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I mentioned in my earlier post that our insurance was going up due to the ACA. It’s not!

Instead of our rates going up, our insurance is being completely discontinued. Under the new regulations, a group policy cannot consist of two members if they are husband and wife – even if the two members hold two different policies within the same group. We were advised by Anthem that we should go through the exchanges and purchase individual health insurance.

There’s a problem with this, though – my husband works for a school district that requires employees to either buy health insurance through the district or show documentation annually that he is insured through another group policy. We started purchasing a group policy through our LLC several years ago when the cheapest policy, through Kaiser and after the district contribution, was more than $1000 a month.

At that time, insurance for our family through a small business group policy was just under $600 a month. It wasn’t a great policy, but we put aside the $400 a month difference. Most years we saw a profit from this. We had one catastrophic year where we paid more in out-of-pocket expenses by about $500 than what we’d saved for the year. Forming an LLC, moonlighting to supplement a school district income, and purchasing a small business group policy has become a not uncommon practice among the employees who don’t have a spouse with a job that provides health insurance. It’s certainly been cheaper and has allowed employees the freedom to choose their health insurance and choose how much to budget for insurance.

Over the years, our small business group policy has risen in cost to $950 a month. The not quite comparable district policy is nearly $1500 a month after the district’s contribution. Because my husband is a technical worker and not a teacher, he is not represented by a union and so this is about $100 more than what teachers will pay per month.

Thanks to Obamacare, we are being forced to pay over $500 more a month for health insurance so we can keep the doctors we like. We’re losing our deductible contribution for the year since our deductible resets in January but our health insurance resets in July. I can’t for the life of me figure out what we’re gaining from this. And I don’t know how forcing mom-and-pop businesses out of group plans that most closely match their demographic and in to policies that are expensive enough to close a barely-break-even business is helping small business, or the economy.

Riddle me this, morons…

How is it that repealing Obamacare could add to the deficit?

The original CBO score was a joke, and they had to lie, scrimp, and steal from other programs (like the student loan program) to make the bill as a whole score in their favor.

Since then, they’ve gone back on any number of cost saving and/or tax-raising measures, not the least of which are Tsar Obama’s royal proclamations of waivers and delays.

It was a lie to start, and they compounded the lie.

Fact Check: TRUE!


Good news and bad news

Posted: February 23, 2014 by Sean M. in FAIL

The good news is that nobody has died from this entirely preventable disease outbreak so far:

Just as California’s record-setting flu season seems to be fading, with 278 deaths confirmed as of Friday, health officials warned that another infectious and sometimes deadly virus has arrived — measles.

Fifteen Californians have come down with measles thus far this year, officials said. And nearly half had opted against childhood vaccination against the disease through the state’s personal beliefs exemption.

The article goes on to quote an epidemiologist who notes that there were only two reported cases in the state at this time last year. Oh, and there’s also this…

For every measles case, Chavez said, there may be dozens of people local health officials must track to assure the disease hasn’t spread. Earlier this week, fears emerged that thousands of people might have been exposed to measles when a sick UC Berkeley student traveled on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

And who the hell knows how many of those people or the children they come into contact with aren’t vaccinated?

Which brings me to the bad news. Namely, that this stupid bint can somehow still appear in public without being pelted with garbage.


Posted: February 18, 2014 by veeshir in FAIL

Fucking Nugent.

Quote, “subhuman” bit about Obama at 2:45, I tried linking right to it but it’s not working.

a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama…

“What difference does that make? he continued. “Not to a chimpanzee or Hillary Clinton,

Sonomabatch, now Minitrue will spend the next 4 months interrupting their coverage of BRIDGEGATE!!!!!!!  to call me a fucking Nazi.

I’m not arguing what the hell he meant, I’m talking about what he said.

H/T Me flipping past CNN and hearing them mention how Nugent campaigns for the GOP.


This tweet wins teh Internets:

Also, right now I just don’t want to think about a universe where Terry McAuliffe wins a state-wide election.

Virginia, I am sooooo disappointed in you.

Last night I tweeted, “If you’re a Republican who is STILL yammering about how the Cruz strategy was bad, you’re doing it wrong.” I’m not sure what good it’s doing at this point. Let’s discuss.

