer the restrictions go on, the more people are going to be agitated. The less the impositions seem to have any rational basis, the less the people are going to tolerate much of anything. And then all hell will break loose.

The slow-roll of increasingly arbitrary guidance and restrictions has been most maddening.

Don’t wear a mask, it will only hurt. Wear a mask if you want. You should probably wear a mask. You must wear a mask in public in order to enter a store and buy anything.

Stay active, maybe go for a walk. But don’t go to a park. Or a beach. And maybe you can kayak in some states, but don’t go motorboating.

Liquor stores in PA were closed, but beer distributors are essential.

Stay in your Detroit-metro homes in the densely-populated hotspot, and don’t drive yourself out to your second home where you can safely hole-up for a while.

Lowe’s can stay open, but your locally-owned gardening center can’t. Or maybe you can go to a store that sells gardening supplies, but those seeds you wanted were roped off because the items are deemed “non-essential”.

In a moment of absolute absurdity in a universe where cancer biopsies are elective and therefore banned, Governor Whitmer defended the continued allowance of abortion services as “life sustaining”. Now, there’s a constitutional argument to be made about keeping abortion services available — it’s a constitutionally protected right that is time sensitive — but to be so tone deaf as to call abortion “life sustaining” is rather galling when, at least for a time, Michiganders were prevented from buying child car seats.

Accommodations must be made. Open the damned garden centers, and don’t rope anything off in a store that has so-far been deemed essential. Allow hairdressers and barbers to open by appointment only and with adequate sanitation efforts. Don’t make impossible demands of small businesses about open space in their employee break areas that aren’t exactly expandable at the government’s whim.
Governors and mayors are not going to be able to sustain adequate preventive measures if they act like petty dictators and deprive people of some modicum of normalcy. The longer the restrictions are in place, the more arbitrary the restrictions, and the more disruptive to normal life, the more turmoil governments are inviting for themselves. The natives are getting restless.

  1. Noah Bawdy says:

    OMG ! So great to see a post after all this time ! Welcome back 🙂

  2. HayZeus says:

    It lives! Again!

    If you ask me everywhere except NYS/New England should be starting the opening process, pronto, and not do particularly stupid shit like limit the hours the beaches are open so that folks can, y’know, social distance by time as well as space. When the world doesn’t end after a couple of weeks, lift moar restrictions and then repeat again in another two with the rest of ’em.

    My wife keeps talking like this could go on all summer but I keep telling her that if they try to wait it out that long there won’t be much of a gummint left to say that. The revenue crunch that’s laying waste to our small businesses is just now starting to show up in tax shortfalls and just like with unemployment, it’s gonna get real ugly for the States and localities with a quickness. Bonus points! They already used a bunch of tricks like collecting taxes earlier and in installments during the Great Recession and many of them never backed off afterwards so those wells are dry. GLHF asshoes! 😛

  3. socklessjoe says:

    I’m mostly astonished that there are two non-spam responses. After like a year of literally nobody posting. Y’all are awesome.

  4. HayZeus says:

    Lulz, well I did just leave a one-year anniversary comment on veeshir‘s last post to try and lure him out so I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled lately. 😉

  5. Veeshir says:

    Our fine betters are still pissed off we voted wrong in 2016 so they’re putting us in our place.
    What’s really pissing Teh Peepul has to be the arbitrary bullshit. In Michigan you can go into Walmart but only buy certain stuff. Why not seeds and paint? You’re stuck at home but you can’t start your garden or paint your den.
    Even AZ has some bullshit. You can’t go camping in the desert 5 miles from the next person (Tonto National Forest) but you can camp at Lake Pleasant campground, which is 30 miles from Phoenix and filled to capacity. That makes no sense.
    The natives are getting restless. Which means our fine betters have to show us who’s in charge.
    Intellesting times.

    This site gets very little spam. I’m sorta insulted about that. Geez, not even stooB ggU.

    • HayZeus says:

      If it makes you feel any better, you obviously got out of the Old Dominion just in time. I mean, the writing was on the wall once we elected Bill and Hillary!’s bagman as Governor but Virginians are getting what they voted for good and hard with Governor Coonman and a new-and-improved D majority State congress. We’re going all in on tearing down the Raycess Confederate monuments and Social Justice Electricity. Hell, you can probably hear my eyes rolling from your intertubes screen!

      But enough about the fendy of the state that you wisely left. After all, there’s more than enough of that ish to go around nationwide, especially with all the bonus “reasonable” blue herd folks that we know going full retard on shutdowns today, shutdowns tomorrow, shutdowns forever! Enjoy your favorite urban areas 2.x upgrade, now with “shit is getting real” level sportiness, dipshits. What’s that, you called the cops because some vagrant broke into your car and they fined you for bothering them with your trifling bullshit? Well aren’t you just precious? Aww, and you can’t get a gun because of those reasonable limitations you wanted in lieu of an outright ban? SAD!

      P.S. Remember not to eat those sandwiches on the train platforms, comrade! 😛

      • Paco says:

        Amen to that. I left Virginia for my native North Carolina a little over two years ago, and it’s feeling more and more like an escape, every day.

        • HayZeus says:

          Yeah half the culture wars I don’t care about but VA has been a microcosm of all of the worst of national politics for pretty most of the last two decades complete with a loser GOPe that keeps acting like it’s going to be able to get Ed Gillespie Over any… election… now…

          I’ve been eyeballing the exits myself but that pretty much kills our plan A for retirement and while I’m personally interested in points west/southwest/south for moar freedom my wife would have to be on board for that to work. Sorry, Texas. :/

          • socklessjoe says:

            I feel like Ed Gillespie gets a bad rap from the base, but I could be wrong. But yes, as an electoral matter, he is empirically not a winner.

            • Paco says:

              Whether that bad rap’s fair or not, Ed’s a healthier choice than Coonman. But you’re right, he doesn’t seem to have what it takes to win.

            • HayZeus says:

              Yeah just for a little flava, Ed’s big campaign issue in ’15 was… energy policy. Meanwhile McAuliffe granted clemency en masse to all of the felons in the state at the last minute to clog the voter rolls and Northam was running your typical Republicans are raycess xenophobes ads and the Harlem Globetrotters Dems dunk on the Washington Generals hapless GOPe yet again.

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