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But I’m going in anyway. I will say I’m going to win tonight’s debate too. Somebody tell me if Trump has some people with flash cameras who get Hillary! into a seizure. Or……what if it’s Obama’s peeps?  I figured they’d want to pull the old switcheroo after the debates so M’Shell wouldn’t have to answer any pesky questions from the masses.

Either way, let me know.

Let’s start with Peggy Noonan, nitwit who’s still trying to figure out how Obama changed so much after being elected. Both times.

Now, you could read the whole thing, but you’d be more stupider afterward, she’s still on Russia helping Trump, but we can’t know how connected cuz Trump hasn’t released his taxes. No mention of Hillary! accepting Russian money for sleazy deals.

I’m just linking for this

I don’t know about you but when people look down on me I want them to be distinguished or outstanding in some way—towering minds, people of exquisite sensibility or learning.


I don’t know about you, but when people look down on me I make fun of them and tell them to go screw. Especially people of “exquisite sensibility”.


Rich Lowry, nitwit, has an op-ed about “How Team Hillary secretly sees the world”, which is only secret because our find media betters ignore what she says,  with this

The hack (wikileaks) is, to say the least, not the way to achieve sunshine in our politics or government,

The folks in the media aren’t doing it. Somebody has to, and the GOP isn’t interested in it either. That story is about Rubio saying he won’t talk about stuff in wikileaks. He also seems to not want to talk about the FBI’s notes, the only people he attacks are Republicans who don’t agree with John McCain know who.

Which leads to Trump’s call for term-limits for Congress.

I don’t know if I like that. On the one hand, it would get rid of a bunch of assholes, on the other hand, it’s treating Americans like children and protecting them from themselves. On the gripping hand, that would just create a bunch of staffers that the leaders of the parties would assign to incoming Congress-critters to ensure continuity of their policies.

FBI agents are revolting!!!!!!!

A now-retired FBI agent and a State Department official involved in a discussion over the classification of information in one of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails said Tuesday they had discussed mutual agency requests but had not linked the two as a bargain, as another FBI employee had reported.

They smell too.


Yahoo askes, Will things turn ugly if Trump loses?

Possibly, but if Trump wins, it’ll be uglier still as the Obama admin and minitrue go fucking crazier than they already are.

When I hear Donald Trump suggest that he wants to “make America great again,” it always triggers the same three questions in my head….

To what specific period of American greatness are you wanting us to return? When black folk suffered segregation after slavery? When women had no right to vote or control their own bodies? When gay brothers and lesbian sisters felt ceaseless hate? When we stole land from the Native Americans? When we sent Japanese families to internment camps? When America lynched Mexicans?

Seriously? And how is Trump going to implement these policies? Will he just executively order this stuff and we’ll be powerless to stop him?

What gets me is that the only stuff that could be tied to a single political party are segregation and Japanese internment camps that were done by Democrats, in the lifetime of many who are still alive today.

As for lynching Mexicans, buh? I’ve never heard that accusation before, but he needed something for the special protected classes so he just made some shit up.


This gives me hope for the future.

A hotline for University of Florida students to report culturally insensitive Halloween costumes has backfired after a Fox Sports commentator instigated a series of prank calls to the number….

Since then, at least 40 prank calls have come in, taxing the hotline’s resources by forcing the school to investigate false reports.

That’s the spirit, show the ridiculous to be ridiculous. As for the bit I bolded at the end, they’re all false reports. That’s just axiomatic. One man’s ‘cultural insensitivity’ is another man’s hilarity. Wait, was that culturally insensitive that I wrote “men” instead of “men and women”? Wait, was that sarcastic question culturally insensitive? No! Because I’m from Sarcastacity!


Hilarious new signs on the Chicago mass transit made famous in Good Times and the Blues Brothers.


WTF? Did I miss a new epidemic?

More importantly, will that sign work better than this one?


I asked my magic 8-ball the last question and it said, “Stop asking me stupid questions. Asshole.”

I gotta get a new magic 8-ball.

Except you’re wrong.

