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The best part about the 60s for music? No 80s music.

Let’s go tubin’!

Important, Above The Post Update!

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*Joke stolen from the deservedly short-lived Tick tv show

Now, back to me proved whyI am deserve of be famous.

Take it away Veeshir

First, I say we look at Egypt’s descent into chaos. It’s not really funny, but it has some seriously comedic moments. (spoiler alert: It’s the Jews)

Egypt doesn’t have enough diesel fuel.

Which makes me think about two things.

A) Egypt is an oil producing nation.  This shows us the weakness of most of the oil tick nations,they don’t do anything with the oil except have westerners pump it and sell it to others to refine it. Just like Iran, they can’t do crap with their own product so they have shortages.

The other thing is really just a concern, how are they going to fuel the truck bombs for their coming, 12-sided civil war? Hell, how are they going to make them extra boomy without diesel? Poor, jihadi bastids.

We have Egyptians violently protesting everything, including pro- and anti-government protests and  even riots over the sentencing of soccer hooligans,.

So the new jihadis running Egypt passed a law outlawing protests and set about making sure the police are all armed.

They tried to pass that law a few months ago but the people just about went berserk, so now that he has his police armed the head jihadi can get about establishing his Islamic Paradise On Earth (complete with whippings, rapings and now with extra amputations!)

It’s a good thing Deer Leader threw Mubarak under the bus without a plan for the aftermath. It’s other people’s jobs to clean up his messes.

I was going to stay overseas but I think that’s enough for now, people threatening to kill us all is isn’t so funny as we watch a country kill itself as our fine betters ignore it.

So let’s go close to home.

More on that ‘debate’ we’re having over guns.

One of the major gun-control efforts in Olympia this session calls for the sheriff to inspect the homes of assault-weapon owners.

Jeebus, now I’m not encouraging anything, but if you want to start the revolution early, choosing to home-invade the best armed people is surely a good way to go about it.

I love this bit.

The bill’s backers say that was a mistake.

Yeah, that was for the next law when people refused to turn in their assault weapons with the scary shoulder thing that goes up.

Which leads us to another Gateway Pundit link that I’m surprised Drudge hasn’t drudgtaposed with the previous one.

at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, DHS is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war.

Everybody knows guerrilla wars can take a long time if they have a secure base (Hellooooo Texas).

Speaking of disarming the law-abiding, it’s a good thing these people weren’t armed or they might have killed someone!

Like this kill-crazy, PTSD guy back from killing our fine, Talibrothers.

Cook, at the age of 25, was shot and killed earlier this month in East Chicago as he shielded Antoine from gunfire, likely saving the young boy’s life.

See? If had had a gun who knows? There might have been a gunfight!

This guy I refuse to joke about.

The father, identified as Maurice Harris, 36, got into a struggle with the suspects (home-invasiony suspects V) when they tried to gain entry into his 11-year-old daughter’s bedroom, police told The father was fatally shot in the struggle.

Fuck. I’d like to think I’d do the same. I certainly hope so.

Saying Fuck You to gov’t is every American’s right. That’s a link with a few gunmakers (no real biggies so far) and even Cheaper than Dirt saying they won’t deal with NY.

Another group saying Fuck You to gov’t, this one I don’t agree with, but that I will defend to the death your right to be killed by the murderous maniac of your choice while I point and laugh!

dozens of protesters rallied outside Los Angeles police headquarters Saturday in support of (the murderous killer out west who was killed in what appeared to be a police execution done Live! on TV, they’re exploring PPV rights for the next one)

