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When I was in NY, my sister kept trying to talk about politics, I kept trying to not talk politics. So once she said about Trump, “I just am afraid of all the racism and hate at Trump rallies.”

I didn’t even try to get her to see that she was talking about stuff like this,

Leftist agitators employed fascist tactics at a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis on Friday night.

Video shows protesters banging on the doors of the Minneapolis Convention Center where Trump was speaking to attendees.

When the event concluded, Trump supporters were forced to run a “gauntlet,” with many, including elderly women, being punched and pelted with garbage.



Why bother? She gets her news from Minitrue and this is what she sees.


Donald Trump fundraising event in Minneapolis draws GOP donors, protesters to Convention Center


Ahh, he draws donors and, by the way, some protesters. First paragraph.


Donald Trump roiled Minnesota politics for a few hours Friday night without ever showing his face in public.


It’s all about Trump’s fault. So how do they talk about violence against Trump in Minitrue?

Dozens of protesters gathered out front ahead of the event and marched around the large building. Later in the ­evening, a smaller contingent grew unruly. Some fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the ­convention center.


Unruly. I guess that’s better than “Mostly-peaceful”, but still…. Imagine if it were a Hillary! event.

Pushed and jostled, ummmm, isn’t that assault? Isn’t that intimidation? Isn’t that the police letting people intimidate a presidential candidate’s supporters? Isn’t that all about the fucked up and really, really, really fucking bad? Isn’t that Chavez tactics?



You’ve got somebody out there saying things that used to only be said in the shadows,” said Giselda Gutierrez, a demonstrator who lives in Minneapolis. “I think what he’s saying represents something pretty dangerous for our country.”

The protesters are really the fault of Trump. I mean, if he wasn’t so hateful people wouldn’t have to mostly-peacefully protest him, right?

Of course, I think Giselda represents something dangerous for our country. But that opinion is out of bounds in polite society.


The demonstrators who harassed donors were not present earlier on, when the protest was peaceful. Many in the later group hid their faces behind scarves.


First, how do you know they were different demonstrators? You don’t, so that’s a protective lie. I’m sure that many of the same people hung out and got their violence out. That’s why they went, after all.

And that’s it? Political violence and that’s all you write about it?


Minneapolis police spokeswoman Sgt. Catherine Michal said there were no arrests and no reported injuries.


No arrests, people at a political rally were jostled, pushed, spit on and more and no fucking arrests. Notice the “no reported injuries”, that’s a clintonism. “I didn’t lie, at the time I didn’t know of any reports of injuries!”

There was, however, minor damage, including graffiti on the walls of the Convention Center, and officers had to escort Trump supporters in and out of the lobby because they were being harshly confronted,

“including graffiti”, I’m sure that much of the rest was actual damage, but since they write “including graffiti”, most people will see a little spraypaint.

They throw this in to make sure you know Trump supporters are bad

Guests began arriving around dinnertime, some in limousines and other chauffeured vehicles.


I bet they were all twirling their mustaches and trodding on the backs of their servants as they lay on the ground at the door.

They make this mostly an article on Trump’s policies, and make sure to give critics their chances.

All of this rhetoric is creating an unsafe environment for the Muslim community, for the Somali-American community,” Hussein said.


Trump supporters are the subject of viciousness and violence and yet, the story is mostly about how bad Trump is. A straight news story, supposedly.


The supporters of certain politicians are fair game so far as our fine media and governmental betters are concerned.

Saying Hillary! belongs in jail is totally out of bounds, but getting your violence on at Trump and his supporters is just not newsworthy.

Indeed, as they point out with their helpful quotes, it’s almost un-American not to get your violence on at Trump rallies.

They’re frothing at the mouth now, imagine a Trump win.

Now I want to see it not just because of the disaster that is Hillary!, but to see how it affects our fine political, social, moral and intellectual betters.

I was going to link Taxprof’s Day 1183 of the IRS “Scandal” as an example of tilting at windmills, but then I read the article linked today and saw something that dropped my jaw.

