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To answer This Ain’t Hell’s question,

Here’s my conundrum: if it is immoral, even criminal or civilly liable for these mom-and-pop Christian businesses to deny services based on their fundamental beliefs, why is it not also immoral or legally actionable for large corporations to refuse their services to the citizens of those states where those who govern choose to pass legislation to protect the religious freedoms of their citizenry?

I didn’t like it when the Moral Majority (which was neither/1980s leftist prof) was doing it and I don’t like it now that the Immoral Minority (which is both/Veeshir) does it.

My pitch-perfect lefty brother, gay, special-ed math teacher who I wouldn’t trust to make change without a graphing calculator, told me I couldn’t make fun of that Kardashian/Jenner thing who’s trying to up the ratings on its reality-tv show, for being a “lesbian trapped in a man’s body” even though it was so incredibly and blatantly obvious a joke, because “Times have changed.”


If you can shop around until you find a bakery who won’t make a cake for your gay wedding and then sue it into bankruptcy, then I can tell you to go fuck yourself.

As for opening up bathrooms for creepy dudes in dresses, go for it. If some woman wants to take a piss in the urinal, it’s no skin off my back.

If I had a daughter I might think differently though.


Jeff Goldstein is one of the better thinkers on the ‘tubes, I mostly agree with this Trump rant except the “Fuck off” part.

Most of my friends have been lefties most of my life, if you are taken in by a huckster that’s your deal, not mine.

I will say I lost any residual respect for NY voters I had left after watching them fall in with Trump. He’s been hucking in NY for decades, they should know better.



I has them.

CNN/ORC poll (I didn’t realize Sauron was polling for Hillary) PDF Warning.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling:

Government surveillance of U.S. citizens

Approve                       Disapprove            No opinion
May 29-31, 2015* 29%                                 67%                            4%
June 11-13, 2013   35%                                61%                              4%

So most people are against the gov’t spying on us.

But then they get to this question

As you may know, the law allowing the National Security Administration (NSA) to collect and
analyze information on the phone calls of most Americans in order to locate suspected terrorists (emphasis me V) is set to expire on Monday, June 1. Do you think Congress should or should not renew that law and allow the collection of telephone data to continue?
May 29-31 2015
Should renew 61%
Should not renew 36%
No opinion 3%


It’s all in the wording.

I’d ask, “Do you want the gov’t to snoop on your phone calls even though they’ve admitted it has not caught any terrorists” and I’d bet I get entirely different answers. Maybe mention how Nidal Hassan was all over the place calling for Death To America!!! (sorta like Obama but less obvious about it) and yet, they didn’t catch him.

Push polls: The cornerstone subversion of democracy.


Speaking of misunderstanding democracy, how funny is it that in the birthplace of democracy they have no idea as to what it means?

The Greeks are upset that the people giving them a few billion euros expect Greece to act responsibly, with the Prime Minister saying this.

In other words, this means the complete abolition of democracy in Europe, the end of every pretext of democracy,


I’m with him on that, but he seems to be blaming the EUnuchs instead of the Greeks.

Listen, if you’re living on their money you’ll live by their rules.

You don’t get to decide how to spend other people’s money in democracy. That’s an entirely different sort of governing philosophy.


My question here is:

Did Paco misspell “En Loco Parentis”?

We’ve all seen the story about the school that had a class trip to a porn store, but I hadn’t seen the name of the school anywhere else

The Gaia Democratic School

Is it a hate crime to send your kids there?


My question, is this the first time someone Wins and Loses the Comment of the Day?

First, the losing comment from FrnakJ

At this point it would be easier if you announce if you’re not running for president. BTW, I have no announcement to make.

Sonomabatch, we’ve been waiting 10 years for him to run and now he’s blowing us off? That pisses me off.

Now the winner. Also from FrnakJ in the same post

Reminder: You don’t get to choose whether criminals are armed. Only whether law abiding people are.

Bingo, bango, bongo.


Low Carbon?

Posted: June 2, 2015 by veeshir in Ask a Moron, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Been there, done that.

Scientific American asks

How Would a Low-Carbon Economy Work?

I believe I can answer that in picture form.

low carbon 1

low carbon 2

low carbon 3


I’ll tell you what sup.

Life imitates Camus!

