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Every once in a while some talking head says that ISIS wants a fight with the West and we shouldn’t give it to them.

As if we had a real choice in the matter.

ISIS’s raison d’être is an apocalyptic confrontation with the non-muslim world. They’re not going to stop terrorizing, beheading, raping, enslaving, and committing genocide until they get their all-out final battle.

No, political talk of trying to see whether sand will glow in the dark probably isn’t a good general election message.  But neither is, “eh, we can handle a few terrorist attacks a year and tolerate an islamo-nazi death cult state in the Middle East.”

Who Cares?

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We’re going a $trillion more in debt each year and they’re arguing over whether it’s a little over a trillion or a little under a trillion dollars.

So the question:

Am I the only one who, except for barrycades, is utterly uninterested in what the politicians are doing in relation to the shutdown?


Update, speaking of barrycades.


A Kentucky teen with a deadly illness came to the city to fulfill a lifelong dream: to climb the steps of the Statue of Liberty


You know what happened next. At least they didn’t arrest her.



Only stupid.

Remember when the huddled masses, yearning to be free looked to America? That was the Before, we’re in the Now.

To try to rescue the meeting (with Kerry about Syria V), Robert S. Ford, the American ambassador to Syria and chief envoy to the opposition, was sent to Cairo on Sunday to implore opposition leaders to attend the session in Rome.


We’re reduced to begging jihadis to talk to us.


Next, a little Ukrainian humor.

Eh, I wouldn’t click, they’re speaking whatever it is they speak in Ukraine. Here’s the story , apparently some geeks feel the need to have the gov’t want to kill them so they’re demanding their Internet Party (a political party)

“As a symbol of invincibility and power of Internet Party of Ukraine I decided to intervene personally into a destiny of this institution,” the man said. “I will not let any Rabinovich to make raider attacks on oppositional political parties. I will make every official directly or indirectly involved in this crime to regret about it.


It’s all fun and games until you end up in a dank dungeon, like the former PM.


In more “When a nitwit meets a nitwit going through the rye (whiskey)” news: Hannity V Ellison! No brains enter, one mouth leave!


In related news (no whiskey this time) we see that Obama and Congressional ‘Leaders’ are going to meet to avert the catastrophe that is sequester the day after it goes into effect.

My prediction of no budget, just another continuing spending resolution is looking better and better.


In ignorant fool v ignorant fool news, I’m linking the Grauniad to praise them not point and spit!

They’re making fun of the BBC for some global warmmongering idiocy they put out. Quoth the gruaniad making fun of BBC

Africa’s climate is certainly changing. Some parts of the continent have become 3.5C hotter in the past 20 years.


They call bullshit on that, I’m surprised about this, the Grauniad  makes stuff up all the time, but good for them anyway.


This one should be hilarious, except it’s not. Some guy wrote a poem praising the Tunisians’ revolution, gets a sentence of life in prison the Thug of Qatar . Civil libertarians are OUTRAGED!!!!!! that a place that has no free speech doesn’t have free speech, so they reduced the sentence to 15 years. The head thugs actually thought that would make it all better. See? Funny but not.

Once again, I’m on the Nazi’s side. A retired soldier tried to fly a flag, HOA says no.

Listen, if you want to be free on your own property, do not cede control to an HOA.


Another attempt at a drudgetaposition

Libyan arms seized on way to Gaza.

Libya wants arms embargo lifted so they can import weapons.


Okay, this is fucked up. In the 80s I had a lot of money with Shearson/Lehman brothers. Shortly thereafter, like many others, I didn’t have any money with Shearson/Lehman bro’s. Fuck. So last year I checked on NY State’s “recovered funds page” and found that my 401(k) was still opened. My $2k had skyrocketed over 20 years to $3k! Eh,  I got it when I needed it.

So what’s fucked up about that? This from Australia.

Under recent changes to the law designed to raise $109 million this financial year, deposits can be deemed unclaimed if a transaction has not been made on an account for three years or more, down from seven years previously.

Accountant Bryan Lukav oversaw an account for a client that contained the bond for a commercial property. He was advised to withdraw or deposit at least $1. If he didn’t, he was told the government could seize the account.


