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Speaking of dazed and confused, J Effin Kerry has ‘negotiated’ a Cease-Fire in Syria!!!!!

Expect the unexpected news that this cease-fire includes lots of bombs and probably some more gas attacks.

In more dazed and confused news, in speaking about Trump, Hillary! says

So it is clear that he went down with a mission, it’s been the mission of his whole campaign, from the very first day, to demonize immigrants to call mexicans rapists and criminals, to do everything he could to stir up all kinds of bad feelings about hard working people.

Hillary! also says

“To just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables,'” Clinton said, according to a recording of her remarks obtained by Variety. “Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.

Huh. So it’s bad when you demonize furriners but not so bad when you demonize Americans.

She does realize she’s running for president of America, doesn’t she?

Another thing she doesn’t seem to realize is that, even though she said we wouldn’t put troops in Iraq, we already have them.

Twitchy is unclear on the concept of minitrue,

Why isn’t Hillary Clinton’s ground troops gaffe bigger news?

I’ll field that one, cuz they are busy trying to get her elected.
Now if Trump had said it, we would see it in every news broadcast, Law & Order episode and commercials for dog food. Heck, they’d work it into the next few movies released.


So what do Clintonistas do when they gain the reins of power?

The counter at has the total number of people (and folks) shot standing at 3,000 this very morning…

nd finally, the Captain of this sinking vessel, a man who needs a milk crate just to see over the tidal wave of corruption, a guy who never met the underside of a bus he couldn’t shovel someone under (even if he needed a jack to raise the bus a little bit higher), the 9.5-digit-midget himself, Rahm.

He has brought a tone-deafness to the mayor’s office unseen in history. And now, he has a shooting total that rivals that of an actual war. He took the “Second City” and made it “Number One!” with a bullet….or a lot of bullets we suppose.

Yeah, expect more of that. More cities being blown up by their inhabitants and more inhabitants being blown up by more jihadis.

Clintonistas do not know how to lead, they think they know how to reign. Which means attacking those who disagree with you and paying off those who do while the little people, the ones who cannot give Clintons and their istas $millions, get blown up.

So we might have that going for us.

Dick and Liz Cheney have a different take, but then, they’re more optimistic than I am.

Defeating our enemies has been made significantly more difficult by the policies of Barack Obama. No American president has done more to weaken the U.S., hobble our defenses or aid our adversaries.

Yeah, we’ve been dealing with Carter’s idiocies for 30 years, I figure Obama can double that.

Let’s get into some Dem lies

Despite Mr. Obama’s claim that ISIS has been diminished, John Brennan, Mr. Obama’s CIA director, told the Senate Intelligence Committee in June that, “Our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability or global reach.”

Yeah, when Hillary! was Sec State, we saw all of our gains in the middle east blow up. We can expect her to import that blown upedness to America as POTUS.

The Cheneys sum it up

The president who came into office promising to end wars has made war more likely by diminishing America’s strength and deterrence ability. He doesn’t seem to understand that the credible threat of military force gives substance and meaning to our diplomacy.

Peace through superior firepower.

Although I have high hopes that Trump believes in peace through Moon-nuking.

Afraid of us because we’re badasses or because we’re crazy badasses, either one is fine with me.

As FrnakJ wrote long ago, we don’t need to worry about what the world thinks of us, they need to worry about what we think of them.

Those non-European countries really do not want Americans to know where to find them on the map. That usually means the Marines have that part of the map circled.

Let’s end on some absolute idiotic hilarity.

You know what’s hilarious? When people who clearly have no experience with superhero lore make up rules about superhero stuff.

That among other things, but good point.

So a little girl had a Wonder Woman lunch box, with Empowered Wymyn images on it, nothing violent, but her parents got a note telling them not to let the girl bring violent imagery into the school. There’s a pic of the letter and the lunch-box.

What concerns me more than a little girl being deprived of the chance to pay homage to a worthy fictional role model is the idea that “violent images,” “violent characters,” and “superheroes” are all conflated without context….

But this lunchbox has a picture of Wonder Woman’s face on one side, and on the other a full-body picture of her flying while extolling her beauty and wisdom. Two very non-violent qualities. What’s more, she’s holding her Lasso of Truth, which she never uses as a weapon.

RTWT, especially if you have kids in a public school and you’re out of espresso and having a hard time waking up. That’ll give you a nice shot of adrenaline.

School boards should be a controlled substance. Rare and only allowed out in America under a Dr’s supervision and heavily medicated.


So how do you celebrate Labor Day when you’re not working?

By working!

The things I do for you person.


Obama egging on BLM again. 

[H]e’s following his constitutional right to make a statement,” Obama said…

The biggest strawman argument about Kapernik was “First Amendment!!!!!”

