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What A Tool!

Posted: July 6, 2016 by veeshir in L.L.A.P.H., Random Crap

No, not Obama. Jeez, can’t a guy do a non-political post?

So my ex brother-in-law (sad story, I think my sister went a little crazy), moved out of his house and he is a throwing stuff out sort of guy, so I took some tools that my step-father left in his garage, I took the saw and the hatchet because you can always use a handsaw and a hatchet. I took the plane because it looked cool.

First, we have a hatchet.


Pretty cool.


This plane looks very old. At first I thought it was homemade but after checking out the saw (below), I have to wonder if the hatchet and plane are older than I thought.


Dont call me adze

I’m not sure how old it is. It looks homemade but it also looks very competently done. I didn’t think it was that old until I checked the saw.


On the other side it has HJ (my stepfather Harry’s initials, also his father’s)

Walter Cresson saw

I didn’t notice the medallion in the handle at the edge of the blade, my buddy asked, “Hey, what’s that?”

Walter Cresson

That says, “Walter Cresson IXL Phila’da”

Walter Cresson was an early Philadelphia saw maker in the 1840s and 50s who was bought out by Henry Disston some time before the Civil War.

That saw is freaking old. It must be Harry’s fathers, unless Harry’s grandfather had the same initials.


One more tool.

Her Natural Habitat: Above The Law!

Her Natural Habitat: Above The Law!

Okay, maybe a little politics.


Got my car. The new guy said he’s working on something else so I have to wait another 3 1/2 weeks.

It’s sucks that something that I overspent on just to make me happy is making me fucking bullshit angry.

Another day, another minitrue outlet obfuscating the issue.

Fortunately for Hillary — but not the Democrats — heedless incompetence is not a federal crime.

Yeah, see as Comey said, it is a crime.

They have to keep history straight

Back in the days of Whitewater and witch-hunting independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr

Yeah, and he kept finding witches.

If this were a normal election, the Democrats would deserve to take their lumps for sticking with …, the Clinton tradition of entitlement might rightly become an overarching issue

But it’s not a normal election, it’s the election where they need to get Hillary! elected.

They just can’t help it. Even in an article supposedly bashing Hillary!, it’s a call to arms for her.


There’s an ironclad law that if she’s hot, a woman who has sex with underage kids will not go to jail.

A Georgia mom avoided jail time after she allegedly had sex with a teenager at a booze- and drug-fueled party that included a few games of naked Twister….

started playing naked Twister in the living room with a group of the teens before she left the game to have sex with an 18-year-old in the bathroom.

The sordid tale wasn’t done there, however, because after the tryst in the bathroom, Lehnardt was apparently still “horny,” so she brought out her sex toys and began to pleasure herself in front of the gathered teenagers…

The group then got naked and got into Lehnardt’s hot tub and continued to party.


Hot. I bet a dollar the judge and prosecutor were beating off while listening to the testimony.

This part does leave us with a question.

she fell asleep but was awakened to find her daughter’s well-endowed 16-year-old boyfriend having sex with her.

Did two rapes occur? The woman having sex with a kid and the kid having sex with a passed out woman. I wish they had prosecuted both. That would have been funny.


Speaking of rapes, who coulda seen this coming?

Police in Sweden are investigating five reported rapes and nearly forty instances of groping at two music festivals over the weekend.

“Foreign young men“ were blamed…


So who coulda seen it coming? Anybody paying attention.

This should end well.

…Sweden. Because the government decided to offer residence permits to every Syrian who requests one, it’s estimated that by the end of 2014 another 80,000 will have come.

Well, not so much end well as make Denmark and Finland laugh their asses off.


You know Denmark and Finland are laughing their asses off.


In regard to yesterday, the fix was in.

Here’s just one but it appears EVERYONE knew that though Hillary committed crimes way worse than those of David Petraeus, she would be cleared.

The media was so confident they wrote the stories ahead of time and posted them as soon as the announcement was made,


Huh, funny that. A few years ago I would have said that was just paranoia, now? Spot on.



