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I was going to link Taxprof’s Day 1183 of the IRS “Scandal” as an example of tilting at windmills, but then I read the article linked today and saw something that dropped my jaw.

From Forbes (obviously part of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party judging from this article)


Heading The IRS Shouldn’t Be Mission Impossible: GOP Call To Impeach Koskinen Is Tragic Political Theater

I wish the first was, “Heading the IRS shouldn’t happen for much longer” as they dismantle it, but then, I like to fantasize, but I do agree with the last part. I might quibble with “tragic”, but it’s surely political theater (arf arf arf! honk honk honk! slap slap slap!).

Here’s where things get surreal.

Mr. Koskinen was a great choice to rescue the reviled but essential agency.


While I agree with that, it’s not for the reasons they give

And he truly has an exceptional sense of public service.


His history.

He previously served as the Deputy Mayor of the District of Columbia


DC gov’t is all corruptocrats. All. Lying, hypocritical, nearly-clintonian, corruptocrats.

Here is why I agree he was the best choice for the Obama admin

On April 23, 2009, he became the Principal Financial Officer (Of Freddie Mac)

Yeah, he was hired to hide that government malfeasance is what caused all the problems in 2008.

Which is exactly the job he was hired to do at the IRS.

More from Forbes

He probably didn’t anticipate that his hard work would result in some House leaders and the official GOP platform calling for his impeachment.

I bet. He figured they were as feckless I do.

So why are they impeaching him?

: some emails lost by IRS staff


Oh, you mean the deliberate destruction of every piece of evidence subpoenaed?

The Internal Revenue Service appears to have violated a court order once again requiring the preservation of evidence needed by investigators looking into questionable practices at the agency.

How dare anybody actually expect this fine public servant obey the law!?!?!?! He’s dedicated his life to public service. (recall Heinlein who said “public servant” is semantically equivalent to “public master”)

More from Forbes.

and making a House committee wait a few weeks before responding to a subpoena.

Oh, you mean this

In February of 2014, the Commissioner’s counsel Kate Duval identified a gap in Lerner’s emails. She learned several days later that the gap was a result of a 2011 hard drive crash. Mr. Koskinen was made aware of these missing emails, yet he withheld the information from Congress for four months until June 13, 2014.


A few months is made up of a few weeks I guess, but fuck you.

And of course, they’re ignoring this

Commissioner Koskinen again provided false testimony, claiming under oath that he had “confirmed” the information on the bulk of the back-up tapes was unrecoverable. Yet an inspector general found that of the 1,000 back-up tapes, approximately 700 hadn’t been erased and were in fact recoverable.


So basically we’re talking multiple times giving false testimony, destroying evidence and basically just telling Congress to suck his balls.

Now, I can appreciate the last bit as they are only good for sucking balls and telling me to suck their balls, but the first two are grounds for going to jail, not some stupid “impeachment” that means he’s fired and still gets his cushy gov’t pension from other bouts of public mastery…service.

More from Forbes,

The same Treasury inspector general who flagged the targeting of conservative groups called Koskinen “exceptionally cooperative.”


That begins with a lie, no inspector general flagged shit until after it came out in the media. And I’m sure Koskinen has been “exceptionally cooperative” with the Obama admin as they hide their use of the power of the Federal Gov’t to go after private citizens who they need to shut up.

This bit makes me laugh.

(AEI’s Norm Ornstein published an excellent dissection of what he calls the House “show trial” in The Atlantic.)

The words “published an excellent dissection” and “The Atlantic” should only be in the same sentence if the words “Unlike” are right before “The Atlantic”.

The big finish

Koskinen, who is tough as nails, will be okay,

Oh, I don’t disagree with that, recall his cushy pension and the protection of Minitrue and the rest of the Dems.

This is about the only true part of the Forbes article

but the damage to our fiscal system could be longer lasting.

Yeah using the IRS to go after private citizens will do that.


Remember, the job of Minitrue is not to provide information, it’s to provide affirmation and to obfuscate issues bad for Dems.

The rule of law, she is dead, and here we have Forbes simultaneously dancing and pissing on its grave.

