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Via a not so lonely libertarian, we see this.


What were we doing nearly 8 years ago?

Getting totally sick of Obama pre-empting prime-time TV every other day while not keeping any of his campaign promises at all.

What are we doing now?

Laughing our asses off as Trump works his way through his campaign promises while Minitrue and the We’re Better and Smarter Than You Party freaks the fuck out.

McCain emerges as Trump’s top Republican nemesis in Congress!!!!

Well, McCain and little lord graham

IBD asks if people are going to keep freaking out every time Trump keeps a campaign promise.

Yes, yes they will.

Concerned members of the media claim that President Donald Trump is abusing them psychologically in order to drive them insane, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Pundits say that Trump and his henchman are “gaslighting” them, taking a cue from a Teen Vogue article that CNN’s Don Lemon called “hard hitting.” The term comes from the 1944 movie Gaslight, where a malevolent husband (Charles Boyer) tricks his wife (Ingrid Bergman) into believing she is nuts.

“[Gaslighting is] a form of psychological abuse where the victim is manipulated to doubt their own sanity,” said Lauren Duca, author of the Teen Vogue article.

“Is Donald Trump gaslighting us?” asked CNN correspondent Brian Stelter. “Does he know what gaslighting means?”


Now, the whole, “He’s being mean to us!!!!” is funny enough but Teen Vogue? Seriousfuckingly? Teen Vogue?

Jebus. Teen Vogue. It’s gonna take me a minute to get past that.

Okay, I’m back.

Another hilarious thing is that this surprises all the Elite Of Our Society!!!

Most voters approve of President Trump’s temporary halt to refugees and visitors from several Middle Eastern and African countries until the government can do a better job of keeping out individuals who are terrorist threats.

So what you’re saying is that the people who elected Trump because they hoped he meant what he said are happy he meant what he said and is doing it?



This next bit is one of my favorites of the Trump Era. Since acting morally-superior and condescending didn’t work during the election, let’s double down. That’s sure to work!

They’ve obviously never heard the truism that you don’t reinforce defeat.

Since Social Justice Warmongering worked so well for the NFL this year (even playoff ratings tumbled), Annheuser Busch decides to explain to me that there is more than one reason I don’t want to drink their shitty beers.


The obvious subtext is that if you’re against illegal immigration and importing terrorists, you’re against ‘Murica.

Trump’s 2020 re-election committee is hard at work. The best part? They’re pretty much the same people who financed his 2016 campaign.



Let’s link!

This situation is Hillary!esque in its chutzpah.  Headline and subhed

When Will Liberals Answer For Obamacare’s Failures?
Is there any accountability in politics for being completely wrong? Not for defenders of Obamacare.


The better question should be, “Why should the GOP fix the problems with Obamacare we were all called assholes and idiots for saying would happen?”

The self-answering question is, “Why the hell is the GOP going to fix Obamacare when the only people who want it are members of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party?”


I saw this linked a lot yesterday,

Hillary Clinton began conducting focus groups and polling swing state voters as early as December 2014 to figure out how to brand herself and find a “rationale” for running for president.

Nobody seemed surprised that it was only two years, I’d say she’s been planning this since at least 1952 and she’s been working on hood-winking folks since probably before that so this is actually surprising, but not for the reason I’ve seen mentioned.


I’d say this article leads us to much more interesting question than the last one.

Hillary Clinton needed a helping hand to trek up a single step during a visit in Florida today.

Look at the video as the guy hovers behind her to keep her from falling.

The more interesting question would be, “For how long as Hillary! been focus-grouping and polling Drs to see how she and Minitrue can keep Americans in the dark as to her serious illnesses?”


In, ‘Hey, that’s my schtick!!!‘ news,

The president of a major labor union (Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) V) sent a blistering letter to its members on Wednesday calling out other unions, dubbing them “bottom-feeding organizations” for their opposition to a controversial oil pipeline project….

He called out five “job-killing” unions by name: the Communications Workers of America (CWA), National Nurses United (NNU), the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Hoist on your own petard isn’t as funny as hoist on your own retard, but still pretty funny. It is nice seeing SEIU thugs going after someone besides me.


So after a reasonable grand jury refused to indict,

Washington-based federal prosecutors plan to aggressively pursue charges against NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner on Staten Island, a law enforcement source told The Post on Tuesday.

“It’s going to happen sooner than later,” the source said of an indictment. “Washington wants to indict him.”

Federal investigators in Brooklyn were replaced by DC counterparts because of their reluctance to bring charges, the source said.