From Forbes (obviously part of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party judging from this article)


Heading The IRS Shouldn’t Be Mission Impossible: GOP Call To Impeach Koskinen Is Tragic Political Theater

I wish the first was, “Heading the IRS shouldn’t happen for much longer” as they dismantle it, but then, I like to fantasize, but I do agree with the last part. I might quibble with “tragic”, but it’s surely political theater (arf arf arf! honk honk honk! slap slap slap!).

Here’s where things get surreal.

Mr. Koskinen was a great choice to rescue the reviled but essential agency.


While I agree with that, it’s not for the reasons they give

And he truly has an exceptional sense of public service.


His history.

He previously served as the Deputy Mayor of the District of Columbia


DC gov’t is all corruptocrats. All. Lying, hypocritical, nearly-clintonian, corruptocrats.

Here is why I agree he was the best choice for the Obama admin

On April 23, 2009, he became the Principal Financial Officer (Of Freddie Mac)

Yeah, he was hired to hide that government malfeasance is what caused all the problems in 2008.

Which is exactly the job he was hired to do at the IRS.

More from Forbes

He probably didn’t anticipate that his hard work would result in some House leaders and the official GOP platform calling for his impeachment.

I bet. He figured they were as feckless I do.

So why are they impeaching him?

: some emails lost by IRS staff


Oh, you mean the deliberate destruction of every piece of evidence subpoenaed?

The Internal Revenue Service appears to have violated a court order once again requiring the preservation of evidence needed by investigators looking into questionable practices at the agency.

How dare anybody actually expect this fine public servant obey the law!?!?!?! He’s dedicated his life to public service. (recall Heinlein who said “public servant” is semantically equivalent to “public master”)

More from Forbes.

and making a House committee wait a few weeks before responding to a subpoena.

Oh, you mean this

In February of 2014, the Commissioner’s counsel Kate Duval identified a gap in Lerner’s emails. She learned several days later that the gap was a result of a 2011 hard drive crash. Mr. Koskinen was made aware of these missing emails, yet he withheld the information from Congress for four months until June 13, 2014.


A few months is made up of a few weeks I guess, but fuck you.

And of course, they’re ignoring this

Commissioner Koskinen again provided false testimony, claiming under oath that he had “confirmed” the information on the bulk of the back-up tapes was unrecoverable. Yet an inspector general found that of the 1,000 back-up tapes, approximately 700 hadn’t been erased and were in fact recoverable.


So basically we’re talking multiple times giving false testimony, destroying evidence and basically just telling Congress to suck his balls.

Now, I can appreciate the last bit as they are only good for sucking balls and telling me to suck their balls, but the first two are grounds for going to jail, not some stupid “impeachment” that means he’s fired and still gets his cushy gov’t pension from other bouts of public mastery…service.

More from Forbes,

The same Treasury inspector general who flagged the targeting of conservative groups called Koskinen “exceptionally cooperative.”


That begins with a lie, no inspector general flagged shit until after it came out in the media. And I’m sure Koskinen has been “exceptionally cooperative” with the Obama admin as they hide their use of the power of the Federal Gov’t to go after private citizens who they need to shut up.

This bit makes me laugh.

(AEI’s Norm Ornstein published an excellent dissection of what he calls the House “show trial” in The Atlantic.)

The words “published an excellent dissection” and “The Atlantic” should only be in the same sentence if the words “Unlike” are right before “The Atlantic”.

The big finish

Koskinen, who is tough as nails, will be okay,

Oh, I don’t disagree with that, recall his cushy pension and the protection of Minitrue and the rest of the Dems.

This is about the only true part of the Forbes article

but the damage to our fiscal system could be longer lasting.

Yeah using the IRS to go after private citizens will do that.


Remember, the job of Minitrue is not to provide information, it’s to provide affirmation and to obfuscate issues bad for Dems.

The rule of law, she is dead, and here we have Forbes simultaneously dancing and pissing on its grave.

Go Team Minitrue!

I like the Examiner, even more now that it doesn’t freeze my computer whenever I go there, but they buried the lede on this story.