Major Victory Over IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the court picked up where the D.C. Circuit left off, and ordered that the IRS cease delaying determinations on any outstanding tax-exempt applications of Tea Party groups and other grassroots organizations. He gave the IRS thirty days to comply.

OOooooohhhhhh!!!!!! 30 Days!!!!!!!!! Who’s gonna enforce that order? The “Justice” Dept? The A-Team? Santy Claus?

Totally unrelated, Day 1258 in the IRS “Scandal” (if a scandal happens in the forest and all of our betters ignore it, did it really happen?)


This one is all about not paying attention.

But confidently predicting how his (Trump’s V) mere election would affect markets or the economy is impossible — and risks further undermining economists’ already shaky reputation with the public.

Of course a Trump will cause all manner of bad things to happen in the economy. Minitrue will suddenly report on the shit they’ve been ignoring for 7 years of Recovery Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


FBI Agents totes upset!!!!!!

FBI agents say the bureau is alarmed over Director James Comey deciding not to suggest that the Justice Department prosecute Hillary Clinton…
We talk about it in the office and don’t know how Comey can keep going.”

I’ll tell you how he keeps going, because Hillary!’s Bitches in the FBI ain’t doing shit about their bureau simultaneously pissing, shitting and dancing on the rule of law.


Dire warnings

In Democratic circles, the talk about the presidential election has increasingly turned to fears of a violent uprising by white supremacists and neo-Nazis if Donald Trump loses.

I’d suggest it’s more like Hillary!’s Bitches in the FBI and all the bureaucratic SWAT teams will have to respond to what our fine Minitrue betters will be calling a violent uprising. No more Tea Party protests for you! The only protests allowed will be when violent lefties get their destruction on.


I agree, Polie-ico lies. It’s what they do.

WikiLeaks-BUSTED Politico(sic) journo doubles down with this lame denial

But why act so surprised? Seriously, it’s like acting surprised that Clintons lie.


The next don’t really really go along with the rest.

This is more of an I Wuz Right! thing

According to an NBC insider, “Trump was leading in the polls, so the tape was leaked to derail his bid.”

The insider added the leak was sanctioned by NBC News top brass, and in the process, “NBC handed over the scoop of the year to WaPo, just to help Hillary.”

I was reading tea leaves and figured Trump was doing better than I thought.


As a sequel to Megyn Kelly losing to Rachel Maddow (which we see she still is), we see the only one not hatin’ on Trump, Hannity, winning the ratings wars. The top of the list.

O’Reilly   2.231   Kelly: 2.104    Maddow:  2.136    Hannity: 2.471


That’s tea leaves, but should I read them?


Okay, this one is funny. A nasty, nearly nekkid statue of Hillary! in NYC was destroyed by some hateful cow who actually said, “I can do whatever I want!!!!” then she sits on the statue of the golden cow. There’s video at the link that shows it.

My problem with the statue, look at the hooves. No cankles! That’s like Trump without the hair.




Everything is Trump’s fault. With his hateful rhetoric, abusing women and being so damn white.

In an attempt to defend themselves against Trump’s Rhetoric!!!!!:

The Iraqi government has allegedly asked General Qassem Soleimani to take part in the newly-announced offensive on Mosul,…

The head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force has served as Tehran’s point-man on battlefields in Iraq and Syria,


It surely has nothing to do with J Effin Kerry calling them the A-Team.


Because of Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric, the Brits are paying brown folk to go home.

The British government is paying around $2,400 (in US dollars) for migrants to leave the British Isles and return home.

While I deplore the racism and hatefulism engendered by Trump’s Rhetoric, the joke’s on them, the refugees are home. You see, Akbar Britain is the 9th holiest site in Islam!


Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric is causing criminals to crime, crime in NYC is surging, Central Park is fast becoming what it was before Benito Giuliani’s policies reduced crime.

Crime in city parks surged 39 percent in the first six months of the year.

The worst part? His hateful rhetoric has totally turned off police!

Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th) lashed out at the local police union Saturday over its endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Sometimes when people don’t feel supported, there is a knee-jerk tendency to run to the loudest and most ignorant voice,” said Pawar. “The [Fraternal Order of Police] is doing just that with their endorsement of Donald Trump.”

Does Trump Have No Shame?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

And get this – the NATIONAL LODGE sent out a survey to the two candidates for them to fill out and return, asking for their positions on issues important to the police. Usually a flunky fills out the answers and the NATIONAL LODGE makes its endorsement based on the answers that best reflect the concerns of…..police officers!

Guess who didn’t even bother to fill out the survey? Or even have a flunky do it?

Hillary! is just reacting to Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric!!!!!!!


I blame Wikileaks leaking all manner of ‘false’ things on Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric!!!!!


Hillary Clinton is “pissed,” Chelsea Clinton is “hurt,” and Bill Clinton is “having a hard time,” according to a new report detailing the reaction to hacked emails of a top aide being slowly released by WikiLeaks.

The reactions of the former (and possible future) first family is detailed by Politico (sic).

“The goal of this is to create dissension between everyone,” Neera Tanden, whose many emails with John Podesta have been released in the WikiLeaks dump, told Politico(sic).

Have they no shame?!?!?!?! They’re getting Clintons upset?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!


I blame this blatant attempt at arming nascent Hillary! assassins on Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Las Vegas gun store is predicting a Hillary Clinton presidency and urging Second Amendment supporters to stock up on guns.

They’re rooting for her being shot! Just like Trump!!!!!!


Cars vandalized at Trump rally. Ho hum, they deserve it because of Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric!!!!!!!

Police said on Sunday that no one has been charged in connection with an act of vandalism that left several cars marked with white spray paint outside Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Bangor.

They should be going after Trump supporters and not the people who used spray paint in an obvious  use of protected Free Speech!!!!!!


GOP HQ firebombed, you know who and what’s to blame.

“Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” was spray-painted on a building close to the attack, but that didn’t stop CNN’s Brian Stelter from concluding Donald Trump’s “over heated the rhetoric” was what caused the attack.

How dare he be so divisive?!?!?!?!?!?!


So where will this lead? When a man who’s running for POTUS is causing the worst things in the world?

Well hopefully this story means the aliens are ready to take over and enslave us for their underground sugar mines.

UFO expert found dead days after texting mum: ‘Your boy’s in trouble – if anything happens to me, investigate’

That, or the guy had dirt on Hillary!.

Hansel And The Gingerbread House

Posted: October 16, 2016 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution

In the WSJ we see this.

In his Mr. Nauseating video of last weekend, Mr. Trump showed us that he had all the class and cool of a misbegotten 12-year-old boy.


Poor Hansel, he’s fighting the witch and the witch’s media arm and he doesn’t even have Gretel to help him.

Mrs. Clinton has nothing on Mr. Trump when it comes to character. She lies (“Wipe? Like with a cloth?”—cute and charming Mrs. C.) the way basketball stars shoot baskets—constantly, nonstop, because it’s the one thing she is best at and (naturally) it gives her pleasure to hear herself lie—swish!—right onto the evening news. And her specialist talent of all is the verbal kick in the groin of a Secret Service man or state trooper who has the nerve to talk to her as if she were merely human. She is no mere rock star; she is Hillary the Queen. She is so big, and you are so small, she can barely even see you from up there. What are you? A macromolecule?

With this as one of the best descriptions as to why we have Trump.

Mr. Trump’s candidacy is a message from the voters. He is the empty gin bottle they have chosen to toss through the window.

And it’s Valu-rite gin.

That’s what pisses our betters off the most. If only we had enough class to drink Bombay or Tanqueray.

RTWT. If it’s up behind a pay wall, do a search for “Trump and the Emasculated Voter” and it’ll pop up.


So the Dept. of “Justice” refuses to go after any criminals with that all important (D) after their names, but they do go after everybody who opposes our God President.

Federal prosecutors said Tuesday they will pursue a criminal-contempt charge against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for defying orders to halt the immigration-enforcement operations that made him a national lightning rod.