Yeah, we know. And the First Amendment means we can call him an ignorant, divisive asshole.

“I don’t doubt his sincerity. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about.

I should say, not just Obama, Kapernik is an ignorant divisive asshole too.

Hillary! shaking down kids for their lunchcollege money.

A child under 16 can ask a single question of Hillary for no less than $2,700.

I can’t believe I’ve found a worse thing done to a child than be used as an expensive prop for electing a corrupt, dishonest Grannarch.


4-year old to undergo sex change operation in Australia.

Sorry, that’s about the most horrible thing I’ve read in years. Every adult involved in that needs to be castrated with a hedge trimmer (or lose tits if it’s a woman), drawn, quartered, fed to starving dingoes, then kill the dingoes and shove them into a cesspool.

Then nuke the cesspool.


Nough politics and horror, on to important stuff!

It turns out that there’s a rare fungus mushroom only found in Hawaiian lava flows that can cause women to spontaneously orgasm.


Just don’t bring back any volcanic sand.

Which leads us to another unnatural way to get it on.

Humans could become addicted to robot sex!!!!!!!

But now comes the warning – according to a expert in the field, we’ll need to be careful we don’t get addicted to artificial intelligence love making.

Of course, since it’s Minitrue, they ignore that this has already been covered in a documentary about New New York.


I’ll admit it, I’ve been boned by people, but never like this.

4 people and a divemaster went diving and the boat left them.

How does a tour boat leave without the divemaster?


Who sounded like an idiot, he told them to swim away from land until the riptides sucked them miles out to sea.

Important tip, if you’re in the water and your boat leaves you and some idiot tells you to swim away from land, don’t.  Swim toward land.


Nough current, future, horrible and idiotic events, how about some history?

I don’t recall seeing this at Coyote Blog, but then, I lost the link a few computers ago.

After seeing a piece of my son’s history curriculum at school, I realized for about the hundredth time just how poor an understanding most people have about the great industrialists of the 19th century, so unfairly painted as “robber barons”.  While it is said that “history is written by the victors”, I would observe that despite the fact that socialism and communism have been given a pretty good drubbing over the last 20 years, these statists still seem to be writing history.

Exactly, they did more to make America great than any 10 politicians and for that, our fine marxist betters will never forgive them.

How about a little plus ça change?

The first is Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt, the person to whom the term robber baron was originally applied (by the New York Times, interestingly enough – some things never change).

Back to the lesson, no, the other lesson.

However, most of the great industrialists of the 19th century made money by providing customers with a better, cheaper product.  In the rest of this post, I will look at two examples.

RTWT, or better yet, forward the whole thing to a youngster to counter the hate and bile from our fine, ignorant, capitalist-hating,”elitist” betters.


Awesome story from a Knuckledragging sort of guy.

Champion’s name, and that of his partner, Nick Ray, topped a death list that the small army carried when they invaded Johnson County the day before. Ostensibly, they were on a mission to eliminate rustlers; the list, however, included small ranchers, everyday citizens, and the county sheriff—essentially, anyone whom they considered “undesirable.” (Gulp, V)…

It was, perhaps, the most unique siege in the annals of the West, mainly because Nate Champion—while thousands of rounds turned the inside of the cabin to splinters, and his friend and partner lay dying just a few feet away—had the presence of mind to keep a journal of the event.



I only hope I can do the same when the NOAA, EPA and NASA SWAT teams show up at my house with my name topping their list.



But SJW busybodies want to do the same thing.  (via Paco)

Warning: The following post may cause severe damage to forehead, desk or keyboard.

…University of California Santa Cruz… bias reporting system to alert campus leaders that their feelings have been hurt or they have been called mean names by peers – complaints then probed by administrators.

…they will expand the program… with a seven-member administrative Bias Response Team deemed to be “the first responder to bias-related incidents.” (do they get a yellow and pink flashy light for their Bias Response Prius? V)

The team consists of the dean of students, director of counseling, campus chief of police, vice provost for academic affairs, associate vice chancellor of educational services, associate vice chancellor of safety services, and the campus diversity officer for students and staff.


An emergency response Bias Response Team. So what sort of things do they investigate?

a student upset because a peer said “You’re a guy. Dress like a guy.”…
a student upset because people “talk badly behind my back and text … mean things about me.”
a student upset because people clapped instead of snapped at a student govt. meeting…


Shit, I forgot that last idiocy. You’re not supposed to clap anymore and apparently, if you do, it’s a hate crime.

I guarantee that I will clap for the rest of my life. And if people tell me it’s a hate crime and I need to snap my fingers instead? I’ll applaud their efforts while laughing in their faces. Of course, I’ll probably be arrested over that. Such is life in this Age of Idiocy.