A Chinese city has been sealed off and 151 people have been placed in quarantine since last week after a man died of bubonic plague


Ugh.  These are people who have less regard for life than French colonizers, that’s not going to end well.


So not only is Tsar Putin I’s state media (they’re like MSNBC  and CNN but they have to be forced to lie for their Dear Leader) lying ridiculously about his Cossacks shooting down a civilian plane, but now he’s sick and tired of Teh Peepul acting all upset and stuff.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed several laws on July 22, increasing liability for separatism and violation of regulations for holding rallies.


I just hope Obama does not get any ideas on that.

You have to like the bit about cracking down on “calls for separatism” as he’s fomenting separatism in other countries. That’s a nice touch.

Speaking of evil empires,

Identifying Backdoors, Attack Points, and Surveillance Mechanisms in iOS Devices… In his talk Zdziarski demonstrates “a number of undocumented high-value forensic services running on every iOS device” and “suspicious design omissions in iOS that make collection easier.”

So what do you think, murderous, commie, Chinese dictators having their slaves put it in or just Apple being Apple?

They’ve both been watching Google pretty closely after all so that’s a tough call.


A rare disagreement between Veeshir and Israel.

Israeli envy says country deserves Nobel Prize for “restraint”

Really? You people want to be grouped with the Arafish, Kofi, What-Genocide?, Annan and Obama? I respect Israel far too much to want that to happen.

You’ve seen that commercial about the “Framily Plan” where Gordahn shows up uninvited? Well, in real life his name is J. Effin Kerry.

Michael Oren, who until recently served as Israel’s ambassador in Washington, said Monday that US envoy John Kerry was coming to the region despite Sunday’s hot-mic incident making it clear that he had not been invited.

Okay, that’s funny and shows that, despite the faux pas on the Nobel, Israel still has its head on straight.

I wonder if that had something to do with the Obama admin canceling flights to Israel? He’s petty enough for that so…


This one is pretty darn funny too.

A conservative of color had the unmitigated gall to show up to a Democratic Front Group’s gathering (NAACP edition) and was rightly attacked in a vicious manner, but that’s just expected and not funny.

This quote from the article is what’s funny.

*Note: FreedomWorks is not funded by the Koch brothers.

Heh. disassociating themselves from an evil empire is kinda funny.


Geez, I just want to send the “children”, their parents and gang-banger friends back to their own countries, but Pelosi apparently wants us to crucify them.  She wants us to treat them like Jesus.

Hard core but probably a little overreactive.


I don’t get the problem with this.

Stoners in Colorado are using their EBT cards (not food stamps, just regular welfare) at pot dispensaries.

If it’s the Most Evil Thing In The World to drug test welfare recipients and pot is legal, why should anybody have any problem with this?


I haven’t seen this link any where for a long time so I’ll post it.

If you’re so inclined, these guys deliver pizzas to IDF soldiers on the frontline. Pizza for the IDF you can attach a message if you’re so inclined. .

So dat’s what sup.

Okay, that’s awesome.


Via the pretentious types at i Own the World.



A question, is this very cool or extremely lame?

The commander of the U.S. Navy’s sleek new guided-missile destroyer, which launched late last week in Maine, has a name to match its space-age look: Captain Kirk.

Seriously, I can’t decide.


Fast Food Furor A Fucking Freaky Frenzy

Posted: August 29, 2013 by veeshir in Ask a Moron, Nanny State

As a former Fast Food Worker(tm)  I’d like to put in my $.02. (Before it’s go’vt mandated to be $.04).

Fast food jobs are the lowest rung on the employment ladder, that’s just a fact.

They’re the jobs that anybody who has at least one finger and a thumb can do.

Except for baking and finishing (putting on the frosting and stuff), everything in Dunkin’ Donuts was done with one finger and only occasionally was the thumb needed.

The cash register had the name of the product on the keys, they were switching to pictures when I last worked there in the 90s.

To make coffee you have to remember to put the basket under the coffee grinder thingy (and remember to fill the grinder thingy. You can tell it needs more beans when nothing comes out, it’s funny how many people you have to explain that to, and push the button. Then, you have to remember to put the basket back on the coffee maker and push a button. For cream, you have to push a little weight up for “a little cream”, up twice for “regular” and more than two for “extra”. You have to be able to follow where people are pointing or maybe even know the names of the products. You have to be able to read numbers for change.