The Dept. of “Justice”, bored with shitting, pissing and dancing on the grave of the rule of law, decided to dig up its corpse and put on a puppet show with it.


This one is confusing, who is trying to get Israel to jump into their bucket of scorpions?

The Israel Defense Forces announced that one of its soldiers was injured after being fired upon from the Lebanese border, a claim denied by the Lebanese army.

Israel has a leader and pols who are so much smarter than ours so hopefully they do not allow themselves to be sucked into stupidity. They’re much more into the Nuke the Moon strategy of letting their enemies know they’re not interested in “proportionality” or what the NY Times thinks.


For those who have quantum vehicles, there’s good news!

Chicago leads the best of 7 series 3-2. If they win tomorrow, we’re headed for a Cleveland vs Cubs World Series. I’ve figured it out. It’ll be a great series with 1-0 pitcher’s duels and 12-11 offensive explosions. It’ll come down to game 7. It’ll go into extra innings. The visitor will score 5 runs in the 14th, the home team will respond with 5 of their own. Before the 15th inning can start, either the asteroid will hit the stadium, Live! On TV! or the zombie virus in all the drinks will kick in and we’ll watch the ‘fans’ rush the field and eat the players.

Let’s see if there are any other portents.

Iran’s war with Saudi Arabia is getting interesting.

Their al Quaeda branch had a schism which gave us ISIS and “moderate rebels”, both are getting their asses kicked in Syria and now they’re in trouble in Mosul. Meanwhile, Iran is making progress in the Saud’s neighborhood in Yemen, by fighting us. Remember, strong horse, weak horse, retarded horse.

Iran has stepped up weapons transfers to the Houthis, the militia fighting the Saudi-backed government in Yemen,…

… could exacerbate a security headache for the United States, which last week struck Houthi targets with cruise missiles in retaliation for failed missile attacks on a U.S. Navy destroyer.

Oman, once afraid of us and acting like our friends, are ignoring the smuggling of weapons in or possibly actively aiding it. Who knows? Who cares?

“The nuclear deal gave Iran an upper hand in its rivalry with Saudi Arabia, but it needs to be preserved,” the (Iranian) diplomat said.


Yeah, most people paying attention, excepting our fine political, intellectual, moral and social betters, have noticed that. As we’re selling arms to Saudi Arabia, we’re helping the people they’re fighting. Iranians killed a bunch of our people in Iraq and now we’re fighting with them in Mosul. Obama does like to fight both sides of any war.


In Akbar Britain News,  France, sick of Calais being a third-world land-piracy haven, is trying to talk Britain into taking in ‘children’ to be reunited with their families, and they’re going for it.

In an unconventional move, the French minister wrote a column in British newspaper The Guardian on Monday directly addressing British people and making a passionate plea on behalf of ‘minors’ currently camping in Calais. However, the average age of these ‘minors’ is 25….

Meanwhile, British Home Office refuses to disclose the number of migrant ‘children’ arriving from Calais — in what a British newspaper described as an “information blackout”.


That’s gonna end well.
I don’t know if these next two things are connected, but here I felt like drudgetapositioning.

Obama meets with Italian PM

Italian PM scuttles sanctions against Russia for blowing up Aleppo.

As his peeps are making noises about getting into a war with Russia. Obama does like to fight both sides of any war you know.


During his press conference with Renzi, Obama said Trump should stop whining, here he is expanding on that by lying about Hillary!

No matter how tough the odds, no matter how much people try to knock her down, no matter how mean folks can be, she doesn’t point fingers. She doesn’t complain. She doesn’t whine.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, the Basket Of Deplorables, the rant on “Why am I not 50 points ahead”, Trump Stalked Me At The Debate, Bush’ Fault, Selected Not Elected and my ass did not immediately respond (they were laughing too hard, and farting I guess).


The GOP has a plan to replace Obamacare. Not repeal, replace. They have some happy pabulum going on, but then they get to the part where the gov’t is involved.

Build a stronger NIH. Our plan provides NIH with a robust, steady level of discretionary funding while increasing
accountability for taxpayers and supporting scientists working on cutting-edge research.

Gov’t hiring scientists is not going to help “cutting-edge research”, it’s going to put bureaucrats in the position to decide what they should work on. Instead of the lure of profit.

How about you regulate it against fraud, make some sort of system to adjudicate disputes (we could call it a “court” with “judges”! I know where you can find such a system and it’s already up and running) and get the gov’t out of it?

If the GOP assholes would vote to repeal Obamacare they’d win the election in a landslide.

But then, they’d be giving up their power over us and we’re just too dim to run our lives without our fine political, social, moral and intellectual betters telling us how to do it.


