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I’ve been working online 4 hours a day these days so I’m on the tubes anyway.

Let’s go tubin!

ISIS, fresh from being defeated in Iraq by Obama (that’s why the media stopped reporting, right?), is on the run!!!! They ran to Libya where

The black flag of ISIS flies over government buildings. Police cars carry the group’s insignia. The local football stadium is used for public executions. A town in Syria or Iraq? No. A city on the coast of the Mediterranean, in Libya.


Running scared, running amok…either way, Obama has them on the run, amiright?

Breitbart headline



The only machiavellian tactics the GOP use are  on me.

It’s funny how the media keeps parroting the line that there is no inflation while anybody who shops for food knows there is.

LIFE IN THE ERA OF HOPE AND CHANGE: $4.15 Per Pound: Ground Beef Climbs to Another Record High. “Five years ago, in October 2009, the average price for a pound of ground beef was $2.177, according to the BLS.”


In AZ, decent  hamburger is over $4, even the crappy sleeve stuff that always comes up in poisoning deals is over $3.

What happens in a religious dictatorship? Let’s ask our fine, Green brethren.

Then it was finally revealed that while eggs did contain cholesterol, they also contain lecithin, which is the enzyme your body uses to break down cholesterol, and they have more lecithin that cholesterol, making the consumption of eggs something that actually reduces cholesterol….

t was dangerous for other people (women under 25) to have low cholesterol,

In my life eggs have been good for you, bad for you, good for you, bad for you…., ditto salt, bacon, olive oil, butter and more.


What made me absolutely stop paying attention was when I saw a report, back in the late 70s or early 80s, that said lettuce causes cancer. That’s when I realized they weren’t doing science, they were just fucking with me.


As an addendum to my post about how annoyed I was that people are finally noticing how big a liar Obama is, we see this post from Feb. 2012 about how people were noticing how he lied to get his stimulizing done.

True believers want to be deceived and that’s why I stated that they will not learn a thing when he lies the next time. You know, like over legalizing illegals.


Here we have some upcoming hilarity. Ace’s post in its entirety

Grubez “Invited” To Testify Before Issa’s Committee on Transparency

Awesome. If Grubez refuses the invitation, he might get a subpoena instead.

You realize what that means? As Obama is saying that he’s never heard of a Gruber, he’ll declare that Gurber can’t testify before Congress because of executive privilege.

That’s gonna be funny.

I anxiously await CNN explaining how the GOP are meanies for not agreeing this.

That’s gonna be funnier.

You know, in an infuriatingly endy way.


Let’s start with beer.


That’s right people, Canada has bacon beer and they won’t share. (won’t ship to the US)

They really don’t need to be pissing America off right now, we got a threshold, Canada. we got a threshold for the abuse that we will take. Now, right now, we’re a fuckin’ race car, right, and our gov’t got us in the red. And we’re just sayin’, we’re just sayin’ that it’s fuckin’ dangerous to have a race car in the fuckin’ red. That’s all. We could blow. So don’t be bogarting that bacon beer!

So Obama spent an hour or so lying to the American people last night and Vodkapundit was there to get drunk and watch it so you don’t have to. I was able to get drunk and didn’t have to have a lying sack of shit harsh my buzz. Thanks Stephen!

I’m planning a post on that speech but I just can’t read the link with the transcript. I might have to read that tree-fucking link first to calm myself down.

FrnakJ must be taking his medication, his Harvey personality is on top. That’s the calm one.

Post updated to make this clear

There he links a guy who compares car regulations to gun regulations in a pointingly and laughingly way. Interesting, and infuriating as it so clearly illustrates that the whole, “We should regulate guns just like cars” deal is just surface stupidity that is used by and appeals to shallow-thinking people.

Eric notices they must have released the 4th edition of Stuff  Jefferson Said.

Not sure if you’ve seen the quote, but here it is

Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor.

Go to Eric’s to see exactly how that’s been dowdified, bowdlerized and cut from context.

Mad Magazine had a bit with movie reviews once, a guy would say, “This movie is horrible, go see a good movie instead” and the quote would read “This movie is a good movie!”. That was more honest than the above ‘quote’.

An’ by their friends shall ye know them.  Ted Cruz does something so despicable that I can’t believe he did it, when the committee was ‘debating’ the Hagel nomination, he noted that our enemies are surely happy about Hagel.

That’s just beyond the pale. I mean, the whole reason Obama wants the guy is because they’re in accord: America sucks, of course our enemies will be happy.

In NY we see they’re calling in the experts on frackingto determine how safe and envirowacko it is.

Yoko Ono!

Which is actually about perfect. No, bear with me. She’s already destroyed one of the greatest rock bands ever, wouldn’t finishing the destruction of a once great state be a standard career arc based on that? I just worry where she’s headed next.

Okay, this is one of my favorites.  So everybody remembers Knut, the cute, baby polar bear that freaked people out by growing into a full sized polar bear, then he died, right?.

So they skinned him, built a statue and put the fur on the statue. Sorta funny, so why is it my favorite? Quotes, people, always get the quotes for the full experience.

“It’s important to make clear we haven’t had Knut stuffed,” …”It’s an artistically valuable sculpture with the original fur.”

