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Atta Turk! Way To Go!

Posted: July 15, 2016 by veeshir in Exploding things, Notes on the Revolution

Erdogan, budding thugocrat, says Army Is Couping Me!!!!!!

Usually when a thugocrat starts yelling that, he’s going to crack down while I say, “I wish”.

Wish granted?

Turkey’s PM has denounced an “illegal action” by a military “group”, with bridges closed in Istanbul and aircraft flying low over the capital, Ankara.

Binali Yildirim (Turkish Prime Minister V) said the military action was not authorised but it was not a coup. He said that the government remained in charge.

Traffic has been stopped from crossing both the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges in Istanbul.

There are reports of gunshots in the capital Ankara.

Tanks are also said to be stationed outside Istanbul airport.

Hmmm, that’s one side.

The side I know I don’t trust.

This is the side I don’t know if I trust.

Turkish military claims to have overthrown Erdogan and taken control of country
In a statement, the Turkish military says the rule of law must remain the priority.

State TV TRT reportedly off the air.

Hmmm, interesting.

Recall, the military is tasked with keeping Islamist assholes from taking over.

Which Ergogan has been trying to do for a long time as we have seen repeat… I don’t feel like looking for more links.


So maybe someone else, besides freaking France, is.. could be fighting back.

They blew up the Dallas shooter with a bomb on a robot.

At first I was wondering if it was his bomb but it wasn’t, it was a bomb on the robot.

We really should have talked about that before doing it.

Now we know the answer to Rand Paul’s question, our fine betters can kill us with their R/C brigade.


And now, of course, nobody will let the robots come close if they can, so it’s either a one-time-use only deal or they’re preparing to blow up a lot of houses in the future.


Yesterday was a really bad day for America in oh so many ways.


Snipers (apparently, pretty close to real ones) shooting at Dallas PD.

Tonight it appears that two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally. Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery and three are in critical condition.

Shot 10 fucking cops, fatally, potentially fatally or seriously in 8 cases. Sonomabatch. That’s fucked up. That’s horribly fucked up. That’s a serious breakdown in civil order. Very fucking scary.

And the Mostly Peaceful Protestors are getting out of fucking hand.

(Press conference cops says 11 cops shot, one suspect cornered, maybe more shooters and maybe bombs…hmmmm…. Sounds more like our fine friends from the Religion Of Peace Who Couldn’t Possible Get Across Our Secured Southern Border!!!!! than Mostly Peaceful Protestors but the Person Of Interest is black)

Updated shortly later!!!!

Person of Interest turned himself in, makes me think he’s not so interesting or else he wouldn’t have turned himself in.

So ISIS and the feds are still in play.

Now, back to the rest of the post!!!



I am pretty interested in who is doing the shooting.

I figure it’s most likely either Mostly Peaceful Protestors, whether black or privileged white lefties helping the Black ManWoman….Person…..Community, egged on by Obama and the rest of the Dem political-media entertainment complex or Known Wolf Jihadis egged on by Obama and the rest of the Dem political-media entertainment complex taking advantage.

Although there’s an outside chance it’s federal bureaucratic SWAT teams or Mexican gangs. I’d place the last at a very low probability, I’m only including it because Texas is a border state. I’d give the last two a much higher probability if the protest was in Phoenix and they were shooting at Sheriff Joe’s peeps.

I don’t think I’ll be able to watch TV or read the tubes tomorrow because I do not want to see supposedly respectable people start saying, “It’s wrong, but…injustice….racism….gun violence….”

It’ll be a call for gun control, and even worse, if they manage to capture these fine, Democratic supporters then the Dem political-media entertainment complex will ignore as many facts as they can that make the murderers look bad and or Democrats, like Shep Smith just saying that the choir boy shot in Baton Rouge sold CDs there for years but for some reason failed to mention his violently felonious past.

The endy is really losing its funny.

Well, to us. In about 1,000 years, as they’re studying our time they’ll think it’s hilarious that we reached unimaginable heights of freedom and prosperity only to throw it all away to Get Free Stuff!!!!


So we are left with another question.

Which other cities’ Mostly Peaceful Protestors will have protest envy and maybe get their murder on?

I vote Baltimore.

Congress is holding hearings!!!!! They’re Doing Something!!!! about Comey’s ridiculous statement!!!!!! Get out your squeezey bulb horns and get ready to honk and slap your fins!!!!!! The fish will be particularly stinky!!!!!

I tried to watch, but Elijah Cummings started talking, his job is to lie and bluster and basically just throw shit in the gears when there’s a “hearing” on Dem felonies and treasons.

Important, 5 Minute Later Update I meant to include!!!!!