Go Team Minitrue!

The Dems page and a half plan to Secure The Homeland!!!!! is full of trusting Iran and Saudi Arabia to help us in their war against each other, taking guns without due process, spending lots of money and expanding the perimeter of Security Theater. The usual.


Obama’s plan to Secure The Homeland!!!! is a little different.

The Obama administration has released “tens of thousands” of illegal aliens convicted of crimes in the U.S. because their home countries refused to take them back.


While the Congresscritter Dems plan will not accomplish anything except give money to their friends and take some more of my freedom, I will say that at least Obama’s plan seems to be intended to further his goal of securing the homeland.

The more violent thugs we have out there the more the media can explain why the gov’t needs to take my guns,

Obama is trying to make the country secure for lefty fascists.

Important, Above The Fold, Watch As Hillary Lies And Comey Discusses Her Many Lies Before Doing What His Chicago-Machine Master Told Him To Do Update!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice her smirk at the end, you can almost hear the, “There, that oughtta shut them up.”


Comey’s declaration that the rule of law is dead had this. (for the record, I was going to link the FBI, but since the “Justice” Dept is now an arm of the Chicago-Machine, I was afraid of reprisal. From my gov’t. And I don’t think I am being too paranoid)

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.



Yeah, we’re deciding if the US has one set of laws for the hoi polloi and another for Dems.

But what has me thinking is since our gov’t rules via Chicago-machine methods, you have to wonder what sort of pressure was put on Comey?

Was that statement the only way he could signal that Hillary is above the law and there’s nothing he can do about?



Her Natural Habitat: Above The Law!

Her Natural Habitat: Above The Law!


Yeah, I’m worked up today, why do you ask?

I’ve been waiting for this story.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sought on Saturday to temper pressure from Paris, Brussels and her own government to force Britain into negotiating a quick divorce from the EU…

Merkel tried to slow the rush to get Britain out of the EU door. Europe’s most powerful leader made clear she would not press Cameron after he indicated Britain would not seek formal exit negotiations until October at least.


Democracy is only good when lefties get their way, when they don’t fuck you. Let’s put this off for a few months. Then the negotiations will take a few days…weeks….months….years….decades.… fuck you.

This bit is darn funny.

despite warnings that hesitation will let populism take hold.


How can those populist assholes expect their EUnuch betters to respect any vote by the proles!?!?!?!?!!

Nother thing

Under the guise of “reform,” President Obama is dismantling Medicare…

The president’s Medicare reforms make it harder for seniors to get joint replacements. His new payment rules shortchange doctors, discouraging them from accepting Medicare in the first place. New ER rules clobber seniors with bills for “observation care.” …

Expect more stuff like this that will not be well known until after Obama is making $millions reading his teleprompter. Then, it will require the gov’t to FIX IT!!!!!!! costing us many $billions.

This is pretty darn funny.

Under ObamaCare, hospitals get bonuses for spending less per senior, despite having higher death rates and infection rates….

They get paid more when they let people die.

So maybe not all that funny, mostly endy.


Now some good news!!! The GOP are going to be our Knights In Shining Armour and save us all!!!!!!!!!!

Cruz has added an amendment to the Senate’s Highway Bill that would require an up-or-down vote on the administration’s plan to give ICANN control over names and numbers. And Cruz’s Protecting Internet Freedom Act, proposed with Republican Rep. Sean Duffy (Wis.), would prevent the transfer of authority to the global group.

Why do I get the feeling it’s another case of failure theater?

This bit is funny.

Supporters of the president’s plan argue that it’s not a big deal and that the changes are mostly logistical.


Yeah, allowing China, Russia and our fine Iranian friends to censor the ‘tubes is no big deal.

So long as you’re an asshole who wants to shut me up.

Important, People Comment At Other Blogs Update Below!!!!!!!!!

Via Paco, we see this story about the people who made America great!!!!!

There are now more non-military government employees who carry guns than there are U.S. Marines, according to a new report.

Open the Books, a taxpayer watchdog group, released a study Wednesday that finds domestic government agencies continue to grow their stockpiles of military-style weapons, as Democrats sat on the House floor (link in original V) calling for more restrictions on what guns American citizens can buy.