I’m not sure if I see a distinction there, stuffed or just skinned, but she’s happy about it so that’s all that matters.

Two things on this story.  That crazed cop-killing cop out west was in the battle with police as people were cheering him on via Twitter.

First, it’s funny how tea partiers who clean up after themselves and have pretty much proven prophetic about where Obama took our gov’t are vicious animals who must be stopped but murderous lefties are heroes.

Second, those people were cheering a guy the gov’t was trying to kill. Alternatively, people were cheering the guy who was trying to kill gov’t folks.

That can’t be good for California state gov’t.

Speaking of being pissed off about state gov’t, Olympic Arms told NYS they won’t be selling any more firearms to NY LEOs. Good. Fuck em.

I had some international WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! things I wanted to get to, but I really want to get to the titties, so WWIII is just going to have to wait.

First, we’ve seen it all over but I’m linking for obvious reasons.

Her cupeth overfloweth!

I’m not exactly sure what that story is about, but it has something to do with Kate Upton’s tits so I’m linking.

Second, I started this post about 2 hours ago but as I got all the links something happened and I really needed to stop posting for a while. What happened?

This happened.  Headline from a story about Mila:

‘I’m happy to go naked, just don’t ask me about Ashton’

She wants to get naked and doesn’t want to talk about that tool? All we need now is bacon beer! Hey Mila, you wanna go to Canada?

This post needs pictures, hmmmm, what kind? I know! Pictures of Obama. Plenty of pictures of him below the fold!



Posted: November 17, 2012 by Edward von Bear in Baconblogging, Fucking Markets

Of all of the moments I have had as a parent, few have been more satisfying than watching my daughter fall whilst riding her bicycle. While that may sound harsh, I do not revel in seeing her in pain or disappointed; no, my happiness came when, after a moment of sniffling and checking to make sure that the scrape on her leg or elbow was not serious, she picked herself and her bicycle up, climbed back on, and proceeded to ride some more, never giving up, and proceeding down the path. I mention this because for all of my worries about her future, I am a bit more sanguine than I should be, since if she can pick herself up after a mishap at a mere 7 years old, she certainly has the innerworkings to survive (and thrive) in any environment she may face as she grows older.

The same should apply to us in the wake of the recent election. Yes, we lost and they won. That, sadly, is beyond dispute. But what next? How and what do we do to start the clock over? How do we reset and begin anew? What do we do with the first second of the new era, in the hopes of doing what needs to be done to push back statism? Will you give up? Will you just say, “fuck it”? Or, will you be like a 7 year old on her bike and get back up and continue the fight, albeit under a new set of rules?

Honestly, I have no fucking clue what to do next. I have no fucking clue how to handle the first second of the first minute of the new era we are in. But I can guaranfuckingtee you this, I’ll get back on that bicycle and plow ahead on my own if I fucking have to, learning along the way what needs to be done next and how to apply it. I will do this steeled by words I came across this week while looking for something else, though I loved them. These were the words of Pope John XXIII as Vatican II rolled along in an effort to inspire the bishops and priests in attendance:

Consult not your fears
but your hopes and your dreams.
Think not about your frustrations,
but about your unfulfilled potential.
Concern yourself not
with what you tried and failed in,
but with what it is still possible
for you to do

Yes, what is still possible. How can I look the child who pulls herself up off the ground in the eye and quit? How can I let defeatism and frustration get in the way? How can I stifle her hopes and dreams by not fighting for them? And how can you do the same for those you care for? How can you look in the mirror and admit defeat and refuse to look to what is still possible, albeit in trying circumstances? That is how I have picked myself up off the floor after the defeat a few weeks ago. And I hope you do the same.

To everyone out there, I have no idea where this road will take all of us, but I promise you this: I will not leave you stranded if you pick yourself up, get back on that bicycle, and restart your clocks with me. I also promise this to be one hell of a ride.

And as for the lefties spiking the football, let me add something for you:


Body Mass Hysteria

Posted: May 8, 2012 by veeshir in Baconblogging

For years we’ve been hearing how our culture is too obsessed with thin, it’s bad for wymyn and growing things.

Now that our friendly nannarchists have figured out another way to control a huge aspect of our lives, well, Journolist is on the job

“The average person cannot maintain a healthy weight in this obesity-promoting environment,” she said.

And of course, it’s not our fault we’re all fat, it has nothing to do with self-control.

Even worse, it’s all cased by Big Food (I actually saw that on CNN yesterday, Big Food. That’s hilariously hilarious in an end of civilization way).

No, seriously. There’s been a study and everything.

The study debunks the idea that overweight individuals simply lack the self-control to resist a bacon sundae. Instead, it argues that the United States promotes obesity by offering few options for a healthy lifestyle.

So just because you can buy veggies and all manner of good foods and cook them, McD’s mind-control rays apparently have control over our lives.

It would be funny if more Americans had heavy weaponry. Alas, contra the NY Times, I cannot buy a grenade launcher, sidewinder missiles, medium or even light artillery at gun shows.

As a counterweight, I give you the bacon sandwich

Medicinal Grade Bacon

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Not enough fuck, not enough bacon

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Someone needs to fix that, pronto.

(via Wordle)

Another bacon delivery device

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Up your nose.  (Rubber hose optional.)