First, a “lightning rod”, yeah. Because he does what he’s elected to do but our social, moral, political and intellectual betters have decided that that they know better. AZ Central is a mini-minitrue outlet. Which made it funnier that other minitrue outlets pretended it was YUGE!!!!! that they endorced Hillary!. You know, like every other newspaper in America.

So how normal is what the feds are doing?

The move has few precedents in U.S. history, as prosecutors endorsed a federal judge’s findings that the lawman intentionally violated the judge’s orders.

The New Normal where the federal gov’t is used to stomp on anybody who tries to enforce laws the feds have decided not to enforce.

And of course, the feds followed the rules as we expect them to.

Announcement of the charge, which came minutes into the start of the criminal-contempt proceedings, surprised even those closest to the lawsuit.

“Usually a set status conference is a meeting between the court and council to discuss legal issues,” said Mel McDonald, Arpaio’s defense attorney. “We had no clue that they were going to come here today and make the announcements that they made.”

In other words, the only rules they follow are those that screw us.

So why are the feds doing this?

The sheriff blasted the move as politically motivated, coming on the eve of the start of early voting for the Nov. 8 election, in which he is running for his seventh term…

Business as usual, in other words. The feds trying to influence an election where someone they don’t like is going to be re-elected.

What’s the end game for the feds?

If convicted, Arpaio could spend up to six months in jail…

“I am not going to surrender. I am going to fight this all the way.


I don’t think he’ll be fighting alone if the feds send their SWAT teams after him.

That could easily become very fucking ugly very quickly.

I voted GOP locally just to have people who might have the balls to stop the feds from going after their political enemies. It’s not a good outcome, but, like Trump, it’s a billion times better than the alternative.

That small part of my mind that I’ve thought was too paranoid that’s expecting Obama to do something if Trump wins, is very scared right now.

C’mon asteroid.


My cuttin’ and pastin’ was all over the place on that, those quotes are not in the order of the article. I’ve grouped them to make my point. 

Notes On The Revolution

Posted: October 15, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Notes on the Revolution

Important, Above the Post, How’s That Trump-Hate Working Out For You Megyn? Update!!!!!!!!

(I moved the ratings showing Megyn losing out to Rachel Maddow below the fold cuz it was screwing up the site on my phone but not my computer. Weird)


Now, back to me hating on our Minitrue Betters.

Boston Globe (NY Times’ minime) says

They believe what Trump has told them over and over, that this election is rigged

Yeah, see, we’ve been thinking that before Trump said it. It’s been becoming more and more obvious over the last few elections. I mean, in the GOP we always seem to have to nominate whoever our fine betters have decided is “Next”. In the Dems, the whole freaking thing is blatantly set up so the establishment pricks get to choose (Superdelegates to the rescue!!!!).

I’ll give you idiots a hint, Bernie’s Bros think elections are rigged too. Of course, you can’t cover that because it might hurt your chosen candidate.

The reason Trump is popular is because he’s the only one saying what we believe. Contrary to our fine, ignorant, elitists’ belief, we do not just follow our betters. That’s what lefties do. That’s why they’re lefties. They become smarter just by believing what ‘smart’ people believe. That’s why we have global worming.


Analysis: Ignorant:


ANALYSIS: TRUE: In Her Criticism of Trump, Hillary Forgets Her Own Past as a Slut-Shamer.

And as Jonah Goldberg adds in his latest G-File, “I honestly can’t get my head around the fact that Hillary Clinton’s closing ‘argument’ in this election is sexual harassment. Bill Clinton’s lifelong enabler has managed to turn this topic into a deadly weapon against a Republican nominee. This is like Godzilla turning public safety into a winning issue in the Tokyo mayoral race.”

Yeah see, Ed and Jonah, what’s happening is not that Hillary! is forgetting her past, her peeps in The NYTimesWashPostCNNFOXNEWSABCNBCCBSetc. are the ones who are ‘forgetting’ it.


So how are Teh Peepul taking it? Glad I asked (I got this idea from Info Wars, but I don’t like linking there. I just don’t like them)


Huh. Why it’s almost as if the electorate, outside our fine social, moral, political and intellectual betters, are more interested in issues than watching Dems go after Trump for something that’s, “Just About Sex!!!!!!”.

