I started this post a long time ago, ^that long ago. Stacy Abrams as Gigantor.  Or was it Gigantor as Stacy Abrams? 

I really should get photoshop, I can sorta use a really old version on a computer that I can’t get to boot up. 

So let’s start with another paint-shop. 

I got pretty upset the fucking foreskins wimped out. I actually had to call them the Redskins for a while. That was a bad week or two, but I think I came up for a great name for the Washington Football Team (wimps)

Can’t decide where to put the scissors, and just do a gelding or go for the package deal? 


Lest we forget in all this making fun of the Geldings, 

Lottsa old going on but some new since last we met. 

Let’s break out our trusty GOP voter device one last time for Bill Barr

GOP Voter Device

Barr’s leaving but he did his job, he got GOP voters arfing, slapping their fins and honking their squeezy bulbs but did absolutely jack and shit. And shit ran out of gum.

He could have done something like, ohh…….. arrest someone for all the fucking feloniously treasonous actions taken against Trump and now the election but he didn’t and now his job is done.

Ignoring that the machines used to cheat Joe into winning are blatantly set up to fucking cheat. Remember when Diebold was going to steal an election? As with everything the left accuses others of doing, they’re doing it.

Biden and his criminal family belong in jail but instead he has a good chance of becoming POTUS ,at least partially thanks to Barr (and all the other AGs) not doing his job.

Which brings us to PACO’s post It’s all about pissing me off.

2) Judges – even the highest in the land – are as susceptible to threats and intimidation as anyone, and the SCOTUS justices have calculated that there is more to fear from the Left than from the Right (see #1);

3) Judges refusing to do their job, for any reason, are demonstrating cowardice;

4) Any state (which I took to mean not only political sub-units of the U.S., such as Michigan or Pennsylvania, but the nation-state, as well) that cannot ensure a fair election deserves no respect whatsoever.

Exactly on point 4. I’d say there’s some blackmail and maybe fear but I’d bet there’s a lot more money involved in Roberts’ deal.

Our fine betters in the uniparty have no idea what they’re playing with. Everybody knows that the rule of law is dead now, how many law-abiding people are going to act accordingly?

The media and our political betters in the GOP and Dem party think they know what they’re doing, they’re smarter than we are after all, but I don’t think anybody knows what’s going to happen.

How will people resist the more and more random, unnecessary, confusing and yet blatantly controlling edicts coming out of so many pols’ mouth?

Who’s going to enforce their will?

The cops they’re been shitting on for a long fucking time? The ones who are leaving in droves?

Of course, that could be part of the plan, if I thought those idiots weren’t idiots. Get rid of cops who care and keep the young and malleable. I don’t know, that’s an interesting thought. ‘Interesting’ as in “unsettling.”

Are they counting on the military? To ignore the Constitution they take an oath on?

Yeah, about that.

That’s the military cheering Trump. As they do whenever they can. He hasn’t started any new wars and was getting us out of the endless wars around the world.

I can’t believe the military leadership wants us in fucking Syria. My long time plan still stands, give any and all jihadis a ride to the area of Syria of their choice, give them an AK, rpg or bomb vest as they get off the bus. We don’t need Americans dying in the bucket of scorpions. Somehow I think the people who’ve had to actually deal with syrian jihadis feel the same way.

So what’s the fucking point? Are they really expecting to use cops and the military to take our guns? I mean, sure Obama revamped our officer corps, but they’re not the ones out in the field to shoot Americans.

What the hell is going to happen next month? Seriously. People who think 2021 is going to be less bad than 2020, well, they’re going to have a rude awakening. 2021 is going to be fucking interesting.

The worst part? I have to watch what I say and wearing Trump gear is actually an act of bravery in many places. That’s fucked up.

And getting fucked uppeter.

How fucked uppeter? Firefly reimagined by Disney. That’s how far up we are fucked.

