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We’re Back Baby!

Posted: September 2, 2016 by veeshir in funniest end of, Hotassery, Lame, PEBKAC


So what got DPUD nuked?

Did Word Press go crazy and start nuking blogs for politics?

Was it the “Justice” Dept. trying to get rid of an influential blog before the election?

Was it Teh Racism inherent in the Blazing Saddles clip?


No, it was freaking Kathy Ireland pictures.


You’d think she’d be happy someone still wanted to look at her.


Here’s hoping that Mila and Kate Upton don’t decide to do that shit, we’d just have to shut ‘er down.

Da Bitch Wuz Askin Fer It

Posted: May 8, 2015 by veeshir in funniest end of, run with media

You’ve all seen the pic, I’d say the headline sums up everything all the tools and even Martha Mccallum (who I used to think was a journalist) are saying.

Dis is da bitch what wuz askin fer it.

bitch what was asking fer it

As Ace says if some, random, tea partier says something protected under the 1st Amendment about Obama, the SS will be at your door, but apparently jihadis saying they’ll kill us all are just not a priority.

We’re boned.