Comey said Hillary! wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand. Okay, can she read? And if she wasn’t, who was running that shit? That person had to be “sophisticated enough” and should be facing charges.


Now back to our post already in progress!

I switched back and saw Comey say it was a tenet of American Law that the perpetrator know her cankles broke the law.

Apparently, ignorance of the law is a defense now since if you’re ignorant of it, you cannot break it on purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that’s not true that she was ignorant of the law or that it’s a defense, he’s just having a hard time defending the actions his Chicago-Machines bosses told him to perform so he’s saying stupid shit.

I still wonder if he’s saying the stupidest thing he can think of sort of like the Sailors of the USS Pueblo flipping the bird when the Norks took them captive. As I saw someone say somewhere, I just hope they let his family go soon.


Speaking of which, putting the cart before the whores.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch officially accepted the FBI’s recommendation that neither Hillary Clinton nor any of her aides should face criminal charges

Yeah, I’m gonna have to say it was Comey “accepting” the diktats of his commissar.

Her Natural Habitat: Above The Law!

Her Natural Habitat: Above The Law!


This Free Beacon article  is on the side of Cinemark suing for attorney’s fees the people who sued them over their relatives being shot in their gun-free zone (actual results often vary)

Now, I know the law as currently written is on their side, but when you disarm people, it is your responsibility to protect those people. They should have won their suit, Cinemark disarms people who go into their theaters, they need to protect those defenseless people.

But since there are no longer any responsibilities that go with rights, fuck you.


Hezbollah is having serious jihad envy.

Hezbollah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah recently tackled the recent battles southwest of Aleppo, where the party reportedly suffered its worst losses since entering the conflict in Syria. Nasrallah admitted in a speech broadcasted live on the group’s Al-Manar TV on June 24 that 26 Hezbollah fighters had been killed since the beginning of June.


Shit, do you realize what that means? ISIS is almost as deadly to Hezbollah as Chicago’s gun laws are to its residents!!!!!!!

Poor bastards.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not on the side of ISIS in almost any situation, there are a few people who I think the world would be better off without. If they kill each other? That’s just icing on my balls.

ISIS is not an existential threat to the US. As we’ve been watching for years, our fine political, moral. social and intellectual betters are filling that particular role.


I’ve been ignoring China’s murderous commie dictator’s aggression against Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines in the South China Sea,

For some inexplicable reason, they’re making noises at us too. I mean, warning J. Effin Kerry is just stupid. He’s the man who supinely accepted a security screening when he met with the top murderous asshole in Egypt at the time.


Stupid bastards, don’t they know that makes it hard for Minitrue to ignore shit their masters tell them to ignore?

They might cause a war!?!?! What if Ash Carter has to take notice!?!?!?!

Jebus, just when I think I hate people enough, someone comes along to make me lose all faith and respect for someone I thought I liked.

Retired Gen. David Petraeus announced Friday he’s partnering with former astronaut Mark Kelly (Mr. Gabby Giffords V) to create a gun control group for veterans.


Mudder pocker. And no, by ‘gun control’ he does not mean ‘on target’ but the usual, “For Your Own Good” bullshit.

Why is he doing that?

The idea behind the group is to curb rampant veteran suicide rates.


You know, cuz, as everybody knows, suicidal people will not commit suicide if they have no access to evil guns.

And of course, there are no other problems that are causing the deaths of veterans that Petraeus might want to look into.


Or just a conqueror acting like a conqueror and the conquered acting like a conqueree?

In the Swiss canton of EUnuchstan, Muslim students do not have to shake the hand of female teachers.

Also in the 13th holiest site of Islam, a gang of Muslims randomly beat a dhimmi. (via Paco)

It being EUnuchstan, where self-defense is against the law, nobody helped.

I’ve been expecting the “backlash against Muslims” for a while now, when it comes it’s going to be ugly.

If it doesn’t come, it’s going the uglier as when Muslims take over, they destroy all non-Islamic history.

I was expecting the Muslim Brotherhood to blow up the pyramids, how funny will it be when they turn Notre Dame into a Grand Mosque (ala the Hagia Sophia)?

I’m watching Breaking News on cable news about the shooting in San Bernardino, Ca.

CNN and Foxnews said they had, “assault style clothing”. Heh. Assault clothes. They’re passing along rumors and lots of “apparently”s.

The cop who gave the press conference, Sergeant Schultz, apparently knew nothing. It was less informative than a Clinton press conference (Bill or Hillary!).

What a world, news people pass along rumors and cops won’t tell anybody what happened, who did it or if it’s still on-going.

Meanwhile, top Dems dance in the blood before it’s even dry or we’re even sure if they have all the shooters.