The point of this story isn’t that prominent Dems can break the law with impunity,

“The Reid Committee admits that the email, which was meant to facilitate low dollar contributions, did not inform recipients that Reid was soliciting only federally compliant funds,” said the FEC memo….

…in light of the corrective actions taken by the Reid Committee and the modest amount in violation, the Office of General Counsel believes that the Commission should exercise its prosecutorial discretion and dismiss the violations as to Reid and his committee,” said the FEC enforcement memo.


We already knew that. No, the point should be that the Dems are pulling out all the stops to take over our country.

Some two months ago, Democrats on the FEC moved to punish Huckabee simply because of a joke in a speech urging donors to give him a million dollars. In that case the FEC lawyers said Huckabee was obviously joking, two of three Democrats on the commission voted to take legal action against the Republican.

Like Ruth Bader FuckyouAmericaburg and the rest of the lefty assholes on the Supreme Court, they have a mission and the Constitution and Americans who think it means something are getting in the way so they need to put us in our place (re-eduation camps I’d assume)


I really worry about the election in November, the Dem voter fraud is going to be blatantly obvious while Minitrue will be all, “Wut?”

As an aside, Foxnews became part of minitrue so slowly I didn’t even notice it.

Top 5 revelations from the wikileaks lead on DNC emails.

Now, I haven’t read about any of this except what I’ve seen on blogs, but these 5 seem YUGE!!!, well, they would if it were an RNC deal. Except the RNC doesn’t have our fine media betters on a leash so much of it could never have happened.

In talking about a fundraiser the Wash Post was running for them.

Great – we were never going to list since the lawyers told us we cannot do it….

They aren’t going to give us a price per ticket and do not want their party to be listed in any package we are selling to donors. If we let them know we have donors in town who will be at the debate, we can add them to the list for the party


Shouldn’t they be prosecuted for working to get around the laws?

I mean, we know our fine betters in the “Justice” Dept won’t do anything no matter what, I’m just speaking hypothetically.


It’s going to be interesting to see if Dem voters are going to get sick of their establishment enough to do something about it the way GOP voters have been trying to do.

Watching Bernie-bros (and broettes) bash the Dems, Hillary and even (gasp!!!) Obama in Philadelphia is cracking me up. I wonder if CNN will show that? If they do, you know it’ll be all about how they’re crazy, but I do wonder if the DNC will allow them to do it.


Important, As I’m Writing It Update Cuz I Saw Something About This On TV!!!!!


Truer words were never spoke you golden cow you.




And this time ain’t farce.

The first time some tyrant seized arms in Massachusetts, it didn’t go well for the Massachusettsians or, eventually, the tyrants.

For months, Gage had been sending troops into the countryside to search for and capture arms and ammunition being stockpiled by the colonists.

So in his zeal, he just knew there were some more of the evil guns over there! (points off to the right)

One particularly large stockpile was held in a town called Concord some 20 miles northwest of Boston. Gage decided to send out two regiments, roughly 700 men, to march out to Concord, capture the ammunition and end all hopes of an armed conflict.


And the rest, as they say, is history.

In today’s exciting episode, we have the Mass AG:

a weapon is a Copy or Duplicate, for example, if the operating system and firing mechanism of the weapon are based on or otherwise substantially similar to one of the Enumerated Weapons.


So…. with no way to legally ban what he wants to ban, he’s just ex cathedra banned any semi-auto rifle in his state with that vague direction.

That can’t be legal, and in many other states it wouldn’t be, but since Mass has been one-party rule, I expect it to pass all judicial reviews.

I hope the court that decides it to be okay is in Concorde or Lexington, cuz lefties have no sense of irony.


We do get to see if the Massachusettsians are going to supinely let their masters tell them what they can have or if they will get pissed off at being treated like serfs.

Like NYers, I expect them to do the waving their paws in air thing.

The Dems page and a half plan to Secure The Homeland!!!!! is full of trusting Iran and Saudi Arabia to help us in their war against each other, taking guns without due process, spending lots of money and expanding the perimeter of Security Theater. The usual.


