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No link, but his latest op-ed had this little nugget of wisdom:

Right now, each side in that debate passionately believes that the other side is wrong. And it’s all right for them to say that. What’s not acceptable is the kind of violence and eliminationist rhetoric encouraging violence that has become all too common these past two years.

It’s not enough to appeal to the better angels of our nature. We need to have leaders of both parties — or Mr. Obama alone if necessary — declare that both violence and any language hinting at the acceptability of violence are out of bounds. We all want reconciliation, but the road to that goal begins with an agreement that our differences will be settled by the rule of law.

Fuck you, Paul. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you fistywide for ignoring the beatings and attacks from the left. Fuck you for ignoring the “Kill Bush” fantasies on the left from 2001-2008. Fuck you for ignoring MSNBC, Kos, Al Sharpton, Hollywood, and every other leftist fucktard who has used violent and incendiary rhetoric against us whenever we oppose them. Fuck you for ignoring violent fantasies from your side. Fuck you for your own writings, which have been dripping with ghoulish glee until today, only to attempt to appear “above it” after your attacks failed to lead the voters to see the shooting through your own fucked up kaleidoscope of hate. And fuck you because you are so arrogant, you probably figured we wouldn’t catch on to how stupid you really are.

Holy buggerfuckity bugfuck! This fucksack of stupid crammed into the goatse of idiocy is so asinine, I can’t even begin to mock it. So let me just tell Krugman and anybody who sides with him to get fucked with the moldy fucksauce from the fuckbuffet of fucking idiocy if they think we will listen to them.

I see  quite a few conservatives virtually high-fiving each other on Twitter about how conservative social media and blogs really beat back the Lefty media-political complex on blaming heated conservative rhetoric for the Arizona massacre.  And with Obama’s firm and unmistakable denial that rhetoric was a cause of Jared Loughner’s rampage, some see no road but one of retreat for the Blood Libelers. (Yes, I used the term. Deal with it or find me a new concise expression that gets the job done.)

What they fail to see is that while America has rejected the idea that Palin (or Limbaugh, or Beck) is to blame for the shooting, the Lefty media-political complex (aka MiniTru) has still determined that this is a great opportunity to discuss the tone of our political discourse.

Even in the President’s speech, which conservatives are eager to use against the Blood Libelers, Obama took that so-called opportunity:

And if, as has been discussed in recent days, their deaths help usher in more civility in our public discourse, let’s remember that it is not because a simple lack of civility caused this tragedy, but rather because only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation, in a way that would make them proud.

We’re talking about how the President scolded the Left, but what Obama really did was give the Left tacit permission to continue promoting The Narrative.  And while Obama’s words were carefully chosen as to walk right up to the line without crossing it, it is inevitably the case that discussions about civility are inherently biased against conservatives.  Because if we’re having a discussion about civility, and those refereeing the discussion are the MiniTru, then sheer ideological gravity will pull that discussion towards criticism of the Right.

I’m of the opinion that Mark Halperin’s controversial statement was entirely reflexive, reactionary, and without conscious thought.  It just came out. Because that’s what the media thinks all the time.  And that’s the direction “our” conversation about civility will go.

So what exactly did we accomplish, Dextrosphere? We had some fun with the #BlamePalin game, but we didn’t meaningfully change the media coverage.  The Narrative about civility continues even as political rhetoric has been entirely dismissed as a catalyst for the incident.

They still win.

Go on, you fucking RINOs. Go on and fucking vote for the DREAM Act. I fucking dare you.

No, I don’t mean helping them to win elections. I mean, let’s help them understand how money actually works.

I’m not an economist, and I rarely have any cash on hand (you jerks could go over to my little crapblog and click on the Google ads once in a while, you know) but I’ve listened to and read stuff by some experts, and the stuff what I’ve gleaned is after the fold…


Like last year, I’m planning on a webpoll for worst media malpractice of the year. And also like last year, I’m asking the DPUD morons to help me fill in the blanks I might have missed.

Here’s what I have so far:

Flotilla Fauxtoshop

OneNation rally socialists & radicals

Alan Grayson (ignoring his idiocy)

Breitbart / Shirley Sherrod

Tea Party “N-word” and spitting allegations

Surprise! Obamacare is messing things up. (McDonalds plans, corporate write-downs, college providers, individual child policies no longer offered, waivers)

Christiane Amanpour over Jake Tapper for “This Week”

Meg Whitman illegal immigrant non-scandal

Rangle ethics reporting AFTER election

Maxine Waters ethics

Loretta Sanchez Univision remarks


Several of these fall into the category of “ignoring Democrat idiocy while following Christine O’Donnell around like a lost puppy”, but some of the individual incidents are serious enough to warrant their own spots in the poll.

So tell me, Moron Nation, what did I miss?


Well, fuck civility. First chair fuck it from the woodwind section in the middle of a command performance of Toccata and Fuck. Fuck those who try to tell us, after years of slander, beatings, lies, and false accusations from the left, we need to fucking be nice now that they have lost. Fuck the belief that being nice while the other side refuses to hold back will work. And lawnfuck on a frozen day with a snow shovel anybody who dares lecture us about civility after the shit thrown at us for years by those now begging us to play nice.

You know who fucking wants to be civil? Fucking losers, that’s who. Those weak willed, goatsegramming, assjiggling, snails up their widened asses, that’s who. Those people who blanche at the sight of people demanding their voices be heard, that’s who. And those fuckfurters with relish who want to tell us everything will be all fucky-dory, so long as we fucking let them tell us how to act and live. And these are the people who wind up sliding us into statism, so fuck them forever with used toilet paper after I had a batch of macho Nachos.

When I read about the desires of many on the left to have us become a regulated, state-run society, I look in on the two most precious things I know as they sleep. One of those is the daughter of mine who is a gift from above and made in the image of all that is perfect, who has the potential to shape history, so long as she has the opportunity to do so, and is what G-d above meant when he was pleased with his handiwork. The other is the one I abandoned all others for, the one for whom I still crave every night as if it were two nights before our wedding (heh!), who I promised to always be my happily ever after, and who bore my children who died before birth, who live, and who are yet to come. As I watch over them, do you flaccid fuckmuscles stuck in the fuckzipper of fuckheadedness really believe I will accommodate and yield anything to those who wish to harm them? Well, rockfuck you with an algae fucked fucktwig if you think so.

No, I will not yield to those who seek to destroy those I value more than my life itself. I will not yield an inch to those who wish to control and regulate my family’s life. I will not yield an inch to those who wish death upon me for my views. I will not yield until they are driven from the plains forever. And “civility” to those who wish to destroy everything around me is merely the first step. So fuck your false calls for civility. Fuck your sham moderation. Fuck your calls for me to be anything less than vigilant against your schemes. And amoebafuck you until you dehydrate for trying to push this shit upon us.

Cupcake Cannon!

What say you, Dramatic Eagle?

Congrats to Peel and Will

Posted: November 13, 2010 by doubleplusundead in Moronosphere

Hostages have the obligatory Princess Bride Mawwage clip and thread.  I and a number of you Morons have had the opportunity and honor of meeting Mrs. Peel and Will, and wish them the best as their married life begins.

I really suck at writing this kind of thing, can I post a semi-coherent rant or some weird random news story now?