The first two I quoted are just dumb. Jebus. People talk about you behind your back and you need to call your university mommy to make it better?

Okay, that’s so utterly ridiculous I can’t even figure out how it makes me feel. Sorta laughing, sorta cringing, sorta just sad for the state of our civilization. These are the people who will be our next crop of “adults” who are supposed to keep the country working.

I guess I need to go to my safe space.

safe space

High Praise! to Harvey at IMAO for finding this.

Ohio State administrators did the right thing by telling their precious snowflakes to shut the fuck up and we were all impressed.

Now, their greek council is treating free speech the way the one at Faber U treated Delta House.

Since some anonymous people enChalkened OU, they’re cancelling Greek Week. The quote at the end is High-Larious, in a really stupid way.

“In making these changes, we understand that there are many who will feel that this is a punishment,” the governing councils stated in their letter, according to The Post. “We acknowledge that some teams have made efforts to be inclusive, but as a collective it is our responsibility to hold each other accountable with the ultimate goal of unifying the community.”

Inclusion, it’s only for some people.

To steal a bit from Uncle,




Via Doug Ross’ Larwyn’s Lynx, we see the Quote Of The Day.

A prominent conservative political pundit (George Freaking Will V) was uninvited from speaking at Scripps College, in a program designed to promote conservative views on campus, because of his conservative views.


The funniest part? Most of America would not have any idea why the rest of us  find that so funny.


It’s even funnier that it’s George Will. I’d bet a dollar he agrees with the Dem leadership more than most Dem voters do.

I know, I know, it would much be easier and less time consuming at this point to list the things that are right with California, but my home state provides provides an instructive (read horrifying) look at what happens when the Democrat party and its allies are allowed to run things without any real opposition. For instance:

In 2012, the Assembly considered a bill making it easier to fire teachers who sexually abuse students. Consider for a second that word “easier” — should anything be easier than simply firing somebody who molests children? The bill was written in response to the case of a Los Angeles elementary-school teacher who was fired after being accused of sexually abusing his students, and who challenged his firing. Rather than act in accord with the horrifying details of the case, the school district paid the teacher $40,000 to drop his appeal. That’s small change compared with the $30 million settlement the district is paying to the teacher’s alleged victims as a result of the case, or, for that matter, compared with the $23 million bail requirement that is keeping teacher Mark Berndt behind bars as he awaits trial on 23 felony counts of gruesome sexual abuse.

Against that background, making it easier to fire teachers facing credible accusations of sexual abuse seems like a pretty straightforward proposition. But the California Teachers Association and other unions presented a united front against a bill passed by the state senate, and it died in the Assembly.

There’s ever so much more at the link, but you might want to skip this one if your blood pressure is on the high side. I suppose the only silver lining here is that it’s going to be a bit of a stretch for anybody to blame this shit on conservatives, though I’m sure there’s some way they can bitch about this being a consequence of Prop 13, which is the default response among our state’s lefties whenever they manage to fuck up public education even more.

Well there’s a link in your eye that keeps shining.

There is not a lot of love to be found, but why don’t you click some and make it all right?

I went to Kenya in 84, it was awesome. The people were cool, they liked Americans and only tried to sell me stuff (of course, I kept my cigs in my shirt pocket so many people helped themselves with a grin). That was about a year after their last civil war. One tribe  controlled the Air Force while another tribe, Danial arap Moi’s, controlled the Army. The Army won (yay!, the other tribe wanted to kill whitey). It looks as if the tribal war is heating up.

Just before the polls opened it was reported that four policemen were hacked to death by a gang of machete-wielding youths in the area of Mombasa.

Apcray.  It’s too bad, Kenya was awesome. If you’re ever in a Swahili-speaking country, umbili beer burridisan (phonetic) means “2  beers cold please”.

In more murderous African news, we at least get some hilarity .


Sudan Ramps Up Its Persecution of Christians

How exactly does that work? They’ve been killing and enslaving Christians for a long time now, how do you ramp up murder, rapine, expulsion from their land and slavery? Are they signing them up for magazine subscriptions they don’t want?

And lest the people of Darfur start thinking the murderous  Religion of Peace-ists running the country have forgotten them, they’re killing them too!

Sudan breached UN sanctions by using warplanes and rockets bought from Belarus and Russia in the Darfur conflict,

Business as usual in other words, with Russia and their pet dictator in Belarus providing peaceful weapons in a peaceful manner (peaceful as a grave).

But there is some interesting news, apparently there’s a civil war going on and the rebels are not doing too shabbily.

The fight for El Kurmuk — which Sudan’s army has denied — is the most serious for more than a year in Blue Nile state, which has been largely sealed from the outside world.