Obama’s plan to Secure The Homeland!!!! is a little different.

The Obama administration has released “tens of thousands” of illegal aliens convicted of crimes in the U.S. because their home countries refused to take them back.


While the Congresscritter Dems plan will not accomplish anything except give money to their friends and take some more of my freedom, I will say that at least Obama’s plan seems to be intended to further his goal of securing the homeland.

The more violent thugs we have out there the more the media can explain why the gov’t needs to take my guns,

Obama is trying to make the country secure for lefty fascists.

Let’s cast the ‘nets.

First, we have Obama Alinsksplaining:

President Barack Obama says Americans can’t dismiss protesters who call attention to racial issues 50 years after the Civil Rights Act as troublemakers.

First, I have to wonder what they have to do with the Civil Rights Act as they are all about segregation and separate but unequal, but he is right about the last part. You cannot just dismiss them as troublemakers.

BLM leader killed in home invasion of cop’s home.

What do they want? Dead cops! When do they want them? Now!

See? They’re not just troublemakers, they’re troublemakers who attempt and incite murder! Totally different.


From the first link, morbama.

Obama also says he believes the police officers who died in Dallas did not die in vain,

I agree, so far as Obama and the rest of the Democratic political/agitation brigade are concerned, they want to stir everybody up for an electoral bump. Also, they can use the dead cops to alinskplain why the police need killbots, MRAPs, grenade launchers and full auto weapons and further, why they need to take my guns. As we all know, anything is important or unimportant in direct relation to how it affects Democrats being elected.


We Need Moar Teh Funny!

But we ain’t getting it.

What we are getting is the Dallas Cop who has had the press conferences, he is Teh Awesome.

“We’re asking cops to do too much in this country” said Brown.

“Every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solve” said Brown. He listed mental health, drug addiction, loose dogs, failing schools as problems the public expects ‘cops to solve.’

Yes, so long as you add in, “Be revenue generators instead of peace officers.”

As a teacher, I wholeheartedly agree. I saw kids with no respect for themselves or others in each and every class. Kids who freak out if you say, “just shut up” after a bunch of “Please be quiet”s didn’t work. Kids who think ‘discipline’ is something everybody but themselves need.

As they get older, the cops get to deal with them and after a lifetime of being told “It’s not your fault!”, they get upset when they are thwarted in any way, shape or form.


Next, we have more stinky fish!!!!!!

Congress will introduce legislation to ban all State Department officials from using private email accounts and servers to conduct any official business, the Free Beacon has learned.

Once again, this is already against the law. But the GOP IS DOING SOMETHING TO REIN IN OBAMA!…Hillary!!!!! Send us money!!!! Vote for us!!!!!! Fuck you moron proles!!!!!!…wait, did we say that last bit out loud?

Speaking of feckless GOP idjits, the AP has their back!!!! Discussing the real threat to America, Trump!!!!!


A lot of holes in GOP presidential ground game in key states


These are the same idiots who cannot figure out why he’s so popular.

Eh, so long as they keep attacking him in their insulated, elitist (actual intelligence may vary), entitled, ignorantly moronic way, they’re happy.

But since they are Dems with bylines (as the puppy blender calls them), you know this is also affirmation for their leftist audience.

To be sure, the national party actually has notched record levels of fundraising over the past few years and put together a much more robust ground game than it had in 2012. But officials acknowledge the real competition isn’t their past results or the chronically cash strapped Democratic Party. It’s Clinton and what GOP party chairman Priebus calls “that machine” of Clinton fundraising.

Yeah, keep saying that.

What our fine social, moral, intellectual and political betters cannot wrap their heads around is that this isn’t a normal election. They’ve been whipping up the minorities with tales of evil white folk and finally, the people who are sick of being demonized are mobilizing. And not just white folk, but all the law abiding people who are pretty sick of being accused of horrible things and losing the freedoms our forebearers fought for.

So keep telling us, and yourselves, that everybody who disagrees with you sucks.