Fuck, they just have no rights.

3 chucklers today! I’m all excited.

First, I don’t get this. Russia is upset their hotdogs have horse meat in them. What? You’re afraid there won’t be enough insect and rat parts? Hotdogs, like food only not.


Don’t get me wrong, I like going to Vegas, but when people complain about losing I always say, “That’s why bookies drive Caddies.”

The only way a bookie goes broke is if he gets hit with a huge winner(s) or his protection money is too high. NY OTB went bankrupt for the second reason.

Now, let’s look at lottery, it’s gambling for people who can’t do math. The house takes a ridiculous percentage.

Illinois is bouncing checks to the winners.

Wrap your head around that, you have a 1 in 93 trillion chance of winning and that’s not enough for them to stay solvent.  “Hey, you can’t win if you play” isn’t a good selling model for lottery.

The NY Post gets “cannibal’ , ‘BBQ’ and ‘Beauty’ in the headline! Bravo!

First, a little middle east boom! Israel’s talking about hitting Syria again (as per the AP, I figure their opposition research found out about this). Here’s hoping.

As we’ve seen with the gun control ‘debate’. the American people have spoken while our pols are trying to figure out how much they can get away with. Case in point.

A bipartisan coalition of senators is working on a proposal to strengthen and expand background checks for potential gun purchasers

That’s the famous “Gun Show Loophole” where private individuals can sell their private, legally owned property, to another private individual without the gov’t being involved. And we can’t have that so naturally GOP Senators need to preen for the cameras and if it makes America a little less free? Well, that’s the price they’re willing to make us pay.

A letter from the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Benevolent Association to the feckless assholes running NYS.  ((PDF alert, this link is to Bob Owens and isn’t a PDF). It’s worth a read. They talk about the hurried nature of the passage and how it will make the police less safe as they will now have to confiscate millions of goods that were legally owned last week.

I absolutely love when they note tha semi-auto pistols with one (1) scary feature will require yearly registration.

“While it may come as a surprise to the authors of this legislation, most semi-automatic pistols do in fact come with a pistol grip…”

I’m pretty sure that’s Sheriffese for “You fucking booger-eating moh-ron”

And here’s the part that I was waiting for.

In conclusion, we would be remiss were we not to mention our outrage at the conduct of the Senate Republican Coalition…We have, in the past, always looked to the Republican party to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens…

See, there’s your problem right there. You haven’t been paying attention to the politicians you idiots and assholes have been electing.

In East Coast boom news, Jerry Rivers….Geraldo Rivera is thinking of running for Senate in NJ. Oh man do I hope that happens. No more of this pussy-footing around, let’s get down to the real end of civilization. The suspense isn’t good anymore, it’s just getting tedious. Besides, my stock of fresh water is getting stale.

Bwahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha. This is hilarious. People get the gov’t they want.

Case in point, DC folks are afraid of freedom. If someone uses something in a scary manner, that thing must be banned!!!

So since some criminals use ski masks for their criminalizing, DC is thinking of banning….ski masks! That’s fucking hilarious.

I’m glad I read this article, I did not know this.

D.C. law already ban individuals — ages 16 and up — from wearing masks in public under certain circumstances, such as while committing a crime or with “the intent to intimidate, threaten, abuse or harass any other person.”

It’s against the law to wear a ski mask while you’re breaking the law. Bwahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhaha.
How funny, and scarily endy, is it when our ‘leaders’ think making something even more illegaller will stop it.
A truckload of fireworks intended for Lunar New Year celebrations went off Friday in a massive, deadly explosion that destroyed part of an elevated highway in central China,
Why is that good news? Because the fireworks usually blow up in the school where they’re made and kill a bunch of children.


Last, we have someone elucidating the obvious.

And it’s not me!

Nothing special, just an article where someone notices that maybe them wingnuts aren’t crazy talking about librul media.

I wasn’t going to link it, it’s really just rehashing shit I say with less cussing, but he ends with this.


It will be interesting to see how much worse things will get, and what will finally emerge from the wreckage.


Story of our times friend, story of our times.

I’ve been wondering that about a bunch of states and the country as a whole.