Ponnuru & Lowry at NRO:

It is a politics of perpetual intra-Republican denunciation. It focuses its fire on other conservatives as much as on liberals. It takes more satisfaction in a complete loss on supposed principle than in a partial victory, let alone in the mere avoidance of worse outcomes. It has only one tactic — raise the stakes, hope to lower the boom — and treats any prudential disagreement with that tactic as a betrayal. Adherents of this brand of conservative politics are investing considerable time, energy, and money in it, locking themselves in unending intra-party battle.

Actually, except for that third (objectionable) sentence, this applies as much –if not more so– to the “moderate”/establishment faction of the party. I mean, did I imagine John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s incessant bitching and name-calling?

I could go on at length about who was actually at fault here, but at this point it really doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, the “establishment” insists on playing the part of the nagging girlfriend – “I told you we should have turned left at Albuquerque!”

The key premise that has been guiding these conservatives, however, is mistaken. That premise is that the main reason conservatives have won so few elections and policy victories, especially recently, is a lack of ideological commitment and will among Republican politicians. A bigger problem than the insufficient conservatism of our leaders is the insufficient number of our followers. There aren’t enough conservative voters to elect enough officials to enact a conservative agenda in Washington, D.C. — or to sustain them in that project even if they were elected. The challenge, fundamentally, isn’t a redoubling of ideological commitment, but more success at persuasion and at winning elections.

This is an oft-repeated fallacy, or at least vast oversimplification, the narrative of the ideological purists (“priests” in Mike Murphy’s parlance) demanding more ideological commitment from the “mathematicians”. Say three Hail-Reagans and sin no more, my child. Yes, there are some “priests” –just as there are genuine RINO squishes– but this is a toddler’s crayon drawing of the problem.

The problem, as has been discussed recently on AoS, is that of not ever making the case for freedom/markets/enlightened self interest/etc. Scoring an inconsequential political vote might get you a five-second mention on the news and a good fundraising bit, but the summation of all this nothing is… nothing. The problem conservatives wish to address is exactly that – of conversion and education.

Are they always good at it. No? Is the establishment? Ask Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney.

In their piece, Lowry and Ponnuru continue to play the nagging girlfriend for what seems like forever. They’re wrong on a whole host of points, but rather than give myself a migraine and carpal tunnel syndrome going back over it all, I’ll take my own advice and shut the hell up about the shutdown.

Once again, why we can’t have nice things

Posted: October 19, 2013 by doubleplusundead in FAIL

Yes, it’s a Mediaite link, but dude, WTF?  This d-bag Rick Scarborough (must be something about that name) from a fairly obscure Tea Party group wants to file a class action lawsuit against homosexuality, yannow, like they sued big tobacco in the 90s?  Why yes, there’s audio.  Why, why do we end up with people this goddamned stupid?


Sue ALL the gheys!

I know, I know, obscure dude, all that, liberals love digging up obscure retards like this guy to slander the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t point out and mock this guy for being a fucking windowlicker.  And like it or not, there is a sizable chunk of the socon movement that is more worried about gay dudes just trying to make a life for themselves than the fact that we’re hurtling towards financial oblivion.

So who the fuck is he actually going to sue? Bravo?

Seriously, I’ve given up, we’re so fucking screwed.

I just hope I have enough ammo when the collapse starts.


Posted: October 10, 2013 by veeshir in FAIL, Vagina Squad Fail

Could someone let me know when the football season is over.



I mean for everybody, not just the NY Football Giants.

Important update


Krokodil attacks in Arizona

Posted: September 26, 2013 by doubleplusundead in FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

For those who have never heard of krokodil, this video from Vice will give you all you’ll ever want or need to know about krokodil.  Krokodil started in Russia as a cheaper or more readily available alternative to heroin, and we all know how much Russians love their heroin, except this alternative also causes people’s flesh to rot.  And it’s here now.

Krokodil, it’s a helluva drug.

I jinxed it

Posted: September 4, 2013 by socklessjoe in Brevity etc., FAIL, The Big Screen

Christina Hendricks no longer to play a stripper, but to have “more important” part.