Bigawdammit, I’m actually going to have to vote for Trump. If you had told me that at anytime in the last 30 years I would have laughed in your face. Even if you had told me he was running against Hillary!.

So maybe a little funny.

Let’s end on something that’s absolutely chillingly hilarious.

War in the Pacific!

An international tribunal rejected China’s extensive claims in the South China Sea in a landmark ruling Tuesday that also found the country had aggravated the seething regional dispute and violated the Philippines’ maritime rights by building up artificial islands that destroyed coral reefs and by disrupting fishing and oil exploration.

I’ve said that the Dutch are furiously impotent on the international stage, which makes this the funniest line of the day.

While the decision is seen as a major legal declaration regarding one of the world’s most contested regions,

Ummm, by whom? Besides EUnuchs and other globalist idjits I mean. We all know China’s reaction.

China immediately rejected it as a “farce”

I guess the old saw is right, the first time was tragedy, this time it’s farce.

For the tragedy, let’s recall the last time the Dutch had a problem in the Pacific, then it was the Japanese who were warned!!!!! So how did that work out? Death camps, death marches and torture.

I was only going to quote the above, but I just can’t stop. This thing is too darn funny.

While the findings cannot reverse China’s actions,…

Do tell.

it still constitutes a rebuke, carrying with it the force of the international community’s opinion.


Yeah, that and $5 will get you cup of Starbucks coffee and a whole bunch of laughing murderous commie dictators.

It also gives heart to small countries in Asia that have helplessly chafed at China’s expansionism, backed by its military and economic power.

I think they left out the word, “palpitations” after “heart” in the above, because there’s nothing that scares murderous dictators less than the frumious frowning of the frustrated fools in the International Community.

This EUnuch came so close to making sense.

Former Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario, who helped oversee the filing of the case, said the ruling underscored “our collective belief that right is might….

The Chinese whole-heartedly agree.

He should have stopped there, but he didn’t. Cuz he’s a EUnuch.

and that international law is the great equalizer among states.

Ummm, wut?

There is no “International Law”, there are treaties and there are people with the balls to enforce civilized behavior on murderous dictators. While we have plenty in the first category, the only one we have in the second category is Israel, and murderous commie dictators in the Pacific ain’t their problem.

This is the same stupidity EUnuchs have been bleating since before they were officially EUnuchs.

“For the sake of maintaining international order, it is imperative that the Award and clarification of maritime entitlements be accepted by all relevant countries – without exception – so that we can work together on how remaining issues can be peacefully resolved,

Yeah, Chamberlain said the same thing about the reasonable Herr Hitler.

When one side wants to be murderous dictators dominating the world and the other doesn’t want that, there is no acceptable middle ground. I mean, the middle ground is, “How about you just be murderous commie dictators in Asia and the Pacific?” While that’s acceptable to EUnuchs (they’ve lost and/or given up their Pacific colonies), the people in the region aren’t so thrilled. Even the murderous commie dictators in Vietnam!

Since Obama’s peeps are handling this for the US, you know their response.

The U.S. State Department called on both parties to comply with their obligations,

Yeah, you over there, stop being murderously repressed by murderous commie dictators, you murderous commie dictators, could you please be a little less murderous? At least until Minitrue can find something else to pay attention to so Ash Carter doesn’t have to take notice?

I can see why Obama is on their side.

China, which boycotted the entire proceedings, reiterated that it does not accept the panel’s jurisdiction. China “solemnly declares that the award is null and void and has no binding force. China neither accepts nor recognizes it,” a statement from the foreign ministry said.


Basically way he handles Congress and judges.

Commies of a feather shit on freedom-loving people together.

I’ll leave on this note.

A professor of Asian political economy said the ruling could be a “transformative moment” in the region.


Yeah, convincing China that the only responses to their invasionay tendencies are going to be feckless practically demands they go to war.

War in transformative.

Which makes this bit especially fendy.

Speaking outside the Peace Palace

Practically demanding that China go to war from the Peace Palace is pretty darn funny. And endy. Don’t forget the endy.