Burger King is similarly set up, or at least it was 33 years ago, I doubt it’s done anything but get more automated, you just need someone to push the right button, ditto KFC.

I’m not saying that all fast food workers are booger eating morons, I’m saying that they do a lot to make sure that type of person can work there. That’s how they keep costs down.

So quite often people who work at fast food are workally challenged or, decreasingly, teenagers needing some $$.

Now who eats fast food? Sure everybody eats it once in a while, but when I have money, I don’t go to McD’s for anything except I feel like eating something quick, undisgusting and very close to food “food”. If I have more than 15 minutes and more than $10 I’ll go to a diner or a real restaurant, not that crap,

I’d think most people are that way, if you have money you usually don’t spend a lot of time at fast food. . So poor people eat there more, relatively writing.

So in other words, they’re working to make the costs of stuff that poor people eat higher to pay poor people more money.

So increasing taxes on both food and payroll, and possibly (I’d like to see some stats) moving people who work in fast food into tax-paying status from tax-receiving status.

Hmmmm, I’m going to have to think about that one.

For the record, I didn’t start writing this so undecided about it, I was pretty agin it, I meant to go to McD’s today, but I done fergitted.

A Reply

Posted: July 17, 2013 by veeshir in Ask a Moron, Hotassery, This Is My BOOMSTICK!

Where the fuck have I been?

At first I was pissed off at bad stuff happening to me, then I just realized the world was stuck, like a record skipping.

It’s all the same shit over and over, I’m waiting for the next turn of the wheel before I get back into blogging. I mean, it’s all just the same shit over and over again. AQ (Saudi Arabia) V Hezbollah (Iran) in Syria, Obama flouting the law with the GOP fecklessly whining about it, the economy fucked, allies pissed at us, enemies laughing, what’s more to say?

I want to post this in reply to DPUD’s post about the LCP, I wrote it in the comments but I figured I should include a picture and I need the dashboard here to figure out how to do that.

So here goes

it took many shots to get the pic exactly as the bullet was coming out.

(It took a bunch of takes to get the pic just as the bullet was leaving the barrel)

I got a Sig SC (sub-compact) 250, it’s fucking awesome.It cost mid-$400s with deluxe-type, tritium night sights.

It’s somewhat bigger than the LCP and the rest of the .380s or even 9mm pocket stuff, but .45ACP.

It’s just about the size of my hand, so still pretty small.

With a Blackhawk, inside the belt, holster, you can’t even see I’m carrying. I even put it in the cargo pocket on my cargo shorts occasionally.

The grip is small, my pinky hangs off, but that’s the classy way to drink tea so I figure, it’s the classy way to shoot. I’m sure I could get mag-extenders to fit my pinky, but it fires so smoothly so two  fingers are enough.

I’m not used to double-action only, I always fire handguns in single-action mode, so that took some practice, but not much. I also should have done that (practiced double-action firing) long ago, so it’s actually helpful.

I almost bought one of those LCPs or maybe an LC9, I like the Ruger best for pocket .380s and 9s. Notice the rounded edges on it, if you’re sticking a gun in your pocket you don’t want sharp edges catching on stuff, but I kept delaying it until I saw the 250SC and you can’t argue with .45ACP.
Well you can, but you’ll lose.

It’s also convertible to 9mm and .40 S&W, I don’t know if I’ll get he conversions, but it’s there. You can buy it in any of the three calibers, but if you can get .45ACP, why would you get 9mm? It’s not as if the cost is all that different right now. $38 for 50 vs $32.

I’m pretty well disgusted with Beretta.
I got the Storm pistol and hated it. I mean, I took it shooting once and never again, I ended up selling it.
It was sloppy.
The sights sucked and the action was loose. I liked the 14 round mags (.40 S&W), but that’s about it.

I’ve become a Sig guy, of course, I don’t see any more black, scary pistols in my future so it’s moot,
but that’s my advice for people asking.

Now, since I notice there’s been a decided lack of hottasery since I’ve posted, hottassery.



Posted: May 2, 2013 by Edward von Bear in Ask a Moron

Update: I hate it when I forget something that I wanted to put in the top of the post.

Breitbart died 1 year ago today and the world is a worse place for it.