A Red Hammer

Posted: June 18, 2016 by veeshir in Random Crap

Just like the question about the colored tool, many (most?) people react the same same way to the concept of infinity.

I really like thinking about infinity, I’ve been fascinated by it since I first learned of it.

Plenty of people deny the concept itself. When I mention that, many people often think I’m talking about uneducated types (Tell them it’s turtles all the way down!), but then other people come in and start talking about some hypothetical math and the surface of a sphere and how infinity is impossible.

People do not like infinity. This guy seems to think it’s not possible.

He has 3 questions.

1. Can a number that is finite but very large substitute for infinity?

Depends on who is doing the calculations. If you’re’s an engineer, you could use 10^100 and that would probably be good enough. If you’re a mathematician or a physicist, maybe but probably not.

He writes this

Consider a hypothetical hotel with a countably infinite number of rooms, all of which are occupied. Can it accommodate 1,000 new guests without increasing the number of guests in any of the occupied rooms?


What is “countably infinite”? I’m gonna assume it’s a term by someone who’s afraid of infinity. By definition, ‘infinity’ is not countable. No matter how high you count, you can always count higher. There just aren’t names for some numbers. I’ve named 10 to the 6 trillion (a one with 6 trillion zeroes), a veeshir so if you ever count that high, make sure you use the proper nomenclature.

But if you have an infinite number of rooms, you could add a veeshir more guests and you would have enough rooms for each one  to have an infinite number of rooms. That’s how it works. If you have an infinite number of cars and every 10th car is red, you have the same number of cars as red cars, infinity.

Next question

2. What if there are physical limits to the smallest measurable amount of space?

Umm, what if this question made sense? He mentions the planck length (where quantum physics instead of newtonian physics works) but that’s not related. Now, if you’re going to say the smallest measurable length, you’re going to have to specify the technology. No matter how small a thing is, it can be smaller. If you make 10^-6 trillionth (veeshir^-1) of an inch a rihseevlength, what is 1/2 a rihseevlength? All you are doing is the same as infinity the other way. Now, you might not be able to measure it accurately until your technology is seriously advanced, but you can certainly write 10^-googol inches.

This one’s my favorite

3. How sharp is a geometric focus in the real world?

A more pertinent question: How tall is Bugs Bunny in the real world?

Both are equally valid.

A geometric focus is a mathematical concept, much like infinity and zero. It has no dimensions, by definition. Just as a point has no dimensions. Deal with it.

I say that if you fly at the speed of light (minus a smidgeon) that way (points up at an angle of 43.84 degrees from a tangent line on the Earth going exactly east from Niskayuna, NY) for veeshir to the veeshir years you would still have an infinite distance to travel ahead of you. If there’s something blocking you, what’s on the other side? Don’t talk about the surface of a sphere to me, I live in 3d land, not Flatland.

What I think bothers people the most is how insignificant we are if you think about infinity.

If the universe is 14 billions years old (or whatever they’re saying this year), what was going on 15 veeshir years ago? How about 15 veeshir years in the future?

Will anybody 75 trillion years from now even care that I lived? Well, you. I’m sure they’ll still remember me. I’m planning on being deified after my death.

8 years ago, when Hillary was going against our soon-to-be God-President, we were presented images like this


POTUS Of The Damned!

POTUS Of The Damned!

and this

She'll Eat Your Soul

She’ll Eat Your Soul

Now, of course, she’s going against the Next Hitler, so we see stuff like this.

Golden Cow


Click the link, there are two vids that I can’t embed and they’re not on Youtube. They really should read the Bible. More, specifically, Exodus on the subject of Golden Cows.


This election is going to be……

I still can’t get the right adjective for what I expect, but I don’t think any incidental funny will outweigh all the vicious, violent, frustratingly-dishonest endy.


I drove to NY this week, there has to be an ocean in the way for me to deal with the assholes at the TSA.

I was going to visit a friend on the way but when I called he said he was going to NY as well so I picked him up instead. He was going to take the train but now he’s just taking it back home.