Which is why I’m all in on this. The more time politicians spend on unimportant idiocies the less time they spend on taking-my-freedom idiocies.

The Kemper County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance during its regular meeting on Monday that makes it unlawful for any person of any age to appear in public in Kemper County in a clown costume, clown mask or clown makeup


It’s sorta funny they proved that there’s a fool born every minute by banning circuses.



Some endy with no funny.

World wine output is expected to hit a four-year low in 2016 after bad weather hit production in France and South America, industry forecasts say.

We’re boned.

Well, somebody’s boned. I mostly drink Italian and CA vino.


You just cannot have a sense of humor anymore.

You don’t have to be a star to grab a pussy… cat,” the ad joked, informing the public that all shelter cats over six months old can be adopted for $50 from Oct. 19 to 23.


I do think it’s funny, but you’d think that after the ad folks got done laughing, one of them might have said, “You know, maybe that’s not such a great idea. People dont’ have a sense of humor anymore.” You’d be wrong.




I’m shining on

But I’m not a diamond.


I hate this but it is important for one of the few times in my life.

Whenever people say something about Trump not being ready for POTUSing, asking about Hillary!’s fitness is not just right, but necessary.

As for all the GOP assholes bashing Trump, they’re in favor of throwing stinky fish at me to get me to flap my fins, honk my horn and arf a few times.

First, a comment from HeyZeus that I found looking for something else.

So this post kinda crystallizes why Trump is not only the essence of fendy but why I, and others like me, will give precisely zero fucks when Trump, or someone like him, has his hands firmly on the levers of power. Our culture is already far down the road of criminalizing dissent and the global warmening example here isn’t even the most egregious. Almost 20 years ago, Bill Clinton survived impeachment for perjury, witness tampering and obstruction of justice by adopting a novel definition of the word ‘is’. Conversely, Scooter Libby was convicted of perjury for misremembering who he spoke with on the subject of Valerie Plame. When Martha Stewart wondered what was up with the Imclone thing that was egrounds for prosecution and conviction. OTOH, although MF Global illegally transferred client funds to Europe to purchase sovereign debt, John Corzine was never indicted; it was… complicated. More recently, it turns out that an employee using personal email for campaign purposes during work time is grounds for prosecution and conviction of their supervisor in Wisconsin (did the IRS illegally collude with WI prosecutors to harass said supervisor and other Walker supporters? Bonus fendy!) but actively working a sitting politician’s campaign on gov’t time in Pennsylvania… not so much.

Yup. The only quibble is that he doesn’t mention specifically that the people who got away with felonious behavior were Dem faves, the ones who were attacked for differing memories and fairly innocuous stuff were not. It’s that simple.

As we saw with the IRS and Hillary!’s lies about her emails, Dems can get away with anything while they use the politicized law-enforcement to attack their enemies.

Walker in Wisconsin.


Rick Perry

Bob McDonnell

That’s enough, I could go on for a whole post.

Dems abuse power. It’s that simple.


Republicans in Congress move to stop Obama from paying cash to Iranians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (inhale) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama gave $1.7 billion in cash to Iran already.

That’s breaking my nose by closing the barn door in my face after selling the horses to Alpo and Elmer’s Glue.

Expect even more rotten fish hitting you in the face if the Golden Cow is elected.


The official debt clock is a lie. From last year

The portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress closed Thursday, June 11, at $18,112,975,000,000, according to the latest Daily Treasury Statement, which was published at 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

That, according to the Treasury’s statements, makes 90 straight days the debt subject to the limit has been frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.

Yeah, we hit $20 trillion long ago, but since a Dem is in office, our fine media betters don’t notice the lies. Does anybody think that they won’t do the same for Hillary!


Obama helps build an oil pipeline!!!!!!!!! No, not one that might help America, one that helps Russia and Turkey.

Russian energy giant Gazprom announces transition to the practical implementation of a project to lay a gas pipeline under the Black Sea, bypassing Ukraine, claiming it has received through diplomatic channels “the first permits” from the Turkish government


I’m sure Hillary! will be much more forceful….. sorry, I started coughing and I can’t complete that sentence.

Or is that misdirection? Since Tsar Putin I thinks he’s going to own Ukraine soon, why go around?

Hillary!’s and Obama’s foreign policy blunders helped create ISIS, so how’s that working out for us?

Isaac said her mother also testified before the U.K. Parliament in April. “She learned of something very harrowing. Parents, like many of you today, had children but these children were in captivity. They got a knock on their door. They opened that door and they found plastic, black bags,” Isaac said.