My source tells me that Disney is in early development on a Firefly reboot.  The new show would start the story of Captain Mal Reynolds and his crew aboard the Serenity over from scratch, with an aim to make this a long-running series on Disney+.  There is a twist here and the twist is that they see the show as ideal family-friendly programming for Disney+.  My source tells me they’re planning to target it more at a PG-adventure, family audience and less at the sort of PG-13 dynamic the original Joss Whedon show went for.

Although I shouldn’t pick on Disney, there isn’t really anybody who could do it and not make it cringe-worthy. Joss Whedon is a lefty tool, he’d make a subplot where Mal goes crazy because all anti-gov’t types are one shot of whiskey away from killing everyone in sight to people like him.

Caballero story, it’s been sitting for a long time. The gas tank is leaking. My Mustang needed work and other stuff has needed money. I’ve taken a while off from throwing money down the caballero’s exhaust. I hope heyzeus is happy now.

Eh, I thought I had more links, but really, what is there to talk about right now?

Well, the debt that’s getting ridicudebtacular. We blew past $30 trillion like nothing. We’ll be $40 trillion in debt by 2023 or 2024. Seriously, how long can we go when we’ll be borrowing money to pay just the interest on our debt?

I didn’t foresee exactly what happened, but about 15 years ago I started wishing for an asteroid strike. I really think it would have been less destructive than what’s about to happen.

So, how’s your week going?

  1. HayZeus says:

    Poor Caballero… 😦

    Hi veeshir! Glad to see an update from ya. You’re right that nobody knows what’s going to happen, though I suspect that Irish Democracy is a best case scenario. So we’ve got that going for us.

    WRT teh military, I had to readjust majorly when it turned out that even bloody Mattis was insubordinately kicking the can down the road behind Trump’s back on withdrawing from Afghanistan. I mean, I even still get wanting to be Team America and all but for better or worse we decided to say goodbye to all that when Obummer was installed elected. Guess we know now that the Pentagon is every bit as bad as the State dept when it comes to preserving their graft working relationships regardless of cost.

    So politics sucks. Remember when the hot take on Disney buying Star Wars was that it was so great because Disney knew how to manage blockbuster franchises and was gonna turn out some tight sequels and other SW universe stuff? Ell oh ell! Now the only question is in just what way will they thoroughly fuck up Firefly. Just goes to show ya how fendy 2020 has been.

    Can’t wait for 2021! Funnier and endier! 😀

  2. Veeshir says:

    Yeah, Mattis stunned me. I bought his PR.
    I’m really not looking forward to 2021.

  3. Paco says:

    Thanks for the link, V. I’ve linked you back (not because you linked me, but because you’re a pleasure to read; wish you’d post more frequently)

  4. Paco says:

    Mattis was, indeed, a huge disappointment. I had some early qualms about his ability to run the giant Defense bureaucracy, but I never thought he’d be in-your-face insubordinate to the Commander-in-Chief. And I can’t imagine he was surprised at being fired. He stiff-armed the president twice on withdrawing troops, claiming that he was working on a plan, and then finally committed to a hard deadline, and then when that came and went and it became obvious he’d been lying – hell, what did he expect would happen? I guess he fell on his sword for the Deep State (a rubber sword, of course, because there are rarely any negative consequences for members of the nomenklatura – and in Mattis’ case, there’s always his comfy relationship with a “consulting” outfit that has close ties to China).

    Seriously, it would be difficult to fire in any direction and not hit a cog in the machine of our larval-stage police state.

    • HayZeus says:

      Oh I’d say our police state is emerging from the pupal stage personally but otherwise agree. The whole “burning a CIA asset to cover the attempted parallel construction via surveillance” was a shock to me but nothing compared to the much more in your face efforts to entrap Papadop and ultimately frame Trump by hook or by crook and the amount of domestic and foreign chicanery that went into all of that is to this day mind-blowingly deep and vast in its scope.

      Tl;dr, does anyone have any fresh conspiracy theories? Most of the ones I’ve poo-pooed for all those years have turned out to be true! 😦

  5. HayZeus says:

    *A sonorous buzzing emits from [b]veeshir[/b]’s Caballero…*

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