On the drive from IL to NY I discovered he was his southern IL county’s Dem treasurer, had run for office as a Dem and an ardent Hillary! supporter.

He started harping on the problems of GOP disunity when I asked him about the problems of the Dems. He was much less animated about that subject. He was pretty mad at Bernie’s peeps because he thought they’d be unfaithful to Hillary!. They gave county Dem money to help Hillary! get elected but they only did stuff like bring some crappy food for Bernie’s campaigns and demanded that they be allowed to speak, which speak involved telling them that everybody loved Bernie but they really needed to get behind the Golden Cow when the general election happened. He said the speaker was booed regularly when they tried that gambit.

The conversation was pleasant and not angry or anything as I didn’t feel like arguing stupidities for 18 hours, but I thought it occasionally pretty funny.

At one point I said that if Hillary wasn’t indicted the rule of law was absolutely dead in America. He nodded knowingly and agreed that if Hillary was indicted the rule of law was dead. He was very surprised when I explained I had said the opposite of what he had heard. Shocked even.

My personal favorite moment was when he brought up corrupt Chicago pols, I said, “Chicago is known for pizza, corrupt politicians and gangsters.” He laughingly agreed.

I said, “You know, Obama is not a pizza.”

I thought I had a flat tire the THUD was so loud.

I never would have forgiven myself if I had not taken that straight line and knocked it over the fence for the game-winning field goal. 2 points!

First, I love the URL, it’s wasted as the people who think gun-free zones are actually gun-free are impervious to reality.

Shooting stats in gun-free Chicago are messed up.

Shot & Killed: 61
Shot & Wounded: 335
Total Shot: 396
Total Homicides: 64

That’s May, 2016.  In gun-free Chicago.

I love this graphic


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love what it’s showing, I love how it’s shown and the title. Chalkie. Heh.

Check out the whole thing, it’s chock full of messed up stuff in an unholy alignment of gun-free stupidity and the Ferguson Effect.

 Via Paco.


Coupla unrelated things.

Wisdmo From FrnakJ



Nother thing.

Recall I was all happy about my 79 Caballero


Now I’m sorta happy and pretty unhappy.

I got it at Ideal Cars in Apache Junction, AZ.

Don’t buy anything from those scumbag assholes.

It didn’t have a spare, I noticed a few days after I bought it, they claimed they were going to get me one but finally, after  few weeks of calling them every few days, I got one myself (I also had to get a jack and lug wrench), I know I should have checked, but who thinks of a spare tire when you’re looking at a car? I actually got a Krieger that matched the REVolution wheels, but I didn’t like buying stuff that should have been in it.The stock jack is crap (according to the ‘tubes) so I got a floor jack and a 4-way lug wrench.

I also didn’t realize that the wheels on the Caballero matched the wheels on my Mustang (also pictured), except the Mustang has 18″ while the Caballero has 16″ (upped from the stock 14″), that’s kind of cool.

I did check the oil before I bought it, it looked decent and it was full, and there were no leak stains under it.

Turns out, it had bad rings and bearings so it burned 5 quarts of oil after 2,000 miles. It had a 1,500 mile, 2 week warranty.

The reason I’m sorta happy, and only sorta unhappy, at being ripped off by some scumbag car dealer is because the body is very tight and I got it cheap, so I called Summit and I have a 430hp/480ft/lbs of torque, 383 Stroker Crank crate engine (with a 750 Holley Carb) on the way.

I’ve wanted an El Camino for a long time, now I have a very tough one. Well, a Caballero, but the only differences are the nameplate stuff.

The Smug Style Of TV

Posted: May 12, 2016 by veeshir in Liberal FAIL, PEBKAC, Random Crap

Important Awesome Update Below!!!!!!

I never liked the Daily Show with Jonathan Stewart, I watched it with Craig Kilborn and it was hilarious. Stewart, with his “look”s into the camera annoyed me. I watched it maybe twice after the switch and that was that.

That was before he figured out his niche.

His job was to let all his audience know they were smart and superior for believing the right things.

That Sarah Palin said that the reason crime is at a low is because our jails are full!” (Raised eyebrow look at side camera…. audience applauds and hoots, possibly throws poo).