“The bags had the body parts of their daughters. The body parts of their daughters. And a video! A video of their daughters being raped and tortured.

Pure fucking evil.

Minitrue is ignoring that, cuz of the racism, fascism, sexism and because racist, fascist, sexist haters will use that to go after their God-President and Golden Cow.

They’re only against real evil, or minitrue’s faux-evil lies, when it can be used to bash an (R).

Hillary! says,

We can’t just contain ISIS—we need to defeat it. That means going after the group in Syria, Iraq, and across the Middle East. And it means ramping up airstrikes and making sure local and regional ground troops have what they need to go after ISIS and create safe spaces.

More of the same strategy that’s worked so well, drone strikes and counting on people who haven’t defeated ISIS to defeat ISIS.

Sure, Iran is against ISIS, but they’re for Hezbollah and the murderous, Syrian thugocrat (who keeps pissing on Obama’s Red Line!)

She and Obama actually act as if Iran and Saudi Arabia will help them combat terrorism.

Old school tactics aren’t going to cut it when it comes to defeating a terrorist group that has mastered the art of online propaganda. ISIS and global jihadists are recruiting, training, and inciting violence on social media—breeding a growing network of terrorists around the world. The U.S. needs to work with our partners around the world to be just as savvy.

Yes, but we mustn’t allow ourselves to be accused of Islamophobia so we can’t mention their religion.

How do you counter a religious message without mentioning it? You don’t.

We need better coordination and information-sharing all around to break up terror plots and prevent attacks—between European governments and law enforcement, between Silicon Valley and Washington, and between local police officers and the communities they serve.


Hillary! has a fever and the only prescription is coughing and More Patriot Act!!!!!!!

Cuz that’s worked so well in Paris, Belgium, the US, Iraq, Turkey……

Obama, and of course Hillary!, want to reduce the military,

The allocation of half the sequestration cuts to defense, at a time when it accounted for only about 20% of spending, was also President Obama’s handiwork….

In 2013 then-Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel organized a new strategic review that determined the military could perform its key missions even if the Army shrank to between 420,000 and 450,000 soldiers…. (Hagel and Organized should not be in the same sentence without the prefix “dis” V)

Cuz we don’t need a military to defeat a military threat.

Dems always cut the military and increase gov’t. Then we’re screwed when we get into a war.


While Trump has the simplisme plan of using the military to counter a military threat.

“We are going to convey my top generals and give them a simple instruction,” Trump told a crowd in Greenville, N.C., on Tuesday. “They will have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS. We have no choice.”

In a briefing with the campaign, an aide previewed his address to the Union League, adding that Trump would request a substantial increase in military spending, as he previously advocated.

I know, that’s never worked before!

Except every time that a military threat has been countered.

No, Dems use the Pentagon to attack the real enemy. Me.

An internal strategy memo in which Pentagon leaders aim to “play hardball” to derail the Republican-led House’s defense funding “gimmick” drew the fire from House Majority Leader Paul Ryan on Tuesday, who called the memo “shameless.


I’m watching a movie called Tokyo Joe right now with Humphrey Bogart that’s about

Kimura forces Joe into piloting war criminals by revealing that during the war Trina made treasonous propaganda broadcasts.


See, in the before Americans had to be blackmailed to help war criminals return to the scene of their war criminalizing, in the Glorious Now, we can count on our POTUS to do that.

The Obama administration is facing renewed accusations from Republican lawmakers of putting national security at risk following the release of 15 more Guantanamo Bay detainees — including former Usama bin Laden bodyguards and Al Qaeda bomb experts –

That’s more throwing fish at my face from our fine GOP betters, but the accusation is real.


As for Russia Wants Trump!!!!!!


That’s just idiocy.

The Clintons are for rent to the highest bidder, Russia can bid pretty high.

The Democrats’ newfound paranoia about Russian influence on American affairs was certainly nowhere to be found when Hillary Clinton was cheerfully selling them a huge chunk of America’s uranium stockpile, right after a Russian bank paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech.

In the 90s, I watched the Clintons sit back and say not a fucking word about Tsar Putin I taking over what was almost, almost, a free and open Russia.

Say what you want about Trump, he’s not for rent.


Mudderpocker, defending Trump bothers me more than defending W Bush.


If they’d attack Trump for real stuff, I’d be fer it, but, as with W, they resort to lies to attack him.

Especially since the Dem political/entertainment media complex are firm believers of accusing their enemies (me) of doing what the Dems are doing so the average voter says, “There they go again!”