I keep hearing that Republicans have more leverage on the debt ceiling debate, so we shouldn’t feel so bad that nothing got accomplished on the initial “fiscal cliff” deal.

How’s that again?

The basic structure of the game is the same, but the Republicans are sitting on a nuclear bomb rather than just a daisy-cutter.  The same media memes will play out… Obama will accuse the Republicans of holding the nation hostage and call for a “balanced” approach that is anything but.

Perhaps Republicans will grow a pair between now and then.  Perhaps the media can be sufficiently prepped by weeks of campaigning to Jedi-mind-trick folks into thinking this is a different game.

But it isn’t a very different game.  It’s almost exactly the same.  You could even argue that it’s worse for Republicans because the consequences of failure are worse.  In the nightmare scenario we have a “hard” sovereign default.  To avoid this, Obama will probably make a power grab, such as invoking the 14th Amendment, or minting new large-denomination platinum coins.

And where are we then?

I never watch political stuff, the last time I watched a president speak was Bush’ speech in late September, 2001 and then the SOTU in January of 2002. I’ve tried to watch that stuff most of my adult (…errr… near adult) life and can never take more than about 5 seconds of some asshole lying at my face and expecting me to take it.

Case in point, last night’s debate. I don’t watch debates, I read Stephen Green’s drunkblog.

Quoth Obama

6:21PM Obama: The strong economy is why gas is up to $4


I would have thrown the dog through the TV if I had been watching that. I’ve been reading that the debate was close and maybe Obama won.

What the fuck did Romney say to lose to someone who could say stuff like that? Did he ask Glenn Reynolds for a smoothie?

Eh, how about some sports stuff?

Fucking Nats.

I was a life-long Mets fan. The Mets tried to compete with the Yankees in the “Buy a Championship” game. They both apent $2mil per win, the problem being that the Yankees payroll was $200 mi (100 wins) while the Mets was $150mil (75 wins).

After the last strike I had pretty much given up on baseball. I watched the playoffs and the occasional game, but that’s it. Then the Nationals came to DC and I became a fan. They were great. Their games were exciting, and then the lost it in the 8th and 9th. But you knew they were going to lose so afterward, you just went to bed.

This year, they played great. It sucked. I had to worry about what Atlanta was doing, what Cincy was doing, what the fucking Nats were doing. To lose the way they did was crushing. Up 6-0 in the 3rd, then 7-5 in the 9th and I could just hear the closer think, “Watch me strike him out him with my powerful perplexing psychedelic pachydermic percussion pitch!” just before he gave up 4 runs.

Sigh. I guess I could become a Dbacks fan, but they’re too bad, their games are just no fun to watch. Even when they win their games are boring and annoying.

Yay! The regular refs are back!!!!! Throwing 10 times as many flags as the replacement refs and blowing the same-percentage! I saw them screw the Jets on an instant replay call, that was funny. The Jets got their butts kicked that game so it didn’t matter, but that was still funny.

The refs screwed a bunch of a teams, not calling pass-intereference when it was blatant, calling some bullshit pass interference (Monday night had an egregious example) that changed the outcome of the game.

I want the replacements back. Sure they screwed up the rules once in a while, but they kept their dam flags in their dam pockets and let people play. As for the Green Bay game, who doesn’t think the regular refs wouldn’t have fucked that call up too?

Show of hands, how many of you know there’s a hockey strike? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Dear NHL, your sports’ popularity is about on par with the Westminster Dog Show, nobody realizes you’re on strike. What’s more, nobody gives a shit. Didn’t you figure anything out after the last strike? Eh, at least the Islanders aren’t eliminated from the playoffs yet this way.

Basketball. Who cares what a bunch of “Me-Me-Me” Thugs do? I used to like basketball. Now I can’t take it. And if I hear one more idiot say Kobe is as good as Jordan was, well, I’m gonna have to kick the dog. Kobe might be as good as Jordan was, but Kobe is nowhere near as dominating over the other players as Jordan was. Every great player in the league had a rivalry with Jordan. Jordan, of course, didn’t have a rivalry with anybody. That’s like Oklahoma State having a rivalry with Tulsa Community College. Hell, he made Scotty Pippin look good. (look at the year Jordan played baseball. The Bulls were not even “also-ran”s, they were “also-stumbled”)

So another post without a theme. Needs hottasery.