No arguments, no actual facts, he’s just letting them know they’re smarter than the idjits who wave Murican flags and don’t hate Sarah Palin. You know, cuz they’re all superior, inclusive and tolerant.

The new guy is snide and snotty so ratings have gone down.

His audience doesn’t want to be entertained while being informed, they want to be entertained by being affirmed.

Stewart made it sort of a smug, superior, 30 Minutes Hate.

Less angry but more smug than a room full of Ed Begley, Bono, George Clooney  and their entourages.

New guy doesn’t know that and Stewart isn’t going to tell him.


Important Awesome Update Here!!!!!

George Zimmerman is auctioning off the gun used to kill Saint Treyvon.

That’s not just a sick money-making scheme, it’s the Troll of the Century!!!! Sure to have people frothing all over the place.

So…anybody think that a Black Lives Matters type will show up with a loaded mag, buy the gun and then shoot him with it?

I’m figuring 50/50 on that. Should be interesting.


Posted: March 16, 2016 by veeshir in Random Crap

Meh I say.

I just don’t see any scenario where we’re not boned, I’m not even watching the primaries, who cares?  Nobody can do shit with where we are now, so it just doesn’t matter anymore. We’re years past any possible, non-rioting/anarchy solution.

SMOD is still our best, non-zombie-apocalypse solution to our present, in debt up to the eyeballs of the guy standing on the shoulders of the guy standing on our shoulders, situation.

Sooner or later we are not going to be able to pay our debts, so which ones will they blow off? Social security? Food stamps? Welfare? Disability? VA benefits? Huge, gov’t retiree pensions? All of them? Will we go out like the USSR? One day everybody wakes up and the US gov’t is gone?

Maybe we could declare war on China and the EU and tell them we don’t owe them money any more. That’ll cut some of the debt, but probably not enough.

Eh, the only suspense is how the boning starts, so a little local interest post.

I have never seen or even thought about a tree/cactus hybrid, but last weekend I went camping and saw, I think, two. Certainly one.

This looks like a random tree from a distance, you can see leaves near the bottom and a branch branching off along the ground, most trees in AZ seem to have soft wood so the branches either break when they get bit, Palo Verde, or they just travel along the ground, as in this, unnamed, tree.

IMG_20160313_094120 at the top you see IMG_20160313_094054

Pretty darn freaky. It’s a tree half-way up and then it’s a cactus.

I think is an even more extreme example where the barrel or saguaro cactus died or something.

IMG_20160311_180241Notice the light brown thingsIMG_20160311_180256

My buddy thinks that’s what inside cactus so it must have been a cactus growing out of a tree. Weird. It’s certainly not what’s inside that tree (I don’t know the name, I only know Palo Verde because the person I asked knew).

I have been thinking of getting an El Camino for a long time, at one point I wanted a Ranchero so I could put the drive train from my Mustang in it and I was going to get a bigger engine for the Mustang, but alas, I quit my cushy gov’t job and can’t afford it anymore.

So today my buddy said he was a nice El Camino cheap and I should check it out.

He lied, it was a GMC Caballero.


I got it for $3K from a dealer. Whoever had it douched it out, 350 Carter 4bbl carb (I might get a Holly instead), Edelbrock air filter, Flowmasters, some deluxe Kenwood stereo that plays DVDs, 225/55/ZR16s on the front, 255/55/ZR16s on the rear. It even has clutch lock up (it’ automatic, my motor head buddy explained it, something to do with bad shifting in GMs)

The carb needs adjusting, it needs a rear view mirror and a spare tire, but I’m happy as can be. I’ve always wanted one and now I have one.

I was going to get a cheap Honda or something old to save the miles on my Mustang (it’s in the 90s now), but c’mon, it’s a Ranche….El Camin….Caballero!!!!!!

My Birthday is this weekend so I’m considering it a birthday present to myself. My aunt (Nee of Hinee), was the only one who still even sent me a card so this will be a cardless birthday. At least it not a carless birthday, so I have that going for me.