What the hell is going on out there? Seriously, things are not so much scary and endy as confusing and WE’RE ALL GONNA something.

Take this.

The Senate on Thursday rejected rival proposals to stop the sequester, ensuring the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts will begin on Friday.

Seriously? There’s infighting in the Senate so they’re cutting spending? WTF? Those assholes only fight to raise spending, not cut it. How am I supposed to hate you assholes if you don’t stop cutting spending? (actually, as we all know, they’re not cutting spending, they’re cutting a minor part of the increase in spending in the important parts, but still)

Gateway Pundit says, “Awful” cuz Senate Dems haven’t passed any sequester bills. I’m not picking on him, cuz I doubt he’s the only one who feels that way, but why is that awful? The fewer spending bills Dems pass the happier I am.

This one is all about teh fucked up. Also via GP, apparently Boehner used the word “ass” and Reid has his petticoats in a bunch because the word “ass” reminds him of a whorehouse. First, Boehner wasn’t calling either Obama or Reid an ass so don’t get your hopes up, but more importantly, what exactly was Reid doing in a whorehouse that the word “Ass” reminds him of one?

Hey, DADT is over, I can ask.

At first this looks odd, but I would suggest it’s not. Income is down over 3% and spending is up .2%.

Hey, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

This is the Yelling at the Puppyblender section of the post.

First, PB notices a story about gov’t workers who are involved in union stuff don’t actually do any gov’t work, they do union work.  That’s how it works. I only know the Patent Office for sure, but you fill out your hours and you have “other time”, which means time not doing work on patents, it’s for training or helping your boss or something like that, but the union assholes get other time for doing union work. It’s fucking bullshit, but that’s the gov’t.

I love this one, PB links an article about how the Supreme Court is getting more powerful than Congress.  Yawn, I’ve seen that story a bunch of times over the last 30 years. Why I’m linking is this.

In the Voting Rights Act case, justices are weighing the constitutionality of part of the law Congress reauthorized in 2006 that requires areas with a history of racial discrimination…(get jerked around V)

Who decides which areas have that history? You know they’re talking about them racist bastids in The South.  I saw a documentary once on PBS in Boston. It was about the 50s when blacks were moving north to big cities to get jobs. They had some guy who was big in Boston gov’t (read: Mafioso, just like now) and his quote was, “We didn’t want the blacks mixing in so we decided to make sure they moved to Roxbury with the Jews.” To this day, Roxbury is black and West Roxbury is Jewish.

Dollars to doughnuts that Boston is not included in that Voting Rights Act. Cuz Boston isn’t racist. So long as black folks know their place.

Veeshir defends Obama! Mark your calendars, then have a shot. One of Obama’s illegal aliens releases released an illegal alien who then murdered. So why do I say I’m defending Obama? Because I’ve seen people try to tie it to his sequester warnings that he’s going to KILL US ALL!!!!, this is unrelated. It’s just standard, Obama trying to make America suck as much as he thinks it does.

This one is beautiful. The EU has legislated that young people will have jobs! Fucking brilliant! Why can’t our Congress here outlaw unemployment? Call your legislator, let’s get people working again!

This is the revolution part.

The NYS boycott is up to 106 companies. I’d like to highlight one of them. Progressive Micro Devices does not make guns, they make sensors for stuff like the Virtual Border Fence.

Secondly, Progressive Micro has gone out on a limb here. They make ground sensors, which are not something that most regular citizens would buy. They are generally something that sold to governments. Progressive Micro is putting themselves in the position where they might actually be losing business because of their stance.

I’m praising a company called “Progressive” something. Good for them.

I also really want to praise the guys who named this gun making company that is on the list.

Umbrella Corporation! That’s fucking awesome. It would be better if they made umbrellas, but I’ll take it. That’s almost as cool as the cul de sac where a buddy of mine lived, Kangaroo Court.

NYS pro-gun rally.  Man oh man did NY pols (and I) underestimate their folks.

An aside, fuck you Dennis Rodman and ESPN for acting as if the Kim Jong KG is not a poofy-stomached maniac. Rodman tweeted something about hoping to see Gangnam style. Sigh, they only do that in the north when their guards shoot at their feet to get them to dance. I never liked Rodman, but I had to respect him, now I can’t even do that.