Idjits. Twas a sordid affair and nobody is coming out of it not looking shit.
This is something I’ve thought about but never really attempted to put into a coherent post (I swear, I’ll do a coherent post not involving boobs soon!).
It’s about making fun of the “The Founding Fathers Meant Muskets” idiocy.
It’s a good read, but he leaves out two I would have put in.
First, as he notes there were lots of non-musket guns floating around, including early rifled, breach-loaders.
But I would have tied that with the fact that they made the Constitution so it could encompass change, by adding states, changing the size of the gov’t in response, the amendment process. Would they really have not thought about the second most important amdendment to encompass change?
Especially, as he noted, it was a time of rapid development in the weapon business. It was barely more than 100 years from matchlocks and wheellocks.
Another thing he doesn’t really touch on is one I like to say to people who say that to me (but I’m an asshole),
“I absolutely agree. Hard core dude. I mean, the musket was the premier weapon of the military at the time so what you’re saying is I need a fully automatic M-16.”
For some reason I’m the only one who thinks that’s funny.
On this one I’ll be going against the conventional wisdom.
So this guy posted a picture of Sgt Storm of the Plastic Commandos with his realistic Mortar, also in the picture was the guy’s bunker made out of the TV remote and a glass of Hi-C. So the police rightfully responded.
But, you’re saying, it’s just an action figure!
To which I say, pshaw. How soon they forget, do you forget when Jihadi Mo took GI Joe hostage and threatened to cut off his kung-fu grip hand?
The War On (Plastic) Terror isn’t going to go away just because we wish it away!
Now something that’s just sort of stupid.  The headline is “This woman covered herself in Twilight tattoos and you’ll never guess why!”, I saw it at the Puppy Blender, the headline is obviously just link bait so I wouldn’t click if I were you.
Now, we all know why she did it, she’s an idiot. But I was curious to see what ridiculous rationalization she made for why it wasn’t idiocy. Brace yourselves for this shocking reason! She did it because……….. she liked the books!
Wait, what? That’s what I won’t believe?
Okay, some scary, funny, endy stuff.
You all know I’ve been making fun of Global Warming (hosannahs) for a while, I think I’m in trouble.
We’ve all seen the Global Warming List of all the things caused by Global Warming. I made fun of that list.
But what if it’s true? Seriously? What if the Himalayan glaciers were receding at half the speed of sound until Gaia paused Global Warming?
So if we assume Global Warming is real, we have to assume the most ridiculous things we can think of are real.
Which means that CNN tool was absolutely correct that Global Warming Causes Asteroids!
Al tapdancing Gore folks, it’s right in front of us!
The hit in Russia, the near miss the 15th, and some more!
Somewhere out there Gaia has some gigantic, celestial straw and She’s spitballing asteroids at us!
The logic is impeccable, so long as you accept that Global Warming is, in fact, the one, true religion.

Revenge, You Say?

Posted: November 4, 2012 by Edward von Bear in Brevity etc., Edumakashun, Occupy My Asscrack

Given the dustup over the “revenge” comment made by Obama and the subsequent “love of country” retort by the Romney team, I thought about revenge. To the left, revenge and avengement for past grievances, be they real or imagined, is nothing new; in fact, revenge fuels much of their policy and agenda motivation. So, getting worked up about a lefty uttering that word initially did not get me worked up. Ditto for Romney’s “love of country” comment.

But then I thought of something: what about this country? What has it been through the last four years? What has happened to the hopes, dreams, ambitions, and expectations of so many people since January 2009? What has happened to our standing in the world? What about the Constitution, our ability to defend ourselves, or the promise for a better tomorrow? In essence, what has happened to my country, your country, our country, and who facilitated this shittiness?

That’s why I do have revenge in mind with my vote. I fucking have revenge in mind for what has been inflicted upon this country. I have revenge in mind as I seek to see those who did this to us retired from office. And I fucking have revenge in mind, since I love this country too much to see those who this to it granted another shot to ruin it even further via the legal means granted to us.

Amoebafuck those in power with the ballot and the legal avenues to remove them from office bestowed upon us as a birthright. We are this close to voting the left out out of office and into the fuckbin of history, so don’t let up now.

That is all.

Then we too can have 100 million people living at a 1960’s standard of living (with cooler electronics).

Elizabeth Warren is just a font of current, leftish, Conventional Wisdom Handed Down From On High and she can’t keep her mouth shut about it. Which makes her surprisingly useful.

Here she is praising China while wishing we were more like them.

The ad juxtaposes robust Chinese cranes and dump trucks with decaying American bridges and idle but sympathetic-looking American workers wearing hard-hats.

First, what about all that stimulizing? Wasn’t that supposed to be about infrastructure? So now you want a few $trillion more?

Second, this is how our fine, social, moral, political and intellectuals think. They really think China is a model instead of a commie hell-hole where the commie dictatorship works 95% of the population in conditions basically the same as 1,000 years ago (the biggest difference is a diesel “ox” that takes the place of the oxen in the rice paddies) while keeping the other 5% living at a non-shithole standard of living.