Remember the lesson from kindergarten, he who smelt it, dealt it.

So she’s been made captain of the Trump-Titanic.

I have to wonder what her motivation is. Did Reince ask her to do the party a solid and make sure Trump doesn’t lose too badly to mitigate down-ballot losses?

Or is she serious in thinking he can win?

Or is she just in it for the money? I have to think the money thing is the least likely factor. Going forward, who is going to hire the lady who tried to salvage the Trump campaign?

She never struck me as a rocket surgeon from her media appearances in the past.


Important I Wuz Wrong update below!!!

So the House is trying to cut the budget of the IRS to TEACH THEM A LESSON!!!!!!\

Basically, this backs out the one-time spending approved last year to fight identity theft and continues a hard budget freeze at the agency.

Arf, Arf, Arf, honk, honk, honk, whap, whap, whap.

There. I’ve arfed, honked and slapped my fins together, now let’s see what it means.

Keeping spending at this level means that the IRS will have to prioritize their resources away from things like Obamacare implementation and harassing ordinary families and small businesses. The IRS will still have plenty of money to go after actual criminals and tax cheats, but hopefully not enough money for fishing expeditions elsewhere.

Yeah…no. This means they’ll divert money away from stuff like answering the phones or emailed questions in a timely manner or going after connected tax cheats and criminals and toward lavish travel expenditures and investigating conservatives.

Who’s gonna stop them? The “Justice” Dept? Congress? Courts? Sir Lancelot?

But wait!!!!! There’s still more!!!!!!

There are also several important policy riders attached to this bill which will help constrain the IRS from any more Lois Lerner-type inappropriate political activities. These include:

  • Prohibiting the IRS from finalizing regulations regarding the tax-exempt status of 501(c)(4) groups. The fear here is that these rules will be used to unfairly target conservative non-profits

  • Prohibiting bonuses and awards to IRS employees unless conduct and tax compliance is given consideration

  • Prohibiting the IRS from targeting organizations for their political beliefs and citizens for exercising their First Amendment rights

  • Prohibiting funds for inappropriate videos and conferences (anyone remember the Star Trek video?)

  • Prohibiting the White House (Bwa-haahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahah snort……hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha V)        from directing an IRS investigation of an organization

  • Prohibiting the transfer of funds to the IRS for Obamacare implementation

  • Prohibiting funds to implement Obamacare’s individual mandate

  • Prohibiting the IRS from auditing a church


Arf arf arf!!!!!!!!! Honk honk honk!!!!!! Whap whap whap!!!!!!!!!!!

Who’s gonna enforce that? The “Justice” Dept? Captain America? Tsar Putin I? Janet Reno?


Now, impeaching Koskinen and charging people like Lerner in contempt of Congress to get the trials on C-Span would be a start while this idiocy accuses me of being stupid.

They’re closer to finding me in contempt of Congress than Lerner.

And deservedly so.


Important I Wuz Wrong Update Here!!!!!!

It was Atlanta not Baltimore where the first Mostly Peaceful Protestor decided to copy the murderous asshole(*s) in Dallas.

*I do not believe the police when they, now, say there was only one shooter.



Above the Post As I’m Writing It Update!!!!!!!!!!!

This actually pissed me off. As I got reading, I read this

They quickly add that they want to undertake no such action

and realized they’re not actually going to do anything, they’re attempting to ‘reason’ with leftists. In other words, GOP Failure Theater.

So while it’s funny, it’s just as useful as all the hearings about lies by Obama they keep having in the House and Senate, in other words, not useful at all. So read on and realize that as you get near the end, I’ve been thoroughly disillusioned. Sigh. It sucks when the GOP lives down to my expectations.


Lefty deals would have no result if not for unintended consequences.

This one’s pretty darn funny.

The New York Attorney General and Rhode Island Senator who helped to launch the prosecution of dissent on climate change may not like where their project is headed. Thirteen state Attorneys General have sent a letter pointing out that if minimizing the risks of climate change can be prosecuted as “fraud,” then so can statements overstating the dangers of climate change….


Another case of hoist on your own retard. That always makes me laugh.

I will say that the GOP AsG are not really paying attention. They write this: (the “we” is the GOP AsG)

“We think this effort by our colleagues to police the global warming debate through the power of the subpoena is a grave mistake,” says the letter. “Using law enforcement authority to resolve a public policy debate undermines the trust invested in our offices and threatens free speech.”

Yeah see, that’s the whole point. If you assume that every leftist push (putsch?) is an attempt to restrict Constitutional freedoms, you would be right a lot more than wrong (as in, always right and never wrong)