Now here’s Veeshir banging his chubby fist on his high chair and whining at the way the world is.

Chad and I had a deal about ‘standing’ and who has it. I understand he was right and I was wrong, so far as American jurisprudence has decided in this Brave New World, doesn’t mean I agree with it or fucking like it. Quite the fucking opposite in point of fact.

Take this,  according to 31 USC § 1105, Obama has to submit a budget by March, 1 every year. He has only made that deadline once, and never submitted any budget that got one vote, so far as I know, but that’s not why I’m whining.

I’m whining because I should be able to sue him because I’m an American and his breaking of that law affects me personally.

But I don’t have standing. Why not? Because fuck me, that’s why.

Now, let’s have a little Viva Italia!

I have a buddy who lived in Italy for a few years, he was involved in some organic cooking school, and I asked him about good old Beppo Grillo, he of the Italian Vaffanculo Day Protests, he responded and I’ve put it below the fold, with his permission.

I asked him about the literal meaning of Vaffanculo.

Yes, it literally means: ‘ to go-do-make up the ass’. But, more idiomatically, ‘Fuck you up your ass!’

I’ve been using that word forever and knew what each part meant but never put it together. Harry Reid would love that word. Let’s send him to Italy!

As for the below, like most of my friends from upstate NY, he’s pretty lefty, so ignore the military industrial complex stuff.


I had a youtube vid to post this morning and forgot it, so you get a few extra links today. Don’t say I don’t never give you nothing.

People are pointing and laughing, but is this good new or bad news?

I’m trying to figure out if I’m fer it or agin it.

Pakistani Taliban members are threatening store owners to quit selling Viagra-type potency pills or “face the consequences,”

On the one hand, do we really want a bunch of horny jihadis running around having kids?

On the other hand, the Taliban mostly mess with Pashtun and their spiritual brethren.  That link talks about our military having to teach them that they can’t work the ass so much if they want kids.

So if we give them Viagra, they’ll spend their time fucking just about everything  they can hold down long enough except their wives in the right place, and while they’re running around with their boners chasing the village goats, they won’t be blowing themselves up in kindergartens.

Hmmmm. Maybe we should try an experiment in Afghanistan. Air drop Viagra into Taliban controlled areas, see if the population goes up or attacks go down. At the very least we’ll get some great gun camera videos.

Ace links Hot Air linking the Wash Post who says: Good News! (/Prof Farnsworth)

President Obama is considering a series of new executive actions aimed at working around a recalcitrant Congress, including policies that could allow struggling homeowners to refinance their mortgages, provide new protections for gays and lesbians, make buildings more energy-efficient and toughen regulations for coal-fired power plants, according to people outside the White House involved in discussions on the issues. …

It’s good that he’s going to ignore Congress to get what Teh Peepul Need! They’re all recalcitrant and shit and those are all good things. You’re not against saving the planet and those most defenseless? (not that they need guns mind you, they need more gov’t to protect them)

It’s not a story about Obama without a quote from an anonymous source close to Obama (probably the “journalist”) that’s a howler.

These and other potential actions suggest that Obama is likely to rely heavily on executive powers … the president does not see the actions as substitutes for more substantial legislation, he also wants to move forward on top priorities. …

Senor Homer will  translate.

Then this

In the months ahead, some people close to the White House said Obama must weigh the prospect of making progress on his priorities with the risk that acting aggressively could hurt the chances for more substantial legislation on Capitol Hill.

You see, it’s all about Obama getting stuff done so it’s always good news. The only bad news would be if he couldn’t get all the important stuff we need done.

It’s funny how our definitions of “good” and “bad” differ so much. Scary, but kind of funny.

Good News! This man is in Congress.


Bad News! this man is not


Okay, now this is the point of the post and it doesn’t much to do with the theme. I blame Obama.

It’s mostly a hilarious video that’s not funny at all.

First, I’d like to denounce my racism for laughing my ass off at this video. The guys narrating are hilarious but since they’re black, I must be laughing at them and not with them. I also denounce myself for laughing my ass off at the last clip of the mother.

It’s scary because there are many millions of these women’s spiritual sistren, of all races, creeds and colors,  raising children while showing them just this example. It’s very fucking depressing.

You’ll laugh your ass off. (language warning, they hardly say “fuck” at all)