For certain values of “great” (bureaucrats think it’s wonderful that they can shoot those assholes who forget to check boxes!)

This totally isn’t scary.

The “Militarization of Americalink in original V) report found civilian agencies spent $1.48 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment between 2006 and 2014. Examples include IRS agents with AR-15s, and EPA bureaucrats wearing camouflage.


Wait, I mean that’s totally fucking scary.

Which leads us to how to feel safer in such an unsafe environment.

We need to get the EPA to attack NASA to attack the Social Security admin to attack the IRS to attack…..

If we can get bureaucracies fighting, maybe they’ll leave us alone.

As I said at Paco’s, my only hope is that the NOAA and EPA get in a shootout in my front yard while arguing over who gets to shoot me. (Over my anti-global warmmongering)

I’ll get video if it happens.

And lest we think this is Obama’s fault, it started long before Obama, under Bush it accelerated (or at least, that’s when I started noticing it). I am sure that Clinton was all in on that sort of thing as he was crying into the camera and biting his lip to take my guns.



Quoth RebeccaH, making a point I hadn’t thought of.

While all these bureaucrats spend millions arming themselves, the Marines are having to scrounge airplane parts out of the airplane boneyard. I hate this administration with a white hot passion.


Obama is shrinking the part of gov’t that does the things it’s supposed to do (like the military) and vastly expanding the part that doesn’t.

Before America the deal between the powerful and the rest of us was: Don’t kill us too much or take all our stuff and we will let you screw our women and go off in mobs with farming implements to fight your wars.

The Founding Fathers changed the deal to the Constitution that boils down to: Don’t steal too much and at least pretend to kiss our asses and we’ll ignore you mostly.

So our fine betters have decided that they are not bound by the deal.

Dem pols talking about getting rid of the second amendment and due process while the IRS is still screwing conservatives years after the “scandal” broke.

And our fine media betters are either ignoring it or egging them on.

So what’s a free people to do when Dems keep getting their fascist on?

Virgin Islands Attorney General (Democrat) Claude Walker subpoenaed Exxon for records regarding dozens of conservative think tanks, policy experts and scientists in March…

Massachusetts Attorney General (Democrat) Maura Healey is now the latest state prosecutor to start investigating conservative groups with supposed ties to ExxonMobil,…(Oh noes!!!!! Ties to Exxon Mobil!!!! V)

New York Attorney General (Democrat) Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into Exxon’s global warming stance in November, based on reporting by liberal journalists at InsideClimate News and Columbia University that Exxon had been covering up climate science for decades while funding right-wing activist groups.

They’re trying to shut us up when we try to get involved in the democratic process (why the GOP has Trump and why Bernie’s peeps could sit out the election and why Dem involvement is way down) they’re trying to take our guns as we’re buying them in record numbers and they’re trying to fleece us all and hugely expand their power with their global warmmongering lies.
Now we have people like the folks the other day with their list of idiotic fees if the fascist bureaucratic assholes wanted to come on their land, and now the guy who told the fascist global warmmonger to  fuck off fascist.

Teh Peepul are not amused and they’re becoming…. restive what with being told they’re all racist/fascist/homophobic/islamophobic, gaia-hating assholes who need to shut up and do what they’re told.

I just really hope everybody waits until I get to AZ, I don’t want to get stuck in an unfree place like NY if shit hits the fan. I really don’t.


Jebus, just when I think I hate people enough, someone comes along to make me lose all faith and respect for someone I thought I liked.

Retired Gen. David Petraeus announced Friday he’s partnering with former astronaut Mark Kelly (Mr. Gabby Giffords V) to create a gun control group for veterans.


Mudder pocker. And no, by ‘gun control’ he does not mean ‘on target’ but the usual, “For Your Own Good” bullshit.

Why is he doing that?

The idea behind the group is to curb rampant veteran suicide rates.


You know, cuz, as everybody knows, suicidal people will not commit suicide if they have no access to evil guns.

And of course, there are no other problems that are causing the deaths of veterans that Petraeus might want to look into.