The slimy assholes in The NYTimesWashPostCNNFOXNEWSCBSABCNBCetc. seem to think that nobody remembers anything they don’t want us to remember.

Of course, they have reason to think that, but what they don’t realize is that the people they’re right about are lefties and when people aren’t paying attention.

This election, too many people are paying attention for that shit to work.

That’s why we have Trump.


I always wondered who it was choking at the beginning of that song, now I know. It was the Nationals. That song must have been recorded in October.

Smoke if you got em.

Hmmmmm, now what could have caused this?

Nearly 600 of New York’s Finest nearing retirement age have RSVP’d for a pension seminar next week — four times the number who normally sign up by this point,…

the record number of reservations points to a looming exodus of veteran officers….

Meanwhile, 89 percent of cops polled said they would quit the NYPD if they were offered a higher-paying job in law enforcement, while 86 percent said they would not recommend the job to family members.


Eh, what difference does it make? They can’t do their jobs anyway so why do we need to pay them to be on the street? The Dem gov’t of NYC needs that money to pay off their supporters, and themselves of course.

I’m telling you, Chinatown and Little Italy are going to be the only safe places in Manhattan. Plan your trips accordingly.

Speaking of which, Chicago. Rahm is making noises about hiring more cops, how will he pay for it since, like most Dem run areas, they’re spending too much paying off their supporters? No OT for cops.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to reduce police overtime by $40 million next year as he begins to deliver on his formidable promise to hire 970 additional police officers without raising sales, property or gasoline taxes.


Notice that nowhere is the idea of cutting spending elsewhere. Also notice that they’re short of cops so they’re going to make it so many cops cannot work (If it’s OT).

So why is Rahm, a Democrat, against raising taxes? Cook Country beat him to it!

Calling it a “difficult but necessary choice,” Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on Thursday proposed a “moderate” tax on sweetened soft drinks as part of her $4.4 billion 2017 county operating budget.

 Preckwinkle said the one-penny-per-ounce tax

1 penny/ounce. Taking blood from your stones, it’s the Dem way!

It does leave us with a question. Would you rather have your Dem master take your Big Gulp with extra salt away or would you rather have your Dem master charge you an extra 40 cents for it?


At least someone is learning.

Government representatives and security experts in the Baltic states and Poland don’t trust NATO to come to their defense if they are invaded by Russia,


I can understand that. I wouldn’t trust a coterie of EUnuchs, Turkey  and Obama’s America to defend my country against Tsar Putin I either.

I say that because, except for Turkey (Putin’s new BFF), none of them can be assed to protect their own countries, how can they be expected to protect someone else’?

I do like this one.

At the U of Florida, they have 24/7 counselors for students who are scared or OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Halloween costumes.

The University of Florida wants students to know that if they’re offended or scared by Halloween, there’s counselors on hand to walk them through the traumatic experience.


I believe the children are our future. The future is looking very fucked up.


This is hypnotic, it should be a gif.

In Russia, bread crumbs eat pigeons!


I haven’t posted much on the wikileaks email stuff because really, we’ve been talking about that shit for years. The only people surprised by all the “Revelations!!!!!” about Clintons and their istas are our fine “elite” betters and people who get their news from Minitrue.

Podesta, “We’re trying to create an unaware and compliant citizenry!!!!” ummmmm, duh. We’ve been watching it. There’s a reason most of us know what the letters LIV stand for.

Clintons hate Catholics? The deuce you say!

Hillary! might try an executive order to take our guns?  Well, duh.

The Clinton Foundation was a pay for play/ money laundering operation? Dude, it’s the fucking Clintons. Everything they do is pay for play.

The Clintons and the State Dept worked with the Dept of “Justice” in the ‘investigation’ into Clinton felonies? We watched it, Live! On TV!!!!!!


Our Elites!!!!!! are constantly showing why the only thing they’re Elite!!!! at is being willfully ignorant fools.