All wrapped up in a commie dictatorship.  What’s not to love? Besides, it’s been like 20 years since they last murdered democracy-agitators. And no, that’s not because the people have learned a lesson from their slaughter.

Of course, the reason people like Warren think China is a good model is because they think they’ll be the ones on top. All we dim folks from fly-over country will be benevolently guided by our betters so of course they deserve to have us support them in a manner befitting their place in the world.

You can tell they’re better and smarter because they’re all independent-minded, which you can tell by the way they all believe in the exact same things while ignoring any contrary facts… or else.

The worst part is that idea that they’re better and smarter than the rest of us permeates our whole political class, they just wish we would shut up, send them money and vote. The Tea Party is getting rid of those people slowly but surely.

Which brings up another funny thing. Contra our media and political betters, the Tea Party is the best way to avoid violence. If the occutards ever really become a national, broadly-based movement, chaos is the only possible result.

The different folks who make up the Tea Party are trying to get rid of crappy pols like Elizabeth Warren while putting in ones who aren’t economic illiterates with a huge sense of entitlement.

The other choice appears, to me at least, to be societal collapse and an occutard country. When you can’t pay for stuff, you won’t.

What happens when millions of old folks are no longer getting their social security and/or pensions? What happens when the choice is really and truly between paying the police or paying the various forms of welfare?  As an aside, I figure in that case California pays welfare and then, with all the police moved to Arizona and Utah, California turns all “Escape From LA”.  The other choice isn’t any better of course, but it has the virtue of not being surrender.

I figure the first response will be that the gov’t prints more and more money to pay that stuff and we have triple digit inflation.

Can’t happen? Yeah, it’s not as if it’s happened before.

Need hotassery, I have some Jeniffer Connelly pics left over from the last one. (more…)

The Occutards claimed they were going to get voilent at CPAC

Speakers will be physically assaulted, not just verbally confronted,” the source told Scribe in an email. Two Occupiers, who the source also identified as members of the New Black Panther Party, “said they would be disappointed if they didn’t get arrested and planned to ‘make it count.’”

The source quoted another protester as saying, “Mitt [Romney] has Secret Service now, but [Newt] Gingrich and [Andrew] Breitbart don’t,” seemingly suggesting that the latter two would not be as heavily guarded.

It doesn’t get too much more explicit than that.

Now they’ve gotten violent. (updated link, not the same as original but I can’t find that one) Update, One tool was arrested for attacking an officer.

The police need to arrest these tools and have some serious charges, but they won’t.

Isn’t premeditation supposed to make a crime worse? “Sure I did, but it just kind of happened” isn’t as serious as, “Of course I did it, and I went there intending to do it!”

Our political, social, intellectual and moral betters are encouraging left wing violence. They talk about all the incipient violence at Tea Parties (they’re about to get voilent! They’re using racial code words!) while lefties committing felonious violence are “mostly peaceful”, the police know the deal (just look at cops at tea party events vs at leftist riots) but the courts and people whose job it is to decide on charges are using kid gloves.

It’s not going to end well, and of course Minitrue will just ignore it (Look! Sarah Palin says Iran is allied with Russia! Stupid snowbilly breeder!)

H/T My desire to get the pic of the damaged Mustang off the top of the page, except for the damage that looks just like my car and I don’t like seeing it damaged.

Tis The Season

Posted: December 9, 2011 by veeshir in HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!, Occupy My Asscrack

Can anybody spare a few “bwa”s for my “Ha”s? I ran out.

The dog makes it work.

H/T Gateway Pundit

Blog needs hotassery, ATC has been MIA with has me POd.


Occupy Denton, police have the camp cordoned off while they investigate.

Herschel Greene’s barn

Posted: December 4, 2011 by aliceaitch in Occupy My Asscrack, Zombies!

That’s what the police need to turn this into. (Note – I am not advocating the resolution with the barn on those filthy hippies, and I’m not going to say any more about that above the cut, but below the cut I hope youse guys join me for some speculative discussion.  So SPOILER ALERT, dammit.)

H/T Treacher.  Or maybe he’s over here.