Harry Reid should shut his wordhole

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When American fashion icons are making a serious effort to properly dress our Olympians.  And yes, I’ve checked the intarwebs, and most people hate the uniform. I don’t, I’d tone the white trouser down with a stone or khaki, and ditch the beret and fucking wear and love it.  Seems like everyone hates the beret, I don’t love it either (clicky for 2012 Olympic uniform slideshow), but I’m not reflexively anti-beret, either.  I’m already getting annoyed by the derptarded ZOMG WE’RE NOT FRANCE comments.

The reason I don’t love Lauren’s choice in the beret is that it doesn’t work well with a well-cut navy blazer, berets have their place, this ain’t it.  I understand what Lauren was going for here, but it didn’t work that well.  The beret is far too casual for that blazer, and they just don’t suit blazers in general. I do actually think a slightly revised beret would work for the ladies of the US Olympic team, but not on the men’s uniform.  I much preferred Lauren’s 2008 uniform, with the white cap,


Though the cap is not really traditional summer wear.  What would I do instead of the beret?  I’d actually consider the boater,

It’s a classic, bold look, and a traditional summer hat that is formal enough to work with the blazer, white trouser and white bucks that Lauren chose for 2012.  Blazers and boaters are a natural match for one another.  I can understand why Lauren didn’t go with the boater, it IS a challenging look in the modern age and Lauren sure as fuck wouldn’t sell many.  However, I do believe they’d work and look excellent, better than the beret.

But, back to Harry Reid…Harry Reid can shut right the fuck up, and Chuck Schumer too.  I can assure you Chuckie’s little push to write a law requiring that the privately funded Olympic Committee use US made garments is a pander to the burnt-out husk that remains of the New York garment and textile industry.  Trust me, I know more than enough about the garment industry of the northeast and Chuckie Schumer’s close relationship to it to know what that’s all about. I really hope that Ralph Lauren and the USOC stick to their guns and tell Reid, Schumer, and anyone else that wants to be a right cunt about it all to get bent.  BTW, Lauren is providing the clothes to the US Olympic team gratis, so double fuck the haters.

And seriously, are you really ready to argue that Lauren’s uniforms are even close to as bad as the heaping bowlful of AIDS and FAIL that Roots put together in 2004?

Seriously?  What the fuck is this shit?  I thought these were awful when I saw them in ’04, and I think they’re even worse now. Jesus Tapdancing Christ what the fuck were they thinking?

I’d love to know where Roots had their stuff produced, was it in the US?  And if I had to wager, no one said a fucking thing about Lauren’s uniform in 2008, and I’d wager it was all foreign-made then too.

And beyond that, what the fuck are they supposed to wear? Fucking tracksuits?  Ill fitting jeans or shorts and t-shirts with Nikes like I usually see walking about?  Tapout and Affiction shirts three sizes too small and brah hats?

No, you cannot go into the Olympics looking like a fucking schlub shitpile, this is the fucking Olympics.  You need to look nice, at least for the opening ceremony, and unfortunately, modern American dress and nice are not friends for the most part…full disclosure, I currently own not one pair of jeans, and dress in a fairly preppy manner (as a Certified Yankee Snob and having never attended a day of public school, I maintain that right).  I’m working rather hard to improve my wardrobe.  So yes, I generally like Lauren as a designer, and have some Lauren clothes.

The Olympics are tough in that you have to balance formality and casual and formality and athleticism.  For America, that pretty much narrows it down to two styles, the Ivy/Prep style or semi-formal Western.

There have been years where we’ve done a more western style, and I’ve generally liked those, I think the last was in 2000. A nice Stetson, conservative sport coat, trousers and conservative boot (keep those ostrich and snakeskins home there, pard) or shoe would be a nice option.  However, let’s be blunt about this…Lauren and Western wear…yeah NO.  Leave that shit to people who aren’t Ralph Lauren.  And if Lauren is footing the bill, and he is, it’s full prep ahead motherfuckers!