“There has been heavy fighting since the start of this week,” said the source, who cannot be identified.

Rebels claimed on Sunday to have pushed into Kurmuk’s southwest.

I’ll tell you what, generals might not want to get involved in a land war in Asia, but nobody wants to get involved in any fucking war in Africa. Being hacked partially apart with a machete or being shot by a 9 year old with an AK is so commonplace as to be not even notable.

Plagues in Egypt. I’ve read that book, it doesn’t end well.

The last time I respected a Law & Order episode was about female genital mutilation, that was a time when lefties almost (they came so close) admitted that some cultures just suck. It’s still going on and the only way to eradicate it is to stop pretending that brutal, murderous cultures don’t suck.

That’s enough African barbarity, I just can’t take it. When I was young I used to wonder why I deserved to be born in America and not there. That’s when I realized that it’s best not to think about it, just be grateful.

Speaking of murderous cultures that suck, I see a shortage of meat hooks for dragging people through the streets on the horizon.

Gaza’s Hamas rulers say they will begin a new campaign to find Palestinian collaborators with Israel.


I had some other middle east stuff, but just accept they’re working on killing everybody.

In an article about the criteria for the new pope I learned an awesome new word,  “Papabile”. It means that you’re considered in the running for Pope. Let’s see if I can work it into a sentence.

I’m palpably unpapabile!

Let’s go to America! I live there so it interests me.

In an update to the article about the kid being suspended for tackling another kid with a gun on a bus, we find it’s not so cut and dried. Jay at MaRooned finds some other stuff.

The boy’s mother told her son was suspended because he refused to cooperate with the investigation, adding that he was scared.

I’m not sure if that’s a mitigating fact, but apparently there could be more to the story than zero-tolerance assholes.

In more school hilarity, a kid raps out the lyrics from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air as his voice mail, school idjit calls to leave message, freaks out, calls cops because of threat (the fool didn’t understand what he meant by “shooting B-ball”). so the school was locked down and the kid was arrested. They let him go, but this is the part in every one of these misunderstandings that’s a perfect microcosm of America in the 21st Century.

Acting police Chief James Mann says police acted “appropriately” out of concern for students’ welfare.

Yeah, because you assholes actually listening to the “threat” before dispatching SWAT would have been too much like police work. Fuck you.

Via Gateway Pundit we find out that Obama isn’t happy with just an RC armada aimed at me, they need the vehicles (MRAPs) the Marines use in Iraq and Afghanistan for use against me. Ladies, gentlemen, readers of this blog I give you:

The new DHS sanctioned ‘Street Sweeper’ (my own slang due to the gun ports)…

I keel you

You have to love the “rescue” on the side. That’s just so perfectly Orwellian/Obamian.

Shit. Now we’re going to need tank traps and pitfalls as well as AA.

Speaking of which, a puppy blender post in its entirety (chopped into two quotes)

BOEHNER: We’ll consider any gun measures that pass the Senate. Some are upset about this, but I think it’s more a way of putting endangered Dems in the Senate on the spot, channeling Kurt Schlichter.

That’s hilarious, the only time Boehner uses machiavellian tactics is on me.


Related: Sen. Joe Manchin Really Doesn’t Want To Talk About Guns. “Editor’s note: This question and answer session was permitted under the condition that The Journal would not ask questions regarding gun control legislation or the Second Amendment, as requested by the senator’s staff.”

Get it? You can’t ask a Dem a wedge issue question. Remember folks, Petite lap giraffe good, petite lap press bad.

In a follow up on the story of the guy in Indiana jailed for pissing off the Laird (judge) of the land, lots of people are pissed off.

The group is led by University of California Los Angeles law professor Eugene Volokh and includes conservative lawyer James Bopp, a former executive director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, the Indiana Association of Scholars, The Indianapolis Star and the James Madison Center for Free Speech.

Good. But this part scares me.

It also argued their truthfulness were not necessarily relevant to prosecution because the harm, which in this case was striking fear in the victim, occurred “whether the publicized conduct is true or false,

I thought truth was a defense in America? Oh right, I forgot, you can’t piss of the powerful or they’ll send their RC air force and MRAPs after you.

In more revolution news, Alaska is working on a bill to tell the feds to fuck off if they try to take guns. Good.

So the USS Harry Truman (the buck stops before getting there) is in dock because they can’t afford to fuel it as the State Dept. spends a half $billion on global warmmongering. I hate paying for someone else’ religion.

Which is scarier, a rope swing across a canyon

The behind-the-scenes video describes it as a “400-foot free fall pendulum rope swing between a slot canyon.”

or this?

Don’t forget, if it’s not GONNA KILL US ALL